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Mac users' opinion on Hackintoshs

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I've had the iBook, have the MacBook and a iPhone 3GS, and plan to Hackintosh one of my PCs and build my own too. It's a thing only nerds can understand in my case, really. The fun of choosing your own components, putting it all together yourself, and installing OS X on something as powerful as a Mac Pro which you made for less than a grand :D


I'll probably buy the iSlate first, though, so this may be some time off... Ahh well, gives the i7 a chance to get cheaper :)

I am 23 and I remember in the mid 90s my family got our first computer, an IBM Aptiva. I got in trouble for taking it apart within our first month of owning it, lol. We had several PCs over the next few years. I was always really interested in Apple computers, the PowerMac G4 Cube was big for a while and I really wanted one, but it was financially out of reach for a 14 year old lol.


The first computer that I bought for myself was a Sony VAIO tower, I think it was around 600MHz and ran Windows Millennium Edition. I was excited about it but I still really wanted a Mac.


Then in 2005 I bought my first Mac, a final revision PowerBook G4, last one they made before the Intels rolled out.


I LOVED IT. Seriously at that point it completely changed how I looked at computers. It was just so right, so well engineered and packaged, so reliable and stable.


I recently sold that PowerBook after owning it for almost 5 years but I now own a 24" iMac, a 17" Intel iMac, a couple of Intel Mini's, a white MacBook, a G4 eMac, and I recently sold my 20" iMac to build the Hackintosh I am posting from.


I won't try to defend Apple's high system prices or their "proprietary" software but I will say that they make (IMHO) an excellent product.


That said I sort of look at Apple products like BMWs. A BMW is a car, it gets you from point A to point B, but people are willing to spend more money on them because of their build quality, their performance, their look, and sadly some people buy them for the 'status'. Such is the situation with most luxury brands and products. These are all the reasons (minus the status part lol) that I buy Apple products. But there is a segment of BMW owners who like to transplant new motors into older BMW models, who like to transplant BMW motors into other cars, and who like to put other manufacturers motors and supporting components into BMWs. And ALOT of BMW 'purists' take offense to that, but honestly we all pay for what we own, computers, cars, etc. It is ours to build, modify, and use how we like.


And if I decide to build a computer the way I want it built, running the OS(s) that I want to run, who is anyone else to critique my reasoning?


Apple, like any other company, is in business to make money, I respect that and I don't begrudge them for it. And I am a person, like any other person, who wants the most value for my dollar, and hopefully they don't begrudge me for it :D


Do what works for you and don't hate on others for doing what works for them!



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I don't really care about Whether it's run on a PC or a Mac, what does it matter?

Why would you care really? I tried to run Leopard on my old Acer but couldn't manage

it, i gave up and now i have a MB PRO i prefer running Snow Leo on a Mac because you

get the extra features like the multi touch trackpad but i would still run a hackintosh if

i couldn't have my Mac

I think a lot of apple users are pissed off because they paid so much for their Mac.. And we paid less than half and can do the same thing.. Plus I feel better owning my Hackintosh cuz I actually had to work for it.lol. I think half the fun was just getting it to work and configuring all the drivers and everything. My friend has a macbook, and he actually is the one that got me to try it. He thinks its awesome that I was able to put it on my PC.. He sarcastically gives me {censored} for it, but overall he could care less.. ALSO. I have another friend with a Macbook pro, and she just got a new HP for christmas and wants me to put OSX on it. So.. Basically it comes down to, some people hate it for their own stupid reasons, some people dont care, some people think it's awesome. I could give a {censored} less cuz I'm still gonna do it.lol. Personally if I had a mac and learned about Hackintoshes, I would probably buy a PC just to do it myself.. But thats just the kinda person I am.. I am currently triple booting between Windows 7, Ubuntu 10.4 (Beta), and OSX 10.5.8. Just because I can. :) Sorry for the long rant..

