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The Poll Is On- Which Mac OS X Distribution Would You Choose?

Which Mac OS X Distribution Would You Choose?  

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  1. 1. Which Mac OS X Distribution Would You Choose?

    • Zephyroth 10.5.2 Rev.2
    • Kalway Intel/AMD 10.5.2
    • Leo4Allv3 10.5.2 Intel/AMD
    • JaS Intel / Leopard
    • iATKOS / Leopard
    • I like Retail Installs with Patches. =)
    • Neither of them, I'm a chicken.

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Well the poll is open. Which Leopard Distribution would you favor the most? and Why?

What about you? :) How do you like Kalway?


Hard to say. I'm running on Kalyway and a friend is dual-booting with Leo4All and they both seem to be working great.

Which release do you think was near-perfect, or perfect?

I added that option to the poll.


iATOKOS 10.5.1, because it's the only one that runs on my Dell Inspiron 1520.


Always gets stuck on IOAPIC on the other distros. I hope iATKOS 10.5.2/3 is released soon

For my AMD machine, Zephyroth 10.5.2 rev 1. I know how to get it running fine. 10.5.2 rev 2 does not work for me.


For my Intel machine that should be here Friday or Saturday, I am going to try Kalyway. If that doesn't work well, then I will try iATKOS. Of course I will demo JaS a try once released.

Leo4All has been much better to my AMD machine than Zephyroth...for some reason, the Zephyroth DVDs I burned would always kernel panic right after installing. But Leo4All installed perfectly, has been quite stable for me, and also allowed me to be lazy because it had the nForce kext I needed already integrated into the install. :whistle:


Also, even though I'm getting a Macbook Pro in a month or two, I still want to play around with OSx86, mainly because I'm a bit of an operating systems junkie, and I plan to build an Intel machine, and I won't have to download a new DVD. <_<

None of the Above, I prefer to install with a real Mac and put patches after.


There are no options for BrazilMAC method or Prawkers method.


Incredible that you cant even spell right the names of the "distributions". -_-

I'm a JaS man myself.


I don't have a PC as of right now though. I did have a AMD and Zephyroth he made solid releases.


I wish Tubgirl was still around though, than again when I used that my internet didn't work until I installed the IONetworking.kext

i prefer Zephyroths 10.5.2 EFI Rev2!


its all working ootb


only changes i made : adding some NVCAP values to NVinject to get Dualmonitor working!

everything else works very stable for me!

Added that as an option. :)


Blaaahhhh!!! Not gonna vote.

It's all about straight retail install from spare partition!!! muhahahaha.

Put that as an option! :)

Or, at least do what Macgirl said and include the patcher methods :)

Zephyroth 10.5.1 Rev.2 Internal Beta -> forever! Updated to 10.5.2 by eddie's updater :-)


This system and zeph's release play very well together, I never experienced a crash, freeze or error! Rock solid. :-D

I vote for Zephyroth 10.5.2 Rev.2. It is the only one that worked for my hardware and fromthe installation everything worked perfect.


Leo4All didn't boot to the installer so I didn't test it any more.

Well, i Believe iATKOS v1.0i & v1.0ir2 is simply the lest hassle wise and it provides much greater compatibility than the ones i tried which are Le4Allv2 & Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD. Again, there's so much more that we can expect from all those great people that Build all those Mac OS Images!



Good Luck to all of them! :)

Well I would have to say Leo4Allv1 because it is the closest I have come to seeing the installer screen on my Toshiba A215-7422. It makes it to the blue screen and thats about it. All of the others give me a "waiting for root".

Chill, I fixed it buddy. We all make typos regardless. Humans are imperfect beings, the same applies to all dimensions of space, lets not forget that. :D:D:D

None of the Above, I prefer to install with a real Mac and put patches after.There are no options for BrazilMAC method or Prawkers method.Incredible that you cant even spell right the names of the "distributions". -_-
Read the post I wrote to macgirl. Please accept my apology on this minimalistic typographical error. Thanks mate. :P;):D
macgirl is right. i'm a newbie and the distros should be spelled correctly. finding them in torrent sites based on your list would return zero results. this forum is about community help, we should start correctly.
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