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  1. The point of this thread is to show a picture of your computer running OS X, not a screenshot of your computer running XP.
  2. It just does. Probably from the magnetic latch.
  3. Uninstallation program

    What about drag 'n drop apps which create those random support files?
  4. Not Shapeshifter!

    Well of course there are ways to use Shapeshifter without paying money, but that wouldn't be very nice, would it?
  5. The ability to show only certain drives would be awesome! I get embarrassed every time my Mac-head friends see my Windows drive.
  6. It's easy, in thew Get Info window, select the icon and hit backspace.
  7. I would love it if Leopard got the iTunes UI. It looks darker and so much more professional than the candyish Aqua. As long as they don't start making everything in caps, or make the icons glossier, I applaud this change.
  8. Stoplight 1.1 Bugs

    Firefox isn't Cocoa, so it can't.
  9. Software Piracy

    It would be terribly hypocritical of me to make any sort of stand against software piracy, given the forums I frequent and the actions I take. However, I have paid for two excellent pieces of software, Path Finder and OmniWeb, not because I couldn't pirate them, but because I enjoy using them so much that I had to give thanks. I really wish to extrapolate more and give reasons for anything I've done, but it's quite difficult to type without the use of my left hand.
  10. Stoplight 1.0 Bugs

    Bug: Activity Monitor stays open when it should quit.
  11. Excellent work on this! I forgot to add Preview to my list of apps that should quit when all windows are closed but don't, but now that's solved. For some reason, Activity Monitor doesn't quit when I configure it to, but this is still great!
  12. Hear hear to the part about Activity Monitor (which I registered on Ars forums just to point out). That, along with System Profiler, get really annoying when two days after I thought I quit them, I find out they're still hogging RAM.
  13. Display Resolution too Low on 20" iMac with XP

    I also got no icons on the desktop on my iMac, but the resolution worked fine after configuring the control panel right.
  14. Leopard Developer Preview Update

    Try reading any of the other zillion threads on it.
  15. Ah, thanks for the fast response. The other thing I noticed was that the emoticon gets displayed as a stolen notice from osx86project.org, as you can see in the screenyshot. Stealing from your own website! How could you, Mash?