I recently purchased a i7 - ex58 combo with some ram and stuff. Cost me EUR 750.00


I considered a little mac mini (over the iMac which would be a more reasonable choice), for the sole reason that I already have a stunning 24" monitor that I don't wanna part.


Anyway the thing here is that the mac mini costs exactly the same with my build, only it is 3 years behind in terms of hardware. Why on earth would one get the mini (or the iMac for that matter), when the hackintoshes have gscores in the low-mid 10k and one can always fall back to winblows if the siht hits the fan.


Ok, looks are important, ease of use is important (although with kakewalk this isn't much of an issue right now), but are these factors as important as to paying top dollar for equipment that under-performs compared to $150-worth i7's?

i ve had a powerbook for the last 5 years. i loved it but i do not want to spend another 2k for a new mac laptop. since the get/pay ratio is really just for people who have the money. i recently bought a new desktop pc and am currently trying to get OSX to run on it.... hope this works because i really the mac os

I am PC user for 12 years. Never been a mac user, since i could not afford one. I am poor. :D


I bumped thru some Hackintosh stuff on the web, and started Hackintoshing with whatever I have.


I have installed Jas's 10.4.8 on my 15" Asus notebook. Never was i have reach contenment. Artifacts on the ATI Radeon Vid Card. I have this cheap chinese branded 12" notebook, up to specs, installed iAtkos v7, updated to 10.5.8, replaced the HDD with an SSD. I have never been more happier than today.


But still in my mind, I have to own an MBP, if I have already have the money.

OSX is a well designed software for a specific hardware. The more I have tinkered with my Hack Book Pro (lol), the more I have been accustomed to using OSX.


I said to myself, I would never go back to using Windows personally again. It is miles apart. Even with the release of Win 7.


Hackintoshes are here to stay, Apple will never lose revenues, from hackintosh, maybe will lose some opportunities, but maybe not since, those people who have experienced OSX will tend to buy the "real" one.


It is free marketing strategy.




Apple benefits from the whole osx86 community imo.

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Guest M.Harley

LOL Well said.


Almost all Mac purists I've run into hate my Hackintosh system. They hate us because it brings to stark light how meaningless their closed platform is, and it reduces their beloved operating system to nothing more than a kickass BSD distro.


At least, that's my opinion. This post brought to you by a Hackintosh. :)

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Almost all Mac purists I've run into hate my Hackintosh system. They hate us because it brings to stark light how meaningless their closed platform is, and it reduces their beloved operating system to nothing more than a kickass BSD distro.


At least, that's my opinion. This post brought to you by a Hackintosh.  :P

LOL Well said.

Great speech. I feel the same way too. And I don't think you need to be flamed or ashamed to be free of using whatever OS you want.

My friend works at an Apple Store and just cannot say anything when he sees my laptop Hackintosh performing better with El Capitan and with more battery life than his shiny MacbookPro hahaha

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Hi all!


[Apologies for my verboseness.  TL;DR = orange. ]


<Red Herring>  I despise Windows; Microsoft genuinely does not understand the concept of a GUI.  (I have set out to make a list several times, but it would be a terribly big job!  [The core point is that a GUI OS actually behaves as though, for instance, a file *is* an object… as opposed to having a picture that works that way in some contexts.] )  Windows has a huge range of stupid annoyances.  (One example at hand is the Character Map tool.  One must use it to get, for instance, an ellipsis (e.g. here).  *After one has already found the desired character (which is stupidly difficult)*… it takes a further 6 or 8 actions to actually get one inserted into one’s text — *every time*).)  (I might mention that I have quickly developed a passionate hatred for Linux, now, too; it is like there is a law against anyone writing or distributing documentation, above the level of programmers’ notes.  (There is a fundamental distinction between *reference material* and *instructions*.) )  </Red Herring>  The point is that I would have just bought a PC with Windows, and not bothered with the Hackintosh routine, if the thing was not appallingly bad.  Actually, I might have anyway if it were not true that some of the particular issues would directly affect my work.  


