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  1. GTX 650 TI not completely recognized

    I reinstalled OS X and my boot settings were the following: GraphicsEnabler=No EthernetBuiltIn=Yes I got 10.9.4 installed and it boots up just fine. It seems if I boot with PciRoot=1, then the display turns off. Running MyHack then afterwards removes the 3 problem extensions for me. I also updated Chameleon and Generated the smbios using these tools: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/59-chameleon-22-svn/ http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/257464-chameleon-wizard-utility-for-chameleon/
  2. GTX 650 TI not completely recognized

    I tried instaling a newer version of chameleon from here: http://olarila.com/files/Bootloader/Chameleon/ But it still didn't detect it correctly. I read that there was problems with 10.9.4 that 10.9.5 fixes with nvidia cards, so I will wait until then. The chameleon version I used originally was the one included in myhack 3.3.1, which is svn 2266 I believe.
  3. GTX 650 TI not completely recognized

    I am having the same issue. When GraphicsEnabler is set to No, then vram is picked up at 3 MB. But if GraphicsEnabler is set to Yes, then the card model is picked up and vram is shown as 0 MB. My card is a evga nvidia gtx 650 1 GB model. This was working with 10.9.2 and I updated to 10.9.4.
  4. where's the download for 2.5.5? I only see 2.5.4 for download. And the link on your website for 2.5.5 is a 404.
  5. This works for me under Lion too. Glad I found it.
  6. nForce LAN driver

    Tried out 0.64.6 and got this kernel panic when I was downloading a lot of data: So I went back to 0.64.5 and I haven't gotten a kernel panic since. I tested this on OS X Lion 10.7.0
  7. nForce LAN driver

    Try doing some network troubleshooting. Loading up a webpage is not network troubleshooting. Try the following: 1. Ping the ip address assigned to you 2. Ping the gateway assigned to you 3. Ping the dns servers assigned to you 4. Ping google.com 5. Do a nslookup on google.com and other domain names and see if dns is working We need to track the source of the problem and saying webpages don't load doesn't help much.
  8. NForce SATA Controller

    It's binary code. You can't merge binary code. The maintainer of the fixed nforce kext has to figure out how the previous author fixed the dvd/cd drive issue. That source code was never released, so put up with a broken cd/dvd drive for now.
  9. nForce LAN driver

    Oh ok. I misunderstood your query. I thought this was local copying of files, not network files. The only thing I can suggest is to try previous versions of the nforcelan kext and see what version it starts doing that on.
  10. nForce LAN driver

    If you loaded in the nforce driver that fixed the ability to read from dvd's that's why. The previous version with the fix for the 2 GB ram limit is what you should be using. But then you can't read dvd's. So pick one. Either have corrupted files and a dvd drive that works, or no corrupted files and don't have a dvd drive that works.
  11. NForce SATA Controller

    Known bug. It was fixed with a later version, but that version's source was never released. So the version you're using with the ram fix in it doesn't have the cd/dvd drive fix. Unless someone can figure out how to fix it like it was, you're gonna have to go without.
  12. Is there one of those for snow leopard? Leopard works fine for me with the x3100 kext. This is about Snow Leopard not working right with the x3100.
  13. If people with macbook's with the x3100 chipset are having this issue, its gotta be a driver issue. Looks like I gotta wait minimum until 10.6.3 comes out for it to be fixed.
  14. If I recall, no motherboard supports dsdt. They all have to have a dsdt file generated for them.