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  1. I just downloaded the beta from vmware and am running it now. First impressions: Kernel panic after trying to close it without installing an OS. 1.83 GHz Macbook 2.0 GB DDR2 667MHz RAM
  2. xtraktion

    Merom MacBook Pro in August

    It's not so much graphic arts for me as much as it is bioinformatics and lots of scientific apps that are optimized for 64-bit. Either way, with Leopard being completely 64-bit enabled I'd hate to think I'm not going to get the additional boost unless I drop more money on another laptop (which isn't happening on my college budget). Any chance you think the updated books will appear before the apple expo, september 12?
  3. xtraktion

    Leopard development disk leaked

    Can you install the newer versions of ichat, mail, etc. in tiger from the Leopard preview image?
  4. I'm glad it's not just me.
  5. xtraktion

    Merom MacBook Pro in August

    College starts soon (Aug 27) and I'd like to get a macbook pro...but damn it if they're going to be getting merom anytime soon (end of august, beginning of september), then I don' want to be stuck buying something that's going to be upgraded in a months time. Then again, if I wait till then and turns out they don't come out till later, then I'm in the same predicament with buying something that'll be coming out soon. I just need a memo or something from Apple....
  6. I'm already on it. VMware must have updated that screeny, when I signed up for it early monday morning, Parallels was in the dock. Weird. I bought Parallels the last day of the sale and so far I've been quite pleased with the performance (concidering I'm running it on a sse2 hackintosh). The only big problem I've had with it so far is it connecting my RAZR to it...that damn "wait 5-10 seconds" {censored} allways comes up. I updated Parallels with the beta and still a no go. If the VMware beta has this functionality out of the box...I might be persuaded to switch over if Parallels doesn't get it together when they "release the final update in just a few weeks".
  7. xtraktion

    The Official WWDC Live News Thread

    Keynote is now up on the apple site.
  8. xtraktion

    Apple Cuts Cinema Display Price

    New displays have 700:1 (old: 400:1) contrast ratio and 23" and 30" displays have 400 cd/m2 and 20" hav 300cd/m2 (old: 270 cd/m2). Response time is 14ms (old: 16ms).
  9. xtraktion

    What app are you missing?

    I don't have an isight or any web cam at all and i can still see other people if they st up a one-way video chat.
  10. xtraktion

    What app are you missing?

    Yeah, MS Paint. Does anyone know of a good replacement for it? Sometimes, it's the simple things...
  11. xtraktion

    What app are you missing?

    Motorola Phone Tools software and the other tools for modding my RAZR. Also, a good old fashioned paint program like in Windows would be awesome...sometimes I don't feel like openning Photoshop or Illustrator to do a simple little edit. I miss paint. DVD Shrink & DVD Decryptor Nero - I know there's Toast and I use it. Maybe it's just because I've used Nero a lot more as a born and raised Windows user, but I like it better than Toast. µTorrent - native os x µTorrent would be awesome, although it works remarkably well under crossover Videora Video Converter - I just haven't found a program that turns .avi's or other media into ipod compatible videos as fast as Videora
  12. xtraktion

    Adium X 1.0 beta is out

    beta 3 is out now...just change the 2 to a 3 in the link at the top of the page
  13. that article was published at the beginning of January. I guess some things have changed from then to now: http://www.notebookreview.com/default.asp?newsID=2926
  14. all the core 2 duos are 64bit - it would seem to me to further differentiate the pro models from consumer models, apple would put 64bit in their macbook pros and leave the 32bit core duos in their consumer based macbooks. core duos are not going to stop being in production after core 2 duos coem out; many vendors will still be using them as they'll be cheaper than the core 2 duos with relatively still good performance. i don't think you'll have buyers remorse with your macbook if any of the speculation is true. then again, apple did put high end core duos in their macbooks instead of lower power ones like some suggested. As far as the topic at hand, i think it's worth the wait if you can hold out. 64bit won't be so much of a big deal for a while, but as it becomes more and more prevalent, it's nice to kno you'll be able to run those 64bit apps or get a 64bit boost when apps begin to suport 64bit.
  15. xtraktion

    10.4.6 disk util on 10.4.5

    If I installed disk utility from 10.4.6 onto 10.4.5, would I be able to use the nondestructive disk partitioning option? If not, anyone know of a unibin nondestructive disk partitioner for os x?