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  1. About GT 555M

    So has anyone gotten the GT 555M working?
  2. OSX has a superior UI to Windows

    That article makes some great points and taught me a few things that i hadn't thought about before. However, i still prefer the windows 7's GUI to OS X. OS X has all these cool features for window management (mission control) and a shiny, pretty looking dock. But when I'm typing in Word or on the web in Chrome or Firefox I just want the application to take up the entire screen, and to switch between windows with a simple taskbar. I also like being able to snap two windows side by side neatly using aero snap instead of dragging windows in OS X.
  3. What I'm saying is: Lets say you never owned an apple computer and therefore you don't own a copy of snow leopard. Then you buy a new computer with Lion installed and you lose the recovery partition (very possible if you're messing around with the hard drive or if the hard drive fails). If there is no recovery media you would then have to buy Snow Leopard, and buy Lion again. That just seems silly, so i think there will be recovery media.
  4. But what if you accidentally deleted the recovery partition or had a hard drive crash? Would you then have to go and buy a copy of mac os again? Would somebody in that situation today have to buy a copy of Snow Leopard in order to upgrade to Lion?
  5. Well that sucks for actual mac users..... But I'm sure that future macs will come with Lion installation disks.
  6. I am definitely going to give this a try. TSC skew is the biggest issue i have since upgrading from Leopard.
  7. Did anybody else have trouble launching the App Store in the first place? Is it AMD related?
  8. 10.6.6 released

    For me everything seems to be ok except i can't launch the App Store. I get an error saying "App Store quit unexpectedly". I'm on AMD. Is this a common problem?
  9. Get your UVC webcam working as Apple iSight

    I plan on trying this. But what what is the benefit of getting the camera recognized as iSight?
  10. 10 Things Linux Does Better Than Windows

    "For Windows XP, you actually have to go to the registry and find some specific string. For Windows Vista/7, you need to go to the command line and type in 'control userpasswords2'. Those solutions work, but neither are common sense, nor too easy." :D This is great. While i agree this is a design flaw in windows, its just funny that a pro-linux article is complaining about having to use the command line.
  11. For me it still says "64 bit kernel and extensions = No" even when using the force 64 bit option on my AMD processor. Is that because I lack 64 bit drivers for something? Also Flash stutters in Google Chrome but works fine in Firefox. Is anyone else experiencing that?
  12. Google Chrome problems

    Chrome's not working for me either in SL. I also get the random crashes but the biggest issue for me is flash/youtube playback. Youtube just stutters every few seconds and its basically unwatchable. Everything works normally in Firefox though. Graphics drivers are not the problem. Do you guys think it might have something to do with the AMD kernel?