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  1. Virtualball

    Photobooth in 9A559?

    Do the backgrounds finally work on a MacBook? In WWDC they didn't
  2. Virtualball

    a little birdie tweets - 9A559

    Also, Usenet costs money. I'm not sure if just starting unison up and typing the ISP's server into the box will cost money, but giganews does!
  3. Virtualball

    a little birdie tweets - 9A559

    Hah! If it was on rapidshare, it would be in like 65 parts... I say, upload it to usenet, I can download it from there at 400 kb/s!
  4. Virtualball

    a little birdie tweets - 9A559

    Yup, Apple added new close button widgets last build (or two builds ago) Anything can happen now. :)Oh and I like the new intro, evrything seems to fit nicely with the music, with the exception of it cutting off at the end :\
  5. Virtualball

    a little birdie tweets - 9A559

    Not on uenet yet :\ I think the second new bg looks sick, though I like the other "default" space one more.
  6. Virtualball

    at&t phone bill for the iphone

    I got my bill two days ago and it doesn't give anything away. All it is is "Data Transfer 4 kb 0.00 Charge" and so on I downloaded 1.5 gigs and I didn't get charged extra
  7. Virtualball

    a little birdie says....

    Lol at the Beatles reference.
  8. Virtualball

    Nifties in Leopard

    New Processors PreferencePane:
  9. Virtualball

    Macbook built in iSight issues...

    Same on my first revision MacBook. Is it because of my 512 MB RAM?
  10. Virtualball

    Help Installing Leopard

    I restored it to my iPod 5G (It took like an hour just for the restore ) So now it boots and I click install (clean) and it just sits at the installer screen. Is this a new problem? Please help me
  11. Virtualball

    I came, I saw... I'm probably going back to Tiger

    Ask Vista :P
  12. Virtualball

    Quick Look

    On my MacBook, the old QuickLook (build from Dec.) would go into fullscreen and I had to restart to get it out of it, does the still occur?
  13. Virtualball

    Front Row plugins

    You guys can't really think that all FrontRow is is the AppleTV's Finder? It looks the same and uses one similiar string, so it's instantly "99% borrowed code." Are you all forgetting that aTV connects to Wi-Fi, changes the screen's resolution, does hardware checks, doesn't allow keypresses, has video-out, and more. All of this would have to majorly redone and the way it operates would have to change too. It would read the iTunes DB file on your computer instead of another computer and then locally calling it /Media. In all, it isn't the same thing, strings mean nothing. Unless the settings menu is the same, I don't believe it.
  14. Virtualball

    Partitioned PPC G4 with Leopard

    I wouldn't recommend installing on your iPod, that is a sure fire way to destroy it's HDD. And you can't do that to it when it has awesome Linux on it. Hey CactusJack
  15. Virtualball

    Front Row plugins