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Adium X 1.0 beta is out


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Most noticable changes


Major AIM, ICQ and .Mac improvements. This includes working File Transfer, and faster sign on.

Improvements to the default look and feel of Adium.

iTunes integration is much faster, and updates as soon as the song changes.

Added global user profile and buddy icon settings. (Personal Preferences)

General Account improvements. Accounts can now be disabled when not in in use, and friends can now sign on from your Adium without saving their information.

Added an Xtras manager to better handle browsing and removing Xtras.

Major improvements in privacy settings.

Redesigned Previous Chat (Log) Viewer

Requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later (Universal Binary)

Full (VERY LARGE) changelog can be found here

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Beta 2 is out. Updated first post.


Changes since beta 1:

Fixed xml chatlog generation (#4442)

Fixed file transfer crash (#4443)

Fixes a crash which occurred when you talked to someone while they changed status.

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Updated first post and here is the changelog for beta 3:


Fixed a crash when closing message windows

Fixed connecting to AIM on non-default port settings

Fixed MSN HTTP connect method

Fixed a rare crash involving invalid idle times

Fixed a crash when connecting with a SOCKS4 proxy over AIM

Fixed a crash when connecting to gadu-gadu

Fixed the Run Applescript action (#4456)

Fixed a crash in the log viewer on OS X 10.3

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Well, now with beta3 its connecting to the msn network, lets tryout the transfer speeds :(


--- edit ---


i try the transfer file speeds, and it keeps marging the 3kbps TOPs

well that sux a lot... i will keep tranfering files trhu skype until ADIUMX

fix that problem.





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Beta 4 is out.



Fixed several problems with AIM group chat

Fixed a crash related to the Messages preferences

Improved responsiveness of the log viewer

Improved display of dates in the log viewer

Fixed type-to-find in the contacts list of the log viewer

Fixed deletion in the log viewer and added undo support (#812, #4509, #4478, #4278)

Fixed a crash after pasting an image into a chat

Fixed Undo Paste

Fixed improper display of groups which are not on any connected account

Fixed a crash in Bonjour which could occur if the computer name was not set

Fixed searching and Spotlight indexing of new logs

Fixed a crash in the emoticon preferences customization sheet

Fixed display of a generic document icon in the message window in 10.3

Fixed the icon displayed in update and other dialogues to not include badges and overlays (#4477, #4498)

Fixed font in the Send Later dialog (#4519)

Fixed multiple connection attempts leading to 'connecting too frequently' for ICQ accounts (#4494)

Removed broken preference to not dim history from the previous 5 minutes in the advanced message history preferences

The crash reporter now refuses to submit crashes on outdated beta versions

Added Adam Betts' Adiumy emoticon set

Updated Australian, Dutch, German, Japanese, Spanish localization

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beta one crashed my system while chaging some prefs, and that corrupted my netinfo database (I had to delete it and remove the file that tells OS X that you finished the setup, booted and re-made my user in the OS X setup)

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