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  1. make sure you didnt turn it off on the right side with the little tiny button. i just looked at my system and i have the same AirPortAtheros40.kext version CFBundleVersion = 700.74.5 for Sierra, HighSierra, Mojave, and Catalina. dosdude1 will put it in /Library/Extensions make sure the owner and perms are right. see my script below: so ~/bin/fix-kext-perms.bash /Library/Extensions/Air* to make sure $ cat ~/bin/fix-kext-perms.bash #!/bin/bash sudo chmod -R go-w $@ sudo chown -R root:wheel $@ sudo xattr -cr $@
  2. you probably need to merge the updates for config.plist (look at boot args) in my repo which fix this.
  3. you can fix it by editing your config.plist to change the value.
  4. what is the issue exactly? denying core dump? put this in your config.plist <key>RtVariables</key> <dict> <key>BooterConfig</key> <string>0x28</string> <key>CsrActiveConfig</key> <string>0x3E7</string> </dict>
  5. tluck

    Clover General discussion

    all good here (again) with catalina 10.15.5 ... WEG 1.4.1 (latest)
  6. you can have multiple volumes but make sure you have 1 ESP check for any nvram values. if you want to boot OC you need to change the BOOT file and there is a full config.plist for you. i use this logic to switch from Clover to OC (or Back) $ cat ~/bin/switch_bootmgr.bash #!/bin/bash vol=$( espmount.bash / ) if [[ $? != '0' ]] then printf "%s\n" "Error mounting /" exit fi cd $vol/EFI if [[ -e BOOT.C ]] then printf "%s\n" "Booting from Clover now" mv BOOT BOOT.OC mv BOOT.C BOOT else printf "%s\n" "Booting from OpenCore now" mv BOOT BOOT.C mv BOOT.OC BOOT fi yes common and no good cure known. results depend on memory and LCD type (and the EDID)
  7. tluck

    Clover General discussion

    yes. i changed back to older values and no problem with Catalina.
  8. no you install on top the existing version - you dont need to wipe it clean.
  9. tluck

    Clover General discussion

    for me, these are the changes that fix/break kext inject after commit "prepare for 10.16" -- seems like BigSur sizing is not back-ward compatible? in kernel_patcher.cpp - changed 0x5000000 back to 0x2000000 (line 88) in kext_inject.cpp - changed 0x1000 back to 0x500 (line 1090 and 1102)
  10. @freddie the way I do updates: 1) get latest Catalina tool from Dosdude1 2) downloaded Catalina from AppStore. 3) create USB with the Catallina Packager on GPT formatted USB - make sure installer is set to install post patches automatically. 4) optional: put Clover ESP on USB - not really needed since Clover on T420 can boot the USB 5) reboot and select the USB and reinstall macOS.
  11. glad it helped. well if you look in the kext you can modify the Info.plist to change parameters - does not require recompiling. or maybe easier is change the key maps in SSDT-T420-PS2K-keys.dsl (but you do need to recompile to new aml file)
  12. yeah if you look in the ApplePS2ToADBMap.h file the kext these keys are mapped to nothing... DEADKEY,// e0 69 WWW Forward DEADKEY,// e0 6a WWW Back compared to 0x73, // e0 47 Home 0x7e, // e0 48 Up Arrow 0x74, // e0 49 Page Up DEADKEY,// e0 4a 0x7b, // e0 4b Left Arrow
  13. well. i never use them so never noticed. i think the debug version of voodoops2 may provide keystroke info?
  14. that is a warning not an error. an i presume its the kext calling _sb.ATKD.Init ? as i could see it used in the DSDT. there is some bad code in the ARPT device and i am not sure the OOSI Method for version specific function is impllemented properly.
  15. tluck

    Clover General discussion

    @slice - I had to roll back the last 2 commits to get back to commit "prepare for 10.16" - otherwise I don't get any kext injection on 10.15.5. logs look fine as compared to 5119 that works. but no kexts are injected.