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  1. i get the same, i have an asus monitor, but its not from sleep, it happens just after leaving my monitor off for a while and coming back to it, VERY randomly, most times it doesnt happen, but once in a while it does, changing inputs typically resolves it
  2. i have everything set as ahci, what i did was go into my bios make OSX disk my 1st read HDD. install OSX and Chameleon 3. then go back into BIOS set windows drive as 1st read. install windows 7 or whatever windows. then go back to bios, set OSX as first read, and chameleon can go between either drive flawlessly
  3. i have a similar setup with 2 dedicated HDD's. what i did was installed snow leopard with the bios detecting it as the first read drive, then installed win 7 with the bios seeing that drive as first read, afterwards, set it back to snow leopard drive and voila! chameleon rc3 loads win7 and sno leo perfectly
  4. pbnj

    10.6.1 is out!

    just updated my universal snow osx through system update, all is fine
  5. got it all up and running now, plus it boots into my win7 drive as well!!! great stuff here
  6. I installed this, and now my network connection is deceased? Any ideas?
  7. running a P5Q-E, had installed iatkos7 on it orginally, had all the ide kext installed, ran beautifully... however when i copy them to this system, boot stops and repeats "ioatacontroller device blocking bus" and i cannot figure this out. thanks
  8. pbnj

    Snow Leopard on Asus P5Q

    ive installed SL on my p5q-e, lan, time machine, ect. all working. however... icant get my system to see IDE drives? when i install the kexts i used in leo 10.5.8 it hangs on boot, says "ioatacontroller device blocking bus" and loops forever
  9. pbnj

    iATKOS v2.0i

    i recently installed 2.0 and it work GREAT, thank you for this awesome release
  10. i didnt even know about all these other variations, but i nstalled iATKOS 2.0 and it works like a charm
  11. Current OS X Version: iATKOS 2.0 / 10.5.2 Desktop/Laptop? Prebuilt? no Does EFI and/or the Vanilla kernel work? (unknown) Motherboard Manufacturer:Asus Motherboard Model:p5k-e deluxe Chipset: BIOS Version: Stock BIOS setup options: (SATA and JMicron should be set as "AHCI") Audio: Works out of the box? Yes LAN: Works out of the box? Yes WiFi: can connect, but immediately disconnects before allowing me to open safari SATA & IDE: Works out of the box? Yes Processor Processor Model:Intel Pentium D Cpu Speed:3.01 GHz Recognized as what in System Profiler:Intel® Pentium® D CPU Video Card What type of card (PCI Express/AGP/Integrated): NVIDIA/ATI/Intel? NVIDIA Model: GeForce 8500 GT Memory: 512mb Board Manufacturer: Verto Patches used: Unknown QE/CI: Yes/Yes All resolutions available? Yes