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  1. Hi, In my log, the following warnings keep popping up: 26-07-09 15:21:27 mDNSResponder[46] mDNSPlatformRawTime: last_mach_absolute_time D37D9291000009A2 26-07-09 15:21:27 mDNSResponder[46] mDNSPlatformRawTime: this_mach_absolute_time D37BCED1000009A2 26-07-09 15:21:45 mDNSResponder[46] mDNSPlatformRawTime: last_mach_absolute_time 04657E95000009A7 26-07-09 15:21:45 mDNSResponder[46] mDNSPlatformRawTime: this_mach_absolute_time 0463DA5E000009A7 26-07-09 15:21:59 mDNSResponder[46] mDNSPlatformRawTime: last_mach_absolute_time 5DABAA55000009AA 26-07-09 15:21:59 mDNSResponder[46] mDNSPlatformRawTime: this_mach_absolute_time 5DAA0219000009AA 26-07-09 15:22:06 mDNSResponder[46] mDNSPlatformRawTime: last_mach_absolute_time E80FDF95000009AB 26-07-09 15:22:06 mDNSResponder[46] mDNSPlatformRawTime: this_mach_absolute_time E80E25A2000009AB 26-07-09 15:22:17 mDNSResponder[46] mDNSPlatformRawTime: last_mach_absolute_time 8E8C135B000009AE 26-07-09 15:22:17 mDNSResponder[46] mDNSPlatformRawTime: this_mach_absolute_time 8E8A2702000009AE 26-07-09 15:22:21 mDNSResponder[46] mDNSPlatformRawTime: last_mach_absolute_time 66259623000009AF 26-07-09 15:22:21 mDNSResponder[46] mDNSPlatformRawTime: this_mach_absolute_time 6623C3EB000009AF 26-07-09 15:22:24 mDNSResponder[46] mDNSPlatformRawTime: last_mach_absolute_time 18F6FE97000009B0 26-07-09 15:22:24 mDNSResponder[46] mDNSPlatformRawTime: this_mach_absolute_time 18F59614000009B0 26-07-09 15:22:35 mDNSResponder[46] mDNSPlatformRawTime: last_mach_absolute_time BF6E332E000009B2 26-07-09 15:22:35 mDNSResponder[46] mDNSPlatformRawTime: this_mach_absolute_time BF6CAB84000009B2 I also suspect these to be related to the UI of some programs (most notably iTunes) not to "refresh" without clicking the app. For example: the song progress indcator in iTunes will not move unless / ontil I click the iTunes widnow. Then, it jumps to the current posititon, and stops again. The visualization (cmd + t) doesn't work, either. It worked before on a diffirent install. This is iPC X86 10.5.6 (updated to 10.5.7. Maybe it's related to AppleACPIPlatform.kext, System.kext ? If anyone can help me out: please let me know.
  2. Hi, I keep reading about people having succesfully installed iPC on their SSE2 machine, but when I pop in the DVD it kernel panics right away. I'm trying this on a Pentium 4 3,0GHz with SSE2 capability. I have experience with OSx86, been running it on my C2D ThinkPad for about a year now, so I know my way around. I've already tried these boot flags (in various combinations) to boot the DVD but no luck: cpus=1 -v -s -f -x platform=ACPI Any suggestions?
  3. Updating a Pentium 4 from 10.5.0 to 10.5.5

    Anyone? How I update a non-EFI machine using the combo update pkg?
  4. Hi, After running Leopard on my Thinkpad for a year, I decided to install it on my Pentium 4 desktop PC. Now, everything works almost out of the box: graphics, audio, ethernet, and so on. I used ToH's install disk. I now want to update to 10.5.5. I tried once this morning, and I backed-up these files: mach_kernel AppleSMBIOS.kext AppleACPIPlatform.kext System.kext And restored them after the update (combo update pkg). I used netkas' method for the installation, except I removed the line "kextload dsmos.kext" from the /Scripts/1 file. After that, upon reboot, it would stall somewhere. Should this have worked? Anything I forgot? Oh, and does it make sense to install PC_EFI on this machine, with a hacked kernel? Thanks! Should this have worked? Did I forget any files?
  5. I installed the new bootloader as follows: sudo -s rm /boot cp /Users/****/Downloads/boot / Rebooted, works. Quick sleep works, as before. Deep sleep also works (hard drive busy before sleep), then turns off completely (as expected). However, on next boot, it does not load the sleep image but simply boots the OS. Does this mean I need to do that DSDT hack using the patcher? Using 10.5.5 on a Thinkpad, with EFI v9 (now). Thanks!
  6. 10.5.5 update?

    Looking into the package using Pacifist, I see the following kexts that MIGHT cause problems: AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext (this is the one we deleted using the Netkas method for 10.5.3) System.kext I'm curious if these were removed before rebooting for those that managed to update. Please let us know.
  7. 10.5.5 update?

    Trough Software Update?