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    Monopoly: Apple vs Microsoft

    i think the difference is Apple is more of a hardware company w/c bundles OS X with it, unlike M$ is more of a Software Company w/c main product is it's Windows OS. Apple = Mac (hardware) M$ = Windows (software) but i would love OS X to be open, but then the fun ends.
  2. Intel Pentium M 1.73Ghz bash-3.2# sudo dmesg | grep GenericCPUPowerManagement GenericCPUPowerManagement: [Error] Unable to find a matching or supported cpu id in table GenericCPUPowerManagement: Please provide the following info to make it into next update: GenericCPUPowerManagement: CPU Vendor: Intel [intel® Pentium® M processor 1.73GHz] GenericCPUPowerManagement: CPU Signature: 6d8 GenericCPUPowerManagement: Mobile: 1 Latency: 10 TjMax: [Fill in] GenericCPUPowerManagement: State 0 [d26] State X [612] GenericCPUPowerManagement: -- MSR_IA32_PLATFORM_ID MSR D02486A6 00140000 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 00-05:26(MVID) 06:0 07:0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 08-12:06(MFID) 13:0 14:0(N2) 15:0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 16:0 17:0 18:0 19:0 20:1 21:0 22:0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 23:0(N2) 24:0 25:0 26:0 27:0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 28:1(MBL) 29:0 30:0 31:0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 32-49:00000 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 50:1(MBL) 51:0(PF2) 52:0(PF3) GenericCPUPowerManagement: 53-63:000 GenericCPUPowerManagement: -- MSR_IA32_EBL_CR_POWERON MSR 43480000 00000000 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 18:0(N2) GenericCPUPowerManagement: 22-26:0D(FID) GenericCPUPowerManagement: -- MSR_IA32_PERF_STS MSR 06000D26 06120D26 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 00-05:26(CVID) 06:0 07:0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 08-12:0D(CFID) 13:0 14:0(N2) 15:0(DFSB) GenericCPUPowerManagement: 16-21:00(mVID) 22:0 23:0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 24-28:06(mFID) 29:0 30:0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 31:0(XE) GenericCPUPowerManagement: 32-37:26(MVID) 38:0 39:0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 40-44:0D(MFID) 45:0 46:0(N2) 47:0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 48-53:12(XVID) 54:0 55:0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 56-60:06(XFID) 61:0 62:0(N2) 63:0(DFSB) GenericCPUPowerManagement: -- MSR_IA32_PERF_CTL MSR 00000D26 00000000 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 00-05:26(TVID) 06:0 07:0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 08-12:0D(TFID) 13:0 14:0(N2) 15:0(DFSB) GenericCPUPowerManagement: 16-31:0000 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 32:0(IDA-D) GenericCPUPowerManagement: -- MSR_IA32_THERM_INTERRUPT MSR 00000000 00000000 GenericCPUPowerManagement: -- MSR_IA32_THERM_STATUS MSR 00000000 00000000 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 16-22:00(DREAD) GenericCPUPowerManagement: 27-30:0(RES) GenericCPUPowerManagement: 31:0(VALID) GenericCPUPowerManagement: Probe result: mVID = 02 mFID = 06 GenericCPUPowerManagement: Unloading bash-3.2#
  3. i prefer open /Volumes/EFI since i'm on terminal much faster.
  4. i was going to suggest it also so we can just drag n drop kext though after mounting it won't appear on Finder unless you do a open /Volumes/EFI or killall Finder on terminal. nevertheless great job.
  5. i'm using SSE2 system w/ Voodoo 9.5 kernel with this method and it worked w/o a hitch.
  6. working fine here thanks munky though there's a minor typo. sudo ./update.sh or just put ./update.sh
  7. Shredplayer

    The Care & Feeding of XNU

    Voodoo 9.5.0 kernel work awesome on my 10.5.5 SSE2 system.
  8. Shredplayer

    R.I.P Prawker

    Rest In Peace. My Condolences to the Family.
  9. Shredplayer

    OS X Annoyances

    most guys get annoyed because they're into windows and they expect those features to be present in OS X and vice versa.
  10. Shredplayer

    How to make a file invisible

    You don't need sudo to perform the command.
  11. Shredplayer

    EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    Tsk Tsk some people just can't wait....
  12. Shredplayer

    MacBook Air Beaten

  13. Shredplayer

    10.5.3 is available as an update

    i'm still DL the update (slow connection here), you can take a peek on what kext's are affected by using Pacifist.
  14. Shredplayer

    10.5.3 is here!

    fire up Software update > Update > Download only
  15. Retail DVD install + dsmos.kext