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  1. Adrian Fogge

    Snow Leopard Upgrade from Leopard?

    Your applications are retained if you do an Upgrade. Everything is lost if you do an Erase & Install. If you do an Archive & Install, than you will still have all of your old data stored in a "Previous System" folder, which you can drag your apps and data back into your main hierarchy. ~Adrian
  2. Adrian Fogge

    Snow Leopard and Windows 7

    Outlook.....mac is better because....? Mac isn't better here. Outlook is the only viable client for enterprises. You can run Outlook via Wine on both Mac and Linux though to allow for support of Zimbra, Zarafa and other Open Source Exchange implementations. Entourage works well for anyone who is not currently using an Exchange-style mail server or using an Exchange server. DVD backup.....mac is better because.....? Handbrake. Yea, it has cross-platform support, however OS X is it's original platform and generally gets updates prior to Windows or Linux. Presentation.....mac is better because.....? Both Keynote and Powerpoint have a presenters display on the Mac. Powerpoint does not have this on Windows. Web.....mac is better because.....? Safari is currently regarded as the most standards-compliant web browser and is the first to implement HTML5, CSS Transitions, Effects and the like to allow for a true flash replacement. Safari's webkit engine is rapidly being adopted by other web browsers. Graphic(Adobe).....mac is better because.....? This is pretty much even on Windows and Mac. Mac laptops have multi-touch trackpads which allow for some ease of use things and combining some tool functions. Movie/Picture/Music.....mac is better because.....? Final Cut Pro is currently the standard for video production. Compatible with co-workers....mac is better because....? As for compatibility, the most that you can hope for is direct duplication of all functionality. Mac allows for direct compatibility with both Windows and Linux users. Linux also has this. Windows only has Windows <-> Windows compatibility. Documents....mac is better because.....? As above, the most that you can really hope for is compatibility, and Mac achieves this. Movie (watching)....mac is better because.....? Hmm... Pretty much on-par with everything else as the truly great media players are cross-compatible. However, many media players had graphics card acceleration on Mac prior to Windows or Linux. Overall performance/Look/Feel....mac is better because....? Oracle has significantly higher operations per second under OS X than they have under Windows or Linux. As for Look and Feel, this rests firmly in the realm of personal preferences. I prefer the look and feel of Linux with Gnome + Compiz, however the lack of application compatibility on Linux is enough to keep it on my Tablet and Dell only and have never bothered to set up a dual-boot on my Mac. I hope that this clarifies some things for you. I don't really consider myself very biased as there are definitely environments where Windows is ideal. I would much rather support Windows for the vast majority as more people are familiar with it. You can find a hundred Windows Server Admins if you need one to solve an issue. You can also find 40 Linux Server Admins just as easily. Try finding an OS X Server admin. OS X is great as it is a very stable OS with native software compatibility and support. Linux will run for a decade strait (and I still have one server with 3808 days of uptime), but software support is very limited. Microsoft used to recommend re-installing Windows yearly, however they have since changed that story. ~Adrian
  3. Adrian Fogge

    Does Dock Expose work?

    Apple explicitly said that 10A380 would be the last Developer Seed before the release of Snow Leopard. That being said, Apple did demo functionality in their keynote that was only included in a later build than the one that they made available to their WWDC attendees. Not like that is all that uncommon though...
  4. Adrian Fogge

    how to turn iphone 1 click purchase off

    I would love what your friend has... If you do find a "solution", I would really like to inverse it for myself. ~Adrian
  5. Adrian Fogge

    How to get rid of bubbles on LCD/Digitizer

    Are they bubbles *in* the glass? ~Adrian.
  6. Adrian Fogge

    Forcing 64 bit Kernel on 10.6; Macbook Pro

    The real question will be whether I could force a 32-bit kernel and make my DisplayLink graphics card work under Snow Leopard. I know that DisplayLink graphics cards do not work under the 64-bit kernel as no module has been written yet, and I am addicted to the whole 3 displays thing... While I *love* Snow Leopard's performance, I am much too tied to screen real estate to justify making the move on my primary laptop. Plus, what fun is having Snow Leopard set up on a Mini that I only ever VNC into??? ~Adrian
  7. Adrian Fogge

    Forcing 64 bit Kernel on 10.6; Macbook Pro

    Previously, one was able to press the keys "6" + "4" on the keyboard on boot to force using the 64-bit kernel, or "3" + "2" to force using the 32-bit kernel. I haven't tried it in a *long* time, but I would assume that Apple hasn't removed this functionality in the later builds. ~Adrian
  8. Adrian Fogge

    Rumor : 3 different versions of OS X

    You kids and your glow in the dark g-strings, and your SKU count debates! We'll know soon enough. ~Adrian
  9. Adrian Fogge


