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  1. Dress for the #cyberpunk dystopia you want, not the dystopia you have. https://t.co/5k0ERRefWF

  2. RT @mcclure111: Tired: Giving every security vulnerability a logoWired: Giving every security vulnerability a -tan anime girl

  3. put this on my tombstone https://t.co/bYRGcnGf7s

  4. steins;gate zero logo but it's actually the coca cola zero logo

  5. The best thing about bitcoin and blockchain and all that other decentralized {censored} is the constant push to centralize it

  6. Enabled the trackpad on my laptop to play with, since I might get one without the TrackPoint soon. H-how do people live like this?

  7. Talk me out of spending $1000 on a laptop and then $300 on RAM for it, please!!

  8. My laptop is choking super hard on a simple Ubuntu VM.

  9. Casually started writing my own file manager in #GoLang, because current Linux offerings with Miller Columns suppor… https://t.co/ZkM4jfvB7d

  10. RT @samnewman: I was in the middle of creating this slide (wrt patch hygiene) and had to stop half-way through and ask myself - aren’t we a…

  11. RT @DOGGEAUX: hey "nice" manbun haha it {censored}in sucks you hipster {censored} [he turns around and reveals he is a samurai from the tokugawa sho…

  12. Were I to buy a new laptop, I'd lose the TrackPoint, and that's legitimately sad. I fell for the damn meme...

  13. Now, most people focus on VMs for their security advantages, but this would be a little different in that it would… https://t.co/Kt4sBaSfX6

  14. Scott Forstall did nothing wrong. I want iOS6 aesthetics back (all it needed was a Mavericks-style tone down, not g… https://t.co/G0jmbDV03T

  15. Bad UX might literally end the world