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Since I already posted this on another forum, I might as well just copy it over:


Another small improvement present in Leopard: You get confirmation windows when trying to quit safari or close a window with more than one tab open:





Yet another feature in Leopard: You can create a DMG from a directory by simply context-clicking on the directory and choosing "Create disk image".





Spring loaded= When you drag a file to a folder in the dock, it springs open. When you release the file, it closes automatically. So if you have a file that needs to go deeper into the folder structure, you can hold the file on the next folder within that folder in the dock, and so on.


Currently in Tiger, if you drag a file to a folder, you just let it go. It doesn't spring open and the file is place in that first folder only.


The prefs for it are in the dock prefs area.

not only do folders spring open in the dock, but applications do too.  drag a file over a dock application and it will either start up or bring it's windows to the front.


Safari now saves the full text of each website you visit in ~/library/caches/metadata/safari/ and spotlight searches turns up results from there and your bookmarks, very nice.


Quicklook can preview websites as well as pics, videos, pdf, text, almost anything.  just select a file in the spotlight search window and hit space. hitting space again dismisses it.


Spotlight shows icon previews of movies now that are playable.


neither of the new preview modes work in finder, which is a big disappointment.


you can sort column views just like list view, but only from the views window and it applies to all windows and columns.


the backround dimming in expose is much darker now, on my machine almost black.  


Windows in spaces can be made sticky so they appear on all desktops.  I have adium set to "Below other windows" and the buddy list shows on all desktops.


Spaces don't wrap around, so if you go to the right most desktop, hitting ctrl-right arrow just beeps.


Spaces is very quick, even on my old 1Ghz eMac with radeon 7500, but time machine is horribly slow, almost unusable on it.


Time machine is Opt-out, just like Spotlight, so if you have a single deeply nested directory that you want to back up, you can't just tell Time Machine to back that one up, you have to exclude all the other directories in that tree.


tabs in safari can be dragged off the tab bar to another window, or to the desktop to make a new window.


the developer mode still works in expose, but they disabled dragging any widgets to the desktop without it.


I did have one very strange error.  After a restart, my user library folder was completely reset, all the files disappeared and were back to the files that were there when i first installed.  Not sure if it was time machine related or not, but very disconcerting.  


other than that leopard has run pretty smoothly.


oh, and brushed metal is still around, finder, safari, quicktime, hopefully they get updated from the secret stash too.

The number of things that are "liquid metal" vs. "brushed metal" is easily 3 - 1.


But still, we do have pinstriping on all background items on EVERYTHING.


On another note, it would seem that Mail does not let you edit the stationary in any way besides the text itself. Many of the image files in them are locked, and can not be unlocked through the Mail Composer. 


I would think that this functionality would exist in iWeb, but I only have iLife 05 and have not upgraded it. 

Also, I learned that under no circumstances should you use Andrew Escobar's Frontrow Enabler under Leopard (Non-IR Machines still cant use), as it will irreperably screw up EVERY aspect of your system.


Think probably will not be able to back up your data kind of screwage...

It looks like localization works completely now.


Specifically, now in the International section of System Preferences, I can set EVERYTHING to Arabic!

Now, that is impressive that we have an OS that actually works with Right-to-Left input and work immediately across the board.


Either way, it is much better than Microsoft's Arabic implementation, in which you only have a few menu options translated, even in Vista.


While folders are still named the same thing, it looks like they will work with Arabic characters for filenames and paths, including changing /Users to /‏المستخدم


The only problem that I have run into is that the Text-to-Speech system 100% does not work with Non-latin languages.

(Think crash)


Apple is set to take a major chunk of the non-english speakers or multilanguage users with this enhancement!


مبروك, ‏تهنئة 

Sorry, Kazuran - I didn't see your post until now. Images and videos are fine. :) We just had to close the other thread since Apple tends to prosecute those who share files (or facilitate their sharing).

The button on Safari 3 that opens a page as a widget in Dashboard is absolutely brilliant.


The "Purchase Replacement battery" option in the battery drop down is an interesting cross-sell opportunity.  Wonder how many more of these there are?

The airport icon drop down doesn't seem to have a "Purchase Replacement Airport Express... your's is 13 months old and out of warranty". 

Hey, first post.  Im sorry, but I absolutely love this website!  Its so cool and it accepts the Leopard "beta testers" :o


Anyways, in case noone noticed, most of the utilities have been updated to high versions, some to "10.5"  Also when you do shift + option + 4 to do the selection grab, there is now a gridcount next to your cursor.

you can drag tabs around in safari

Cooool. Hadn't noticed that one.


And in case no one has pointed it out yet, the new Help menu rocks. You can also use Spaces + Exposé by hitting F9 and then F8, you'll be able to see all of your open windows at once and drag them around the desktops. Leopard also has a lot of multithreading, and runs much faster than Tiger on my Mac. Also Preview has a lot of cool new stuff, got rid of drawers, can now resize images with a very Photoshop-like sheet, has an inspector, and when zooming in PDFs you get a "smooth" zoom. The Calendar Widget now shows appointments in iCal, as it did in the Tiger beta. Maybe they keep this feature just for developers, and they'll will pull it in the final release. Who knows.


Oh, and Exposé, Spaces, Dashboard and Time Machine aren't "full-fledged apps", the puppets sitting in your Applications folder are just launchers. The first 3 all live in Dock.app and Time Machine lives in Finder.app.

Nobody is going to talk about iChat? :o

Aside from the Unified Toolbar look iChat now uses a Safari-like windows to list all your file trasnfers.


Also, when you send a file to somebody a badge showing the progress of the file transfer in a Mail-esque way appears


I´ve been running Leopard for a day now and everything´s going pretty good. Apps work just fine, Photoshop, Illustrator, Quicksilver, iTunes, Quicktime, etc.


I´ve only found two annoying problems; it looks like I´m unable to scroll in Pages which sucks and I can´t close windows in Safari, other than that it works flawlessy...


Overall it´s been a good experience, the system feels smoother by the way. I won´t go back to Tiger unless I need to.

Moksha, now that is one nice catch.

I have found that X11 now supports XGL over SSH when you enable a nested session on the destination system on your VC-# (does not work in Tiger).


Sure, it takes some real hacking to get working right (both sides), however WINDOW DEFORMATIONS now work!


(Some of you may call it Defications because warping windows while you are trying to work may seem like a complete waste of time and resources, but try saying that when you are typing a URL into Firefox and your auto-completion/select box below your address bar starts rippling with each new option added. It really turns some heads!)


You can even use the XGL equivilant to Expose' for all of your X11 windows, and it even pulls windows from other Spaces Desktops when you go CTRL-F8 (Remapped from Normal F8 on remote system through Compiz-Setup to not conflict with my Powerbook's F8 for spaces).

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