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  1. awesomo

    MSI Wind Wireless

    thats really weird and awesome!!!! maybe because it's too compatible.
  2. LOL definitely should be worried the tanks are invisible... oh and they're in the other georgia not in the Us hahahah :D :|
  3. b.b. king the guys like 92 but he's still got soul!
  4. awesomo

    Brokenstones is back!

    yah it lost all it's torrents though still just go to brokenstones.me
  5. do they have fios on the west coast???
  6. awesomo

    Mac randomly turning on?

    call is the only solution. sounds like a hardware problem..... also dude thats awesome i'd keep it like that. u and ur friends could make bets on when it would turn on. it would be sweet
  7. awesomo

    What's on your Dock?

    yeah ur right.... but i don't like setting up stacks don't know why. just don't think it's worth it. i have no problems with a big dock
  8. awesomo

    Need help

    well take something like acronis or even a windows install disk and format the drive as fat 32. once u boot into the install disk or acronis u'll see.
  9. understood but i heard it was recently declared illegal. does that mean there is an end in sight?
  10. it's don't code or design graphics for money it's just for fun it's a hobby. the scene won't die!!!
  11. awesomo

    Need help

    i would try deleting the drive completely reformatting in something out of hiren's boot cd then boot back into kalyway