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  1. iDarbert


    Weird, the first thing I did was dragging the applications folder and exept for the fact that the new Finder loves to retract if you go down a little more and make you drop the folder on the desktop instead it worked.
  2. iDarbert


    If you drag a folder or a bunch of items on the dock it will make a stack, if you click the icon it will either display them as a pile or in a grid if they are too many.
  3. Then what is the iChat Screen sharing button for? EDIT: Never mind, I misunderstood what you were saying there.
  4. iDarbert

    Quick Look

    I didn't notice the slowiness... and no problems previewing them in QV. Also ironically, AVIs happen to play a lot better in this build compare to some H.264 MPEG4s who slow down Quicktime to a crash.
  5. iDarbert

    Front Row plugins

    It hasn't happened here, slideshows work perfectly.
  6. iDarbert

    Nifties in Leopard

    Nice catch
  7. Not using magnification is enough for me.
  8. iDarbert

    Bugs of 10.5

    You can a) tell Time Machine not to backup particular folders and b ) tell Time Machine to encrypt your backups so nobody can access them.
  9. iDarbert


    They aren't on the install DVD yet, Apple's probably waiting until the very final final buil of Leopard before putting them in.
  10. iDarbert

    Nifties in Leopard

    That's insanely great! I can't get it to work, all it does when I hold shift is temporarly deactivate magnification on the dock.
  11. iDarbert

    I came, I saw... I'm probably going back to Tiger

    Could it be the fact that it stutters with magnification?
  12. iDarbert

    Animations in Leopard

    It's been there for a while, nice touch.
  13. iDarbert

    Bugs of 10.5

    Noticed this too, but it also nicely fades from the "message received" to the "non new messages status".
  14. iDarbert

    Quick Look

    No, I can exit Full screen quickview perfectly.
  15. iDarbert

    Please Help 9A466 On G4 733

    G4 is not supported?