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  1. Hard drive issue

    Sorry about this, after some looking around I have fixed the problem myself. Turns out I forgot to install service pack 2 (it's been a long week)
  2. Hard drive issue

    I recently reformatted my computer, a dual boot XP and OSX. Here are the hard drive specs: 40GB ------- Win XP - NTFS 300 GB -------- 115 GB - FAT32 115 GB - FAT32 50 GB - OSX The problem I am having is that in Windows, the 300 GB HD is only showing up as an unformatted 128 GB HD. It says that in Computer Management. However, in Acronis Disk Director, it shows up as 128 GB, but with all of the partitions being there. I do have the latest version of MacDrive installed, but that isn't doing anything, Prior to reformatting, I was able to view all partitions under XP. Any ideas?
  3. I had the same problem, what I did was use AppZapper to uninstall Quicktime, also shut down and unplug your computer (I think that has something to do with the motherboard "refreshing"). It could be just a fluke, but that worked for me.
  4. iTunes 7 - Official Problem Thread

    Did the ditto thing in Terminal and its working fine for me, I also copied the PPC binary into the Intel package. I've got SSE2 with 10.4.5 and 768 MB RAM.
  5. Ctrl and Alt keys

    Just a small detail, but is there any way to switch the alt (apple) key to Ctrl so that commands would be the same as they are in Windows?
  6. What level of school do you attend?

    So I'm in the minority..... (goin into 8th)
  7. Parallels Question

    yes that would work unless your windows partitions were all NTFS.
  8. No I haven't, my mouse is actually on the slower side at the boot selection screen.
  9. Yes, try Acronis Boot Manager (part of Acronis disk director suite). This is what I use, and I have had no problems. You can just set OSX86 to boot by default, unless you push a button, or set it to boot after x seconds. Hope this helps!
  10. Apps crashing

    I'm using 10.4.5 (myzar) and every time I open some applications, they either bounce in the dock and do nothing, or they run for about 30 seconds and crash. So far, this has happened with: - Cyberduck (FTP) (Latest version) - Azureus (Latest version) Note: They are both universal binaries, so Rosetta/PPC isn't an issue. Has anyone else had something like this happen? Or better yet, does anyone know how to fix this?
  11. Parallels Question

    alright well I have xp on a different hdd then osx, I'll give it a shot
  12. Parallels Question

    ...So I'm thinking thats a no..... well if anyone ever gets something like that working, please let me know.
  13. Can I install parallels on osx86 and have it recognize my already installed WinXP partition, or does parallels create a "virtual disk" within osx86? I'd really like to be able to boot into Windows without another installation. Has anyone done this?
  14. 10.4.5 Update error

    This may be the source of your problem: where did you download that update from? That looks like the installer from the built-in software update. Don't install from there, read the other posts about that. If you're not using the software updater, it would be helpful to tell us where you got the file from, perhaps then we can point you in the right direction (could be a bad or fake file).
  15. Windows XP & OS X

    I have recently done exactly what you are looking to do. First off, make sure Windows XP is already installed. There are ways to do OSX first, but i find it easier to install XP and configure things from there. Next, obtain OSX86 (I won't say how, due to the legality of obtaining it, email me if you have no clue how to get it, I can point you in the right direction) Many guides out there suggest that you need a seperate hard drive, but all you actually need is a seperate partition. You have a less risk of data loss with a seperate HD, but it isn't neccessary. The first thing you need to do is aquire a few programs. I personally prefer Acronis Disk Director Suite, but PartitionMagic will work just fine. Once you have installed one of those programs, you need to resize your hard drive. I would recommend at least 10~12 GB, (I went with something around 56 GB as I have the space) keep in mind that Tiger uses about 7GB or so for installation, and then make room for any music/pictures/programs you want. If you chose the Acronis Disk Director Suite, then you also have the Acronis Boot Manager (which shows a nice XP-style screen for OS selection). Make sure the Boot Manager is also installed (there are alternate methods, this is just the one I used). Assuming you have a prepatched version of OSX86, you can pick up at step 2 of this guide, skipping steps 5-11.