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The Poll Is On- Which Mac OS X Distribution Would You Choose?

Which Mac OS X Distribution Would You Choose?  

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  1. 1. Which Mac OS X Distribution Would You Choose?

    • Zephyroth 10.5.2 Rev.2
    • Kalway Intel/AMD 10.5.2
    • Leo4Allv3 10.5.2 Intel/AMD
    • JaS Intel / Leopard
    • iATKOS / Leopard
    • I like Retail Installs with Patches. =)
    • Neither of them, I'm a chicken.

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Why is to much effort in creating a distribution, maybe is better to perfect a EFI emulator, just like Psytar did it and that way we only have to buy the MacOS.
Dude, that was invented and perfected by NETKAS. Go to netkas.org and see for yourself. Psystar have used it and not credited him.

I would rather expect Leo4All to be first. Kalway to me doesn't maintain a retail look (during the installation). =p

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I used Kalyway 10.5.2 and now I've upgraded to 10.5.3 What a change! More stable and now I have restart and shutdown!!! Thanks to Bronya and displayconfigx, I've got my SG33G5 and 1950gt Pro running with my 42" LCD at 1360x768 with full QE and CI!!! So far, everything works!!! Next step is to test my new firewire card with transferring videos from my camcorder.

Zephyroth 10.5.2 rev.2 because it "just worked" for me. No problems with it what so ever for my AMD box.

I've tried Leo4All v2 once but it didn't even get me to the installation. don't remember where it stopped..


But before I upgraded to Leopard I was a big fan of Uphuck and JaS, both of which worked on my machine.

I vote for Kalyway. Leo4All (all versions) made me some booting problems. Both - during setup, and after setup.

Nice to mention Jas - i do not use this distro, but i do use its last combo update (10.5.3) incl. new modbin kernel (9.3) .

I've voted for JaS, cos' it worked fine with the 3 Hackintosh I've made. TubGirl is fantastic too, but, it is just for Tiger.


As MacGirl has said, The best installs came from retail DVDs. I don't have an Apple Intel, but, if you have a Tiger or Leopard install working, you can have a new Tiger or Leopard install with the minimun of patched things with your new install.

I originally voted for Kalyway then voted again for leo4all after being only install to work on my AMD(sb400 ati200xpress chipset)but my final vote will probable be for retail with efi-x usb dongle! :)

Leo4Allv4 (well still in beta) lol. =)

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My system works with Kalyway, I only install NVinstaller V31 after installation is complete. Tried installing V41 after installation, it doesn't works and the system refuses to boot!

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