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    not only do folders spring open in the dock, but applications do too. drag a file over a dock application and it will either start up or bring it's windows to the front. Safari now saves the full text of each website you visit in ~/library/caches/metadata/safari/ and spotlight searches turns up results from there and your bookmarks, very nice. Quicklook can preview websites as well as pics, videos, pdf, text, almost anything. just select a file in the spotlight search window and hit space. hitting space again dismisses it. Spotlight shows icon previews of movies now that are playable. neither of the new preview modes work in finder, which is a big disappointment. you can sort column views just like list view, but only from the views window and it applies to all windows and columns. the backround dimming in expose is much darker now, on my machine almost black. Windows in spaces can be made sticky so they appear on all desktops. I have adium set to "Below other windows" and the buddy list shows on all desktops. Spaces don't wrap around, so if you go to the right most desktop, hitting ctrl-right arrow just beeps. Spaces is very quick, even on my old 1Ghz eMac with radeon 7500, but time machine is horribly slow, almost unusable on it. Time machine is Opt-out, just like Spotlight, so if you have a single deeply nested directory that you want to back up, you can't just tell Time Machine to back that one up, you have to exclude all the other directories in that tree. tabs in safari can be dragged off the tab bar to another window, or to the desktop to make a new window. the developer mode still works in expose, but they disabled dragging any widgets to the desktop without it. I did have one very strange error. After a restart, my user library folder was completely reset, all the files disappeared and were back to the files that were there when i first installed. Not sure if it was time machine related or not, but very disconcerting. other than that leopard has run pretty smoothly. oh, and brushed metal is still around, finder, safari, quicktime, hopefully they get updated from the secret stash too.