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    Mountain Lion on Asus UX32VD

    General installation tips http://www.insanelym...d/#entry1840046 http://www.insanelym...d/#entry1841249 http://www.insanelym...d/#entry1841654 Touchpad (not multitouch) http://www.insanelym...60#entry1855213 DSDT and stuff (got audio and battery reporting working with this, but make sure bios version is the correct one) http://www.insanelym...ods-tweaks-etc/ Wifi is a no go. Need to replace or find compatible usb stick.
  2. nhart you have sleep working? Mine doesn't sleep. If I close the lid fans still go full blast and when I open it again keyboard/trackpad/external mouse is dead and I have to power the computer off. (powerbutton works) And you have the ux31a not the ux32vd right? So these DSDT patches you guys are playing around with probably wouldn't work for me? Actually I tried the one you posted in the original post and it got audio up and running but it won't sleep. Oh and I'm on 10.8.0, not 10.8.2. Too scared to update afraid things would break.
  3. Got the solution in another topic. Simply delete the ApplePS2Trackpad.kext inside the ApplePS2Controller.kext/Contents/Plugins/ and touchpad will function.
  4. Already had VoodooPS2Controller, which I thought had better support than ApplePS2Controller? Well that didn't work, and neither did this unfortunately.
  5. Hey, progress! I noticed I had audio working, also battery icon. (forgot to tick the box in system settings to display it..) As for the touchpad it's still dead. Tried to unhide the platform kext and install with kext util but didn't help. Probably missing something?
  6. I tried to manually install them in S/L/E and repair permissions last night and that didn't work. I will try using Kext Utility but I doubt it will magically work, worth a try though. Update: Ok, tried the Kext Utility and still no touch.
  7. I have the UX32VD Zenbook, and can't get any life in the touchpad at all. Tried the above attached UX31A.zip and put the kexts in /Extra/Extensions, double checked they were owned by root:wheel and chmodded to 755. Reboot but nothing. Didn't get battery meter working either, I don't even know if it's just not reading my kexts at all from this place or I'm doing something wrong or they are just different from UX31 and UX32.. I have Chameleon installed and HD4000 is working, that goes from Boot.plist though.
  8. Still no working touchpad. Anyone can point me in the direction of a working kext for 64-bit ML?
  9. Alright I will look into getting that same card then if it works good. No I don't have sleep working yet unfortunately. I've disabled all powersaving features from system settings since I could not wake it back up after the screen goes blank so I kind of forgot about the issue. No audio because I will get a usb DAC which works ootb without installing drivers on both osx and windows and brings superior audio quality. (me = audio freak, not happy with sound quality of onboard chips) I have yet to fix the touchpad because I always bring my mouse but I probably should for portability. sleep+battery+powermanagment would be nice especially if you go somewhere, battery don't last long on OSX right now. But I'm almost always plugged in anyway so it's not a huge deal to me. wifi+sound is coming as soon as I get them delivered but the most important thing for me is that I can use XCode which I can without issues right now.
  10. How's that atheros card working out for you? You taped the connectors right? Doesn't sound reliable but I might be interested if it's working good. Right now wifi is the only major part not working for me (and brightness) note to self and others like me: finally got xcode up and running. Seems install failed earlier due to the bluetooth kexts we took out in order to boot without -x. Put 'em back temporarily, install, remove again and you have xcode. EDIT: Got my Airlink Nano USB adapter working (Ralink 2870) so I now have net. However, I can't scan networks with it and it somehow auto connected to something. Maybe an open wifi. EDIT: Haha, clock is always desynced, I didn't notice before but for each second there are two ticks.
  11. Just remove IOBluetoothFamily, IOBluetoothHID, GeForce, all NVDA* kexts from /S/L/E and copy all from /Extra/Extensions on USB-stick to /Extra/Extensions on drive and you should be able to boot without -x or special arguments. I'm having bit of an issue with the system. Can't login to App Store, I get "unknown error" signing in, also noticing stability issues while using net (easytether). Browsing works fine but for example all IM clients tested freeze up and needs to force close almost instantly. What I mostly need ML on my zenbook is for XCode though, in fact it's the only reason I need the system running. I was able to direct download xcode 4.4.1 from apple devsite so I didn't have to go through App Store. IT won't install, it errors out on something..
  12. Picked this machine up on friday, loving it so far. Huge thanks to zenlion for his efforts and detailed instructions, got this up and running in 1920x1080 in no-time. Few quick notes: Major issues: No audio (anyone had any luck here?) No display brightness and such, runs on lowest setting (would love to be able to change this) No touchpad (think I saw a kext mentioned in this thread.. I'll check when I get home from work) Minor issues: No battery% in menu, so also no low battery warning, machine will turn off without warning Also can't seem to wake it back up after display sleeps. I'm still rather amazed at how well it seems to run, just wish I could get audio and brightness going. Also anyone know of a compatible usb-stick for wifi? I don't mind a usb-solution. While tethering with android works it's a bit clunky and I don't like to always have to have my phone connected. I have a D-link DWA-160 around which actually has drivers available for OSX, but only up to 10.5.. so won't work
  13. Burbruee

    aMSN won't start on Zephy 10.5.2

    On XxX 10.5.6, aMSN worked out of the box for me. Not sure which kernel I installed. I just know it was AMD compatible.
  14. Thanks a lot, that's exactly the problem I was having. (and so far the only one) I spent all evening trying different kernels on my AMD system but only the Voodoo one appeared to boot to the desktop. (and also, I've _never_ had a osx86 system boot this fast before) Now let's reboot and hope I don't get kernel panics when mounting dmg! This looks like a really great one, thanks XxX and all others involved, now I'm ready for iLife 09. (which requires 10.5.6)