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10.5.2 Users: Bring Back Translucent Menus!

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When we all updated our computers to 10.5.2, that update we were all waiting for, something terrible happened. The translucent menus that we once used to enjoy went away, we only heard of them when old parents told their kids about the "old times." But no more! Someone over at MacRumors has discovered that if you replace some of the files in your System folder, you can actually bring the translucent menus back to all your apps.


Below is a "pics or it didn't happen moment." The link to the guide is below that. Warning: the guide requires you to use Terminal to set permissions, but I'm sure you can use an app like Fugu to edit the permissions without Terminal.

Thanks Carbon!





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It would be better if Apple sent a nice little update out, i dunno, maybe 10.5.3 and added the use of a slider so we can individually control the amount of translucency...


Think Mark

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I tried here, but not as I expected and not so transparent as we can have on 10.5.1 previously.

Edit: It was my dumb wallpaper, lol.


and I haven't unsupported gfx to use translucent menubar, so I really need silk to use this.


those files just killed the "silk trick" and my menu is opaque again. So if do you use this and have to make silk trick to have the translucent menubar, beware before using and aways have a backup of the original files to restore.


but yeah, works for everyone :censored2:

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It worked, but it also disabled the ability to toggle the translucency of the menu bar! :D Deal breaker for me. My original files are back in place. Whew!


Maybe by some way these files control the whole translucent/transparent stuff on leopard? as I posted here its broken with my "silk trick".


Also this could be a know issue by apple?


well lets wait for 10.5.3 or you could test this with silk installed? (you can turn on or off the translucent menubar under silk by ennable or disable a "magic feature" on the options).




Maybe this a chance to have fast translucent menubar switch + transparent menus :D

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