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Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

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I've got problem with making AzureWave AW-CE123H on Broadcom BCM94352HMB working. It's very popular card, so I post here.
I'm working on El Capitan 10.11.6 on my T420. What have I done:
1.Installed kexts: Fake_PCIID and Fake_Broadcom_WiFi from RehabMan


-whitelist patch in clover

-Airport Extreme Patch

-Handoff Patch

-ROW/WiFi Patch

Every patch was applied in Clover, not by commands.

3.Installed kexts from RehabMan: BrcmFirwareData.kext and BrcmPatchRam2.kext

4.Every step I checked the functionality of my card.

5.Used Continuity Activation Tool after disabling System Integrity Protection


Now the Handoff, Airport Extreme are working, but AirDrop do not, and pairing with iPhone also do not work.
I don't know what is wrong, but I haven't got too much knowledge about hackintoshing.

I upload screens from diagnostics, IOREG file and Clover config.

-config Clover - http://pastebin.com/x2fChBZ6

-ioreg - https://www.sendspace.com/file/h03xq3

-diagnostics + Continuity - http://pokazywarka.pl/9q7t6x/  


I want to make my card fully working, but I can't.

Thank you for your help!


By the way, the config in the package has one error in line with CsrActiveConfig. It is enabling the System Integrity Protection with 0x3 and disabling with 0x67 and in the config.plist there is 0x43, so IMO it has no function.



BT that's normal - the iPhone and mac do not pair. they communicate over BTLE.

Airdrop - may need to use legacy mode for some systems.


SIP - 0x43 ( 0100 0011) is valid

which is just bits 1,2,7 on


vs 0x67 = 0110 0111 = bits 1, 2, 3, 6, 7  


0x67 (01100111)




- but you can use what ever values you like.

Is there any option to run Bluetooth Low Energy? Legacy mode also don't work.
I paired iPhone with T420 after using other method of injection. There is one interesting option - the Bluetooth is turned visible in option, when in advanced options by clicking Alt+Shift there is message, that bluetooth is unvisible for other devices.

Thank you for explaining working of that codes.

Oh wow! The trackpoint middle click issue is fixed. You're a hero, tluck - it was the only thing that bothered me about my setup.


Really dreading the day I'd have to move on from my T420, never had a computer work this well before, and probably never will again...

Thanks for the awesome guide!


Running El Cap because SmoothMouse isn't available on Sierra. Just got done flashing the BIOS (4 different USB boot sticks and one old HD later, phew) and changing the wifi-card to an DW1510, and it's working great.


Next: upgrading to SSD and getting a Bluetooth-dongle for Airdrop etc.



Using the latest files - everything works fine except the display. It flickers at any brightness other than full brightness. Anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions on how to fix it?


The flickering increases in intensity as the the brightness level is reduced


Ps: I have the 1366 display

you said using the latest files this happens? did it happen before?

I jad previously installed one of your earlier builds and did not have this issue. I changed my HDD so had to do a reinstall with your latest build. I will try upgrading to Sierra to see if it makes any difference.

Hi comrades,

I installed 10.12.2 again on a spare 120GB SSD. I made a clone of my El Cap instance and upgraded to Sierra with the 2016-12-27 package.

Everything looks perfect - no graphic glitches so far, as to be seen with El Cap. Fan is 1952 rpm and cores are 46/39 °C idling. Nice work!


TrackPoint and the three upper (mouse) buttons are not working so far, tapping the TrackPad does nothing, though the tapping box is checked in settings.

Did I miss something in this rather long thread?

I was under the impression that the TrackPad/Trackpoint issues had been settled over time.


Thanks all for your ongoing effort about Hackintosh/Clover and the T420 especially.

All the best for the new year!

I jad previously installed one of your earlier builds and did not have this issue. I changed my HDD so had to do a reinstall with your latest build. I will try upgrading to Sierra to see if it makes any difference.

Upgrading to Sierra did not make any difference. How can I change the refresh rate? I didn't see that in the display prefs. Is it in the config.plist? Or maybe a different next for the backlight?

@goodguess -

1) TrackPoint on startup - 

yeah i don't know why the TrackPoint does not always work on cold-start. This has been happening on my T420 for as long as I can remember.  sleep/wake always works for me. on my T460, this exact same kext works 99% without issue. 


2) Tap to click works - if you set it the TrackPad Preferences 1st tab.



what happens if you eliminate IntelBacklight.kext?

you could try the config.1600x900.plist - edit it and set DualLink = 0. this one will inject a different EDID to see if that make a difference. 

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