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  1. That means, for raid user, we have to wait for the new fix?
  2. muitommy

    Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    Any change to add support for boot helper partition, same set up like EFI partition for software raid install, which is locate mostly at diskXs3. thanks for this great tools anyway!
  3. @Macmodifier Afaik, what a patched AppleRTC.kext does is only prevent your cmos from being reset, which have nothing to do with the ability of your system to sleep. You should have a proper dsdt & AppleIntelCPUManagement.kext to sleep properly, this is the least requirement. Sure you can go with the sleep enabler method.
  4. For the error above, I guess you much touch a wrong directory, please check your path. the guide is alright, though i have already done that. but the legacyhda don't seem to work well in S/L/E. that's the downside.
  5. muitommy

    ULTIMATIVE wakeup the Lion from sleep topic

    Just the ordinary one for my board, it's really common. It just works, without any enabler, and with appleintelcpumanagement for sure. I have to click twice to wake up my computer though.
  6. hey guys, I'm now at 10.7.1, I have installed all the kexts and it just didn't work. Prior to 10.7.0, it worked. Due to some raid0 issue, i have to move all the kext into S/L/E now. But I don't think it's the reason they don't work. Here is the kext I have installed: Jmicron36xata, jmicron36xsata, jmicron36xesata.kext jmicronata.kext; ahciportinjector.kext, ioahciblockstorageinjector.kext I have no idea now thanks.
  7. hey blackosx, I struggle a lot for the headphone and hesitate from updating. cparm method just didn't tackle the prob of output at all, i really have a hard time to testing this out, reboot and reboot ..... but right now, it's good. safari is just blinking fast! i hope it works well, so i can drop chrome. Safari is still the perfect match with mac.
  8. Report for reference: After 1 day of trying, my lion is finally up. Now it's running in a raid install, superb fast! Some info for ALC888 user: 1. dsdt seems not a must for the sound (i'm using catri bios, not sure if it's related) all i need to do is patch the applehda according to blackosx's link which link to cparm's method. There is a deficient of this method, which is no headphone support, all appear to be line out. Oh but hang on, I remove the legacyhda from the S/L/E, and use the legacyhda provided by targua dropping it in E/E, and now it works with speaker + line out + headphone + digital out. I'm happy now, I attached my legacyhda for others' convenience. LegacyHDA.kext.zip
  9. Have anyone know how to modify the layout of the sound in Lion? Mine is ALC888, the sound is up with speaker and optical out, but I need the headphone out, which is missing. I'm using dsdt+layout.xml in applehda+legacyhda for making it work. The legacyhda i used is the same one as in the snow leopard, but it just behaves differently, only gives me speaker, optical and line out. But i can see that applehda.kext is correctly loaded in the system proflier. (i'm not sure if it can say to be correctly loaded.) please share some! p.s. i have tried the applehda.kext provided by the russian site, no go.
  10. I have installed a lion GM fresh install and I can say it's working really great! A lot responsive. Haven't yet try to install it on my main install, few issues need to be sorted out: - Not sure how it works on raid install (i suppose it's okay as long as chameleon supports it) - the audio layout in lion, mine is ALC888, i used the cparm's method, but can't get the same layout as I did in SL, that utilize all the front panel and digital audio. - my Qnap server hasn't updated to support time machine in lion. I will report the progress soon. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. hi blackosx, need some advice from you again. 1. I used enable dropssdt, generatecstates and generatepstates for my hack. No error message appears in kernel log, so i assume it's working fine now. But can I be sure? Any decent way to check if speedstep is really working from time to time? my mem detection is okay cus i can see that from "about my mac". p.s. Coolbook is not working for me. 2. i have download the truck of chameleon, how could i build it for usage in xcode?
  12. i just received a etrust 2400p mini dongle which uses a broadcom chip. plug and play the chip and it works correctly, including wake from sleep, connect the wireless keyboard and MM. but i just couldn't enable the gesture of my MM, the mouse preference panel is still the normal one after connecting. I have tried to connect it to my mba, and the gesture preference panel would show up correctly, what's wrong with my hackintosh?? The stats are listed below, can someone help? ***the problem have been fixed, it's the usboverdrive which stops my mm from working, now it's all good, perfecto!!! i have a CSR chip , try different methods, no way to get it work, neither wake from sleep nor gesture.
  13. hi blackosx, thanks for your continue update, that really help us a lot. a quick question, do i need to remake my dsdt.aml if i used cabire bios with sleep enabler? can they coexist? thanks.
  14. thanks FKA! the kext has the exact same id to my device, so i don't need the anything. I put the kext into E/E in EFI partition, but how could i make sure it's loaded? nothing changes since i put that in, is it still using the previous drivers? cus the wake from sleep option still greys out and gesture in magic mouse don't work. the id is still the same.