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  1. This is great News. Can't wait to see the GTX1060 fully supported.
  2. ~anima

    PC update

    Man Lordi weißte nicht das hier alle fragen ernst sind?! OnTopic: nichts, sollte wunderbar funktionieren wenn die 7XX GTX Karten unterstützt werden.
  3. ~anima

    Clover General discussion

    Did you put the FakeSMC.kext to the EFI/kext folder or to /System/Library/Extensions? For me it only works when put in /S/L/E. Don't forget to boot without caches.
  4. ~anima

    Clover General discussion

    Cool thx. Someone should update the instructions thread as this bit seems quite missable in the changelogs (read them for every commit and probably missed that part)
  5. ~anima

    Clover General discussion

    Hi there, I recently updated to Clover rL970 and it works great on my non-efi machine. Don't need DSDT, just Clover and 5 kexts to get everything working. I went from 952 to 970 and strangely the option "HideAllUEFI"=No in the config.plist doesn't work anymore. I've tested every other option like HideAllRecovery, HideAllWindows and so on and they work and hide the correct partitions. Did someone else notice this too? Peace
  6. ~anima

    Need a sub 100$ card for Giga P55

    I'd say get a GT640 or GTX650 if you find one in budget like the zotac gtx650 which often goes for under 100€ around here. Both are quite capable of doing acceptable graphics performance on recent games and cuda. I'm thinking about ditching me 9800Gtx for a gtx650 (65W tdp) as the performance is almost the same.
  7. ~anima

    Natively compatible video card

    Probably not natively but will work with GraphicsEnabler=yes as proven many times