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What level of school do you attend?

Your Education Level in School  

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  1. 1. What is your current level of education?

    • Kindergarden (Fat Chance)
    • Grade School (1-5)
    • Middle School (6-8)
    • High School (9-12)
    • College
    • Post-graduate
    • GED
    • I'm too stupid to know anything.

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You seem to be confusing people's education level with where they are currently. Someone could have a "middle school" education but have dropped out 30 years ago. That doesn't make them a middle schooler.


And in other countries, being in "high school" or going to "college" happens at different ages based on their education system.


A question more to the point would have been, "how old are you"?

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I'm a college grad. University of Iowa (Hawkeyes!!!) and since I had fun for four years and didn't do what I was good at (computers) I'm going back for another bachelors degree (just started class again after four years, yesterday).



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I'm in Grade 7, or I'm 12. I think I've been here since grade 5 or 6 but I'm not really sure.

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