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  1. Ok, I want to customize an install DVD for myself with kexts that I need for a native SATA install...I would like to add silicon image kexts to my install DVD to use at boot so I can install to a SATA disk without having to use CarbonCopyCloner or similar to copy over a full install to a sata drive after its installed. Any thoughts? BTW, I searched and came up with nothing. If there is a post somewhere, I would appreciate knowing about it. Thanks, joneSi
  2. ScreamTeam, Thanks for the AWESOME links! I have the BadAxe2, E6600, antec 400w power supply (which needs to go to properly overclock), 2gb of OCZ Platinum Rev 2 800 (will be 4gb in a few weeks) and a 7600gs, which will go in favor of an 8800 shortly. I'm on stock air cooling right now, that will go in favor of a scythe infinity or similar. Possibly moving to water. The overclock I want (about 3.0ghz) has been achieved on air by some...I'm hoping to be lucky. As we all know, it is better to be lucky than good joneSi
  3. Overclocking is a touchy thing...you've got to have great components, and not be afraid to push them, as well as have their lifespan shortened. I am still searching for a good overclocking guide for the BadAxe2. My only other prior experience of overclocking is with my old Asus A8N board and my opteron. This is all new territory for me. joneSi
  4. EDIT: I'm a dope. Changed audio to digital out, clear as a bell. THANKS! joneSi
  5. Well, I fixed my issues...mostly related to my laziness of dragging and dropping the script to the terminal rather than running it from the terminal. So clearly my mistake. Anyway, Weaksauce, brilliant guide, I am typing this on my 46" LCD TV. Very nice. Doing the update shortly to 10.5.2.... joneSi
  6. OK, so my audio issues were because I used the kalyway 10.5 install disc. I am now trying to do a brazilmac patch, I am on kalyway 10.4.10 and I'm getting an empty image when I run the patch, and after changing the lines to include my folder. I have the two patch files on my desktop along with the three folders, I am using BrazilMac-9a581 patch and a rip of a retail 10.5.0 disc. Any help is appreciated. BTW, I have tried the brazilmac howto with no luck. I always get an empty image. HELP! jonSi
  7. Which dump did you use? The linux one included on the file he made for download?? I am dragging and dropping the one to the other, it repairs permissions and then tells me to reboot. When it reboots I have no sound and if I look in the system profiler it says I have no sound installed. Any insight would be appreciated. OH, BTW! I updated the bios to the new setup (thanks weaksauce!) I didn't know it was out there! Also, I am on an MBR install, I need to get off my lazy keister and do the GUID, so that might be how I differ from ya'lls setup. On one totally side note of no particular import, Weaksauce, you are truly a MUCH better man than I. joneSi
  8. I'm guessing that this will eat my install also. D'oh! Well, in any case, I had issues with audio...the system profiler said that no audio was installed after adding patch. Let me know what needs to be done with 10.5.2 as far as testing goes. I have literally NOTHING on my hard drive, so I can easily get rid of it all Also, I'll take any advise anybody has on the audio patching... joneSi
  9. I'm almost there. I am only missing audio...I ran the patcher and dragged the txt file over to it, it told me that it worked, but I still have no audio via digital coax or optical. Any help would be appreciated. BTW, the rest works GREAT. I'm typing this on my new sony 46w3000 1080p TV and my NEW hackintosh! This one is as follows: D975xbx2 (aka the Bad Axe 2) E6600 - no oc 2gb OCZ platinum ram 4-4-4-15 keyboard and trackpad combo via bluetooth (logitech!) dynex wifi card (working) 7600gs working (natit) vanilla install with MBR, moving to GUID later Only thing, like i said, is audio. I can give more if needed, just let me know what info you need. Thanks! joneSi
  10. joneSi

    nForce + AMD

    Is it at all possible to install onto an IDE disk to start, then add the kexts to the working install, then use Carbon Copy Cloner (after formatting the drive as MBR not GUID in disk util) and then using the new drive to install from. Just a thought... HTH, joneSi
  11. Well, I can understand wanting to have all four installed because you have them. But IDK how the performance will be with just 2 gigs compared to three. IIRC there must be pairs for the dual channel to work. Would macbench be able to tell which setup is better? Also, there are plenty of people with 'real' macs that have more than 4gb of ram. And these seem to be able to function without a problem on OS X. The new Mac Pro will take what, 16gb of ram? What does the system do with the ram if it doesn't see anything above 3.2gb? I know these aren't the same machines, but I would think that similar memory addressing would work even though he's on an AMD setup. IDK, I just thought I would offer something here. GL joneSi
  12. joneSi

    Unofficial AppleTV Plugins Thread

    All... Do all the video and audio plugins go into /Library/Quicktime ?? The awkwardtv.org wiki says nothing on and the codec links page just says to put it there the /Library/Quicktime. However, the ac52 codec linked here says that there are other places that need to have the files in order to install the audio codec. I have successfully gotten my aTV to show the 'files' menu, I'd just like to be able to play ripped DVD's through my network and have them play in the splendor of 5.1 sound (lol) joneSi edit: I want my internet audio streams to play on my aTV! There would be a MONEY plug.
  13. joneSi

    AppleTV on Xbox - xTV

    NM, I've asked this elsewhere. Don't want to double post
  14. joneSi

    Building your own Apple TV with ATV OS?

