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  1. MacBook Pro 8GB

    People on other forums also seem to think it can handle 8gb. It will be interesting to see what the answer is.
  2. iMac second HDD

    unplug the super drive and attach an ata drive.
  3. Well if you have ever used iTunes, you will know that it has the ability to share your entire library over your network. Now, picture that with an iPod touch. Anywhere within range of your home wifi and everything is there. That would be...awesome.
  4. Email app for iPod Touch

    Same hardware(ish) + same os should make it quite simple for someone to add the email app.
  5. iPod Touch and bluetooth

    It's been confirmed that it doesn't have bluetooth
  6. I use the Australian store, all I had to do was get one of the cards.
  7. iPod Touch and bluetooth

    Well if it has bluetooth someone could make an app that uses their phone as a modem. Or send and receive messages from the touch. Many many things.
  8. Brokenstones invitaion

    There is a whole forum on invites. Ask there.
  9. iMac Pictures

    I had nothing else to do, so took a photo. Thats a 30cm ruler. http://www.flickr.com/photos/asher129/558784852/
  10. iPhone full specs released.

    Why would a network want to put out EDGE? HSDPA please...
  11. I have a zalman ZM-RSSC usb 6 channel usb sound card. It works perfectly in osx and windows.
  12. What I need for Duel Screens

    This is old, but why would you suggest s-video? s-video is rubbish compared to vga...
  13. [Random] 9999 Replies

    4037 + 1 = 4038!!!!!111111oneoneone