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  1. What have you learned?

    Spring loaded= When you drag a file to a folder in the dock, it springs open. When you release the file, it closes automatically. So if you have a file that needs to go deeper into the folder structure, you can hold the file on the next folder within that folder in the dock, and so on. Currently in Tiger, if you drag a file to a folder, you just let it go. It doesn't spring open and the file is place in that first folder only. The prefs for it are in the dock prefs area.
  2. The Blue Screen

    mingistech-this wont install on any G3, according to the 'before you install' info. mvv- try this with the ipod- In disk utilities, give it 2 partitons. 'Restore' the dmg to 1. Then start the install process from the first partition. It will act as a 'dvd install disc'. When it re-starts, choose the partition #2 to install to. Install as normal. This worked great for me with a firewire drive. Using it now. The bonus is having the 'install' disc right there, ready to access the optional installs like Xcode, if needed. I can also unplug it and see how it does on my G4 imac.
  3. What have you learned?

    Folders that you place in the dock are finally spring loaded. Like OS9, when you would put open folders down at the bottom of your screen. There is even a setting for the spring action.
  4. The more I think about the statement "Don't Steal Mac OS X" , I can't help but think that it's reverse psychology. "O please don't throw me in that briar patch!!" A challenge? Just my 2 cents.
  5. Where is Maxxuss?

    If Ra was Maxxuss , it wouldn't put us any closer to knowing who HE/she is.
  6. Where is Maxxuss?

    I think Maxxuss is 2 dudes. Close. Known each other their whole lives, at least for many years. 1 knows Windows and Linux. 1 knows Mac and Linux. Roomies at a college somewhere. Together they are The Max. The Ultimate. Max Us.
  7. Finally Wireless networking!

    I also have one of those. The chipset is by a company called 'Symbol'. It's not a Broadcom and wouldn't work with the procedure here. I'm looking to get it working as well. If I run across a fix, I'll check back. If you can easily get to your mini pci card, look at it. Some of these Intels have almost a white wrapper. Take it off and look for 'BCM43xx' or the word Symbol on the actual chip.
  8. Finally Wireless networking!

    It works !!!!! Thanks to everyone here !! I couldn't have done it without all the info provided here. I will share, in hopes of helping someone else. My setup - 10.5 dvd install from the Pirate Bay. 2.6 ghz P4 Dell Inspiron 5100. Broadcom 4318 chip, mini pci wireless. (FYI- I deleted my airport kexts.) I drug out the IO80211Family.kext to my desktop. I navigated to the AppleAirPortBrcm4311.kext , inside that to the info.plist. I modified the strings as such : <string>pci14e4,4311</string> <string>pci14e4,4318</string> <string>pci14e4,4320</string> These were the only things I changed. Even though my chip reads 4318, I added 4320 for good measure. I then saved the IO80211Family.kext back into the extensions folder. I rebooted, and it told me it wasn't loaded properly. I then ran repair permissions, then made sure I was in the TERMINAL AS ROOT. This is crucial !! When you're in as root, you'll see the prompt like this : root# Then type in kextload Then , if you're looking at the broadcom kext, you can drag and drop it into the terminal at this point. This keeps you from having to type all that stuff in, and insures the correct path. So you should see this: root# kextload System/Library/Extensions/IO80211Family.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleAirPortBrcm4311.kext/ Hit Enter, and you should get a successful load message. Now reboot. Dude!! I now have an Airport Extreme with full utility options!