    Well, not much is known about this right now, since its not -quite- up and running on the average hackintosh. A little patience may pay off for you so that you don't buy hardware that won't quite work. If you are still die hard about it, look to see what is working for Intel boards (actual Intel brand boards) as far as audio sata etc for hackintosh 10.4.9. This is no guarantee that it will -work- with the aTV OS however. Let alone the fact that then you will need to go and get a video card that will work as well and try to get NATIT or Titan running. If it were me, I would get a good solid core duo or core 2 duo setup...all working with 10.4.9. Then try to do the mods that some others have done in order to run this on their macbooks, imacs, whatever the case may be. That way you could still potentially run it as a regular old computer should you want to even making it so that the aTV 'finder' app runs as a different user That may not be the answer you are looking for...but either way good luck. joneSi edit: just reading that progress is being made in the hackintosh department, but not as much as 'real' macs. It will be only a matter of days.
  15. joneSi

    Apple TV - What we know so far.

    OK, so in the wiki section of awkwardtv there is a part talking about .vob files playing in VLC with 5.1 sound, though there isn't an explanation of how to do so. I'm not sure how to get VLC up and going, and therefore I don't have a clue, I didn't see anything pointing to it on the wiki. I suppose it would be nice to wait for the menu hacks (sabretooth) to add something that would allow the launch of VLC and make it look good. For those that have seen me bitching here [sorry] I want my 5.1 sound. I want it now . I'll be willing to dig around and try what I must to get this working...by either using VLC and playing the .vob files, or trying new solutions in iTunes. I will be able to guinea pig myself as soon as I have it plugged into my TV, which BTW, it arrived today...Ordered Monday, express shipping ($10 from apple), left China yesterday, arrived at my door today (FED EX ROCKS!!!!) I'll go and start playing after my calc class tonight. I'll have it apart by tomorrow night. I was thinking that the codec pack linked on the awkwardtv page would be a good place to start, seeing as how it has the AC3 codec... thoughts? joneSi
  16. joneSi

    Why does anyone want to buy this?

    I think I follow...and I appreciate the answer. My only worry is that once we -do- get 5.1 it won't be for my library of ripped DVD's and that would make me joneSi
  17. joneSi

    Why does anyone want to buy this?

    I said this in another thread, so for those that read it there, stop now. Where is the hell is 'teh 5.1' sound?! Wasn't 2006 or 2007 (according to Steve J. himself) the year of the HDTV. And while I would say (IMHO) that the HD part of HDTV generally refers to the picture...but the sound is so very important as well. Again, IMO, 5.1 sound is HD sound. This to me seems to be a pretty big oversight, only because the hardware is -capable- of 5.1 sound. Why not enable it? I hope some enterprising person who feels the same as me will find a way to enable this. (oh please oh please oh please). Until then, I'll deal. Either way, I'll be getting my tomorrow. joneSi
  18. joneSi

    Apple TV - What we know so far.

    Ok, so as a mac nerd, I'll be buying one to work with my hackintosh. However, at this point this thing is (to me) a waste of space because of a lack of 5.1 sound. Everything else about it is rockin'. But with that part of the box disabled, it seems to me that it is crippled. Regardless, I will buy one and hope and pray that they enable it (it seems as if the hardware supports it...) or that somebody can make it work. I'd love to replace my DVD player. joneSi
  19. Well, I wouldn't think that swapping the keyboards would be hard ie change from qwerty to azerty. I've pulled the keyboard from my iBook quite easily with removing a few screws...then gently pulling. Then put new keyboard in, and change the keyboard in preferences. Just a thought anyway. joneSi EDIT: People pay dumb amounts for used macs IMO. I'd say $300 off (maybe less) is likely about right. Especially since its not a HUGE change for the average user.
  20. LOL, yeah, I don't think this project is even close to dead. If I had a better idea what I was doing, I'd help out. Oh, right...bikedude and/or medevil if you need me to get you log files for the kext let me know. I don't quite remember how to do that through terminal commands, but IIRC that is a way it can be done. joneSi
  21. Asus a8n-e here and it doesn't restart. Sata is now working though joneSi
  22. joneSi

    kernel_task 100% cpu usage

    UPDATE!!!!!: Ok, so I was getting the diskarb issue, and it was acting really funny, but its stopped. I reinstalled and did so from a different DVD Drive and that did the trick. It seems that my new lite-on dvd-r.... So if you are having troubles like that, I hope this helps a little bit. It is apparently a problem that is popping up on real intel macs, so there may be some other issues there. joneSi
  23. joneSi

    kernel_task 100% cpu usage

    Me too! I am using a patched 10.4.8 intall dvd, patched with NFORCE4 sata ppf. I'm beginning to think that this is my main problem. I am also getting diskarb errors on boot. thoughts? joneSi
  24. All, I am running like nobodys beeswax on an Asus a8n-e opteron 170 and 250gb WD sataII drive...and it SCREAMS. I'm not quite sure how to set up a log file for error reporting. Any input on how to do this would be appreciated. joneSi
  25. Check out a few pages back for a PPF file link. Phase 1. Get 'tubgirl' iso that is floating around out there on the bay. Apply PPF patch to the ISO that you downloaded. Make new install dvd. See sata drives connected to nforce4 sata controller. Phase 2. [holds hands up] Phase 3. Profit joneSi edit: I've had issues running PPF Patcher on my 'Opteron-Mac' under os x. IDK what would cause this (even the java version is a little screwy for me). I'd try to do this under Xp/Vista...although that isn't any picnic either and can be VERY tempermental.