    Sleeepy, in case you did not notice, 3 months before your posting, Embio managed to answer the exact same thing. Thanks for playing though. Next up, the diskutil command now offers ZFS Version 13 (up from Version 8 that is provided in the Leopard Open-Source version from MacOSForge). Means that we are now on-par with the ZFS-Fuse community. Still, it's something that we were expecting as there really isn't anything that would prevent Apple from going with a later version of ZFS. As things sit right now, even though we can add the bootable flag to the zpools, we are still not able to get the Mac EFI Bootloader to detect a ZFS volume. Doesn't mean that Apple will not also release an updated EFI build to allow for ZFS bootable volumes come WWDC though. One thing that I am doing right now is using /System from a HFS+ volume with /Applications, /Library, /Users and /Developer running from a zpool with lzjb compression enabled. Overall, it is working very good. The only real snag is the Adobe CS4 apps which refuse to run from ZFS. Although, this seems to be more of an issue with Adobe CS4 running from a case sensitive filesystem instead the of HFS+ (Journaled - Case Insensitive) that the vast majority of Mac users have as their root filesystem. ~Adrian
  10. Adrian Fogge

    AFP coming to iPhone?

    Ohhh... now how is that for interesting! Somehow I sense that there may be something *interesting* coming over the next few days with the impending discussions about iPhone OS 3.0. ~Adrian
  11. Adrian Fogge

    Rumor: New Interface in Snow Leopard?

    Well, it's starting to seem more like a new UI is in the cards after all. The new QuickTime has a very different look than what we have seen previously in a full application to become an interesting mixture of UI Metaphors from Quicklook and the iPhoneOS. Honestly, I am surprised that Apple did not have the standard Aqua resources through these external test releases. Apple has a long history of hiding UI changes and major new features until a final product announcement and release dates are made. ~Adrian
  12. Adrian Fogge

    OS X vs OpenSolaris for a ZFS NAS/Fileserver

    I excluded FreeNAS as I personally used it and found it *very* lacking compared to even a simple LVM2 + ext3 installation under Debian. It's performance was very poor, had limited support for my RAID cards and my network cards. I understand that as it is FreeBSD based, I could have simply gone in and added the drivers myself, however I am interested more in a tested solution. That is also why Gentoo/FreeBSD was excluded. While it includes native ZFS support, it is *wildly* untested. The NexentaStor products are very good, however I was unable to get my RAID card to work under NexentaCore even though it worked perfectly fine in NexentaStor. I just don't feel like spending $1,100 on the OS for my home file server. Also, the original poster made this point as well. You make some valid points, however you really need to read the requirements of the person asking for help. ~Adrian
  13. Here is why it is "that bad"... The kernel has underwent a significant re-design to become 64-bit, to add OpenCL and to add GrandCentral. While Apple is calling it an optimization release, they mean exactly that... Everything that can be optimized is being optimized. Your installation size is going from nearly 6GB down to 2.2GB when comparing Leopard to Snow Leopard. Many applications are 1/10th the size that they are under Leopard... Memory requirements are also down significantly for these optimized applications. Unfortunately, when you are taking a hatchet to your code, it is easy to introduce some major show stopping bugs that ultimately require much more new code to be written. Think of Show Leopard as a "let's forget about PPCs re-do Leopard with everything that we know now" release. ~Adrian
  14. Adrian Fogge

    Rumor: New Interface in Snow Leopard?

    Ugh... what is it with the myth of "Dark UIs save power"? I mean seriously!!! Your backlight is at the same brightness when you are looking at something dark... Just for grins, I have gone in and pulled up system profiler... When I have a completely black image displayed full screen: Voltage (mV): 8632 When I have a completely white image displayed full screen: Voltage (mV): 8564 Can we put this idiotic {censored} to rest now? If you want to "save" power, drop your backlight level. Don't change your theme. ~Adrian
  15. Adrian Fogge

    OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard"

    Only $100 for a new screen? Damn!!! I just spent $120 on a new battery. Still, I find it *very* likely that Apple will say G5 or Intel only. That way, they would be able to say that the majority of their users are using a fully 64-bit OS on 64-bit hardware. Sure, there are the Original CoreSolos and CoreDuos that they will need to worry about, however from the look of things, they are making a very large push towards getting Snow Leopard not only a fully 64-bit OS, but leveraging several new technologies designed around making better use of multiple CPUs and support for offloading tasks to the GPU. When you consider that the vast majority of the G4 machines out there are single processor, single core and have a graphics card which does not have dedicated memory as well as supporting OpenGL 2.0 or above as to allow for IEEE 754 compliant rounding behavior for floating-point calculation accuracy, you begin to wonder what the point of even trying with any remaining G4s are. The PowerMac G5s and Xserves meet all of these requirements. With all that being considered, I would still anticipate that Snow Leopard will be the last OS to support PowerPC processors. ~Adrian