My reason for liking Apple is (or has been) positive, though; the OS is brilliantly designed.  All that “just work”ing takes genius and hard work.  Compare networking settings in MacOS versus the Windows mess (which has not changed for many years (in spite of Apple’s example being there to copy)).  [in that instance, it looks as though they actually put hard work into making the Windows design a nasty mess — as in, I actually think they did.  I know they did with the registry.  …And don’t get me started on installing drivers for boot time; genuinely not a soul in the whole world actually knows where the drivers go to.]


Unfortunately, this is failing, on both the hardware and the software sides — the latter following the former by several years.  An example that springs to mind is that round white mouse with the tiny 2D scroll wheel — for AUD90, with a life-span of about 1 year!!  The core point, though, is expandability.  It is not just the glaring omission of *slots* (!!!)  [“No one could ever possibly need to add a peripheral, now that we have USB… no, USB2… no, USB3… no, Thunderbolt… no, Thunderblot2…!”]  — now in the Mac Pro as well (!!); my 2008 iMac (which died recently) went about 3/4 of its life with 50% more the maximum RAM than Apple crippled it to (i.e. failed to cripple) — being 4GB *in 2008*!!!!.  Its graphics card ran at 90°!… *all the time*!


The problem is that Apple has substituted pleasing visual design for actual functional design.  …And now they can not even do that; the new iMac is like a pregnant woman [no insult to the latter!]; it is 5mm thick at the edge, and more like 2" where it matters *and where you can not see it normally*; it is funny in a sad way.  There is also a groundswell against Apple's UI design.  


Recently, I was looking at getting a new computer.  The iMac that would do what I wanted would be AUD3200.  However, it is not simply about the price.  Yes, that machine does have only 4 or 8 GB RAM, and a 1TB HDD (admittedly with some flash memory), and a lesser CPU speed.  Yes, it does still cost less to get a PC with a proper amount of RAM, a proper amount of storage space, and (if you want it) a decent CPU.  (Actually, I ended up spending in that ballpark for my Hackintosh… although it does have 10x the disc space, 4x the RAM, half the heat and a proper graphics card.)


No; over and above that, it is just not what I want in a computer.  • I very strongly do want expansion slots; I am not stupid enough to think that certainly no new technology will be invented, in the next (say) four years, that could possibly be best installed inside to computer to which it belongs.   [You can not add USB2 capability via USB!]   (Now, I can not get that even by giving Apple (say) AUD6000!)  • I definitely do want to be able to install additional RAM and additional storage space (preferably without throwing away what I already have!) — not to mention that, today, buying 1TB drive instead of a 3TB one is outright stupid (in a machine that costs over AUD3000).  • I do not want to pay for a screen whose resolution is so high that (by definition) I can not see it… and that driven by a graphics card cut down as though for a laptop.  I do not want to have to connect every peripheral I do or will have… through a ThunderBolt port, via a AUD90 adapter cable.  • I positively do not want to have no visibly boundary around my screen content.  • I do not want to have to put up with a glossy screen instead of a matt one (noting that Apple has finally fixed this).  


Part of the problem is that Apple’s marketing strategy has persuaded everyone — including Apple — that a machine *is not an Apple*, that does not throw absolutely everything away, that might interfere with its physical visual design.  Again, even decent UI design has been a casualty of this evolution — what was once definitive of Apple.


I hate to think it, but… next time around, I might well just buy a PC; Apple might have fallen that far.



Not sure of the value in defining whether or not building a hackintosh is a good thing?

In my case originally it was a cost issue, but I had never owned a Mac.

After building a hackintosh I learn't a great deal about the Apple operating system. I can't over emphasise the value in that.

That said My next laptop will be a MacBook Pro and I would never have considered such a high cost item without having first converting a PC to OSX



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