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  1. honestly i think this forum is a good thing. much information one can use. i am getting to know the whole hackintosh stuff for a year now. i think not everybody who seems to be posting is looking for an easy solution. i have been putting in weeks to get my todaies system where it is, but still if post a new threat it seems to be ignored. any ideas why? as far as the dying-thing, i think i am not in here for long enough to speak of the old days so i got no clue. over
  2. hi guys, i have some trouble installing snow leo with this guide: http://tonymacx86.bl...ac-os-x-on.html i cannot get past the apple screen... i attached some photos with the bootflag recommanded in the guide. maybe someone can help thanks in advance EDIT: forgot to change to ahci now i get an ebios read error after selecting and conforming to boot from retail dvd... anyone? EDIT: what do i do wrong that mostly no one matters to response anything? please
  3. Hi, two days ago i left my computer on (sleep mode not enabled cause it wont recover ). when i returned i saw the screensaver and got it back to work normally but quickly realized two things. expose did not work. dock did not show up (i have it hidden). and i could not mark and then drag and drop items in the finder.... even more weird and the desktop drag and drop seemed to work. furthermore when i drag something over a folder, the folder usally pops up and shows it contents. this does not work anymore. i started in safe mode and ran disk utility to repair permissions. i rebooted. all of a sudden yesterday i was able to mark and then drag and drop items again. although the not poping up folder issue persists. and occasionally expose work here and then. i have the middle mouse button (wheel) configured in expose as show desktop which works fine. just the active corners dont work. i just the middle mouse button to show the dock. when i press it and move the mouse over the bottom edge of the screen the dock appears. some ideas not having to reinstall my system would be great. btw ideneb 10.5.7 thanks in advance nobody any clue?
  4. AudioJunk

    installing os x?

    seems like no reply is coming up because your post sounds more than a story than a cry for help with the info needed not posted
  5. AudioJunk

    Possible Hackintosh System?

    sometimes hackintosh stays trial and error
  6. i have the same root device issue. just curious. ideneb 1.51 10.5.7 ist working nearly flawlessly. when i update to 5.8 though i get the issue my other installation stays intouched and still works fine. what do i not get?
  7. AudioJunk

    Failed installation iPC Leopard 10.5 .

    hi, your video does not provide very much info. nonetheless, did u try to boot with -x -v may that might help
  8. AudioJunk

    Time Machine issue

    hi, had 2 restore my complete HD from a TM backup, 2. I ran ideneb x5.7, tried 2 update 2 x5.8, but it didn't work. I tried 2 get this option working via the ideneb install cd 1.51 10.5.7 and 1.6 10.5.8 lite. Both hang up when I wanted 2 continue 2 go ahead 2 select the backup source. Simple clicking continue on the first screen failed. I am currently restoring my backup from an ideneb cd with v 10.5.3. Seems 2 work sofar.
  9. just wonderin why nobody cant help?
  10. AudioJunk

    grafik problem

    okay. die situation hat sich weiter entwickelt. mit evoenabler kann ich starten. allerdings nur einmal. ich muss bei jedem start den evoenabler wieder installieren damit er das naechste mal wieder startet
  11. Does really Nobody Know how to fix my issue?
  12. i dont know what u mean by model. thought all the needed specs would be in my sig.... i ll try to find some place to get EVOEnabler and check it out.... thank u for your support okay that seemed to be quicked and successful. i installed the kext successfull. i still have the vga cable plugged in. now i ll swap the dvi back in and c if it works. thanks a lot! now i got clear graphics thanks 2 verdant and the kext.... jiha hm... i dont know why. but after a restart the error is back again. tried to swap cable or hot swap. monitor gets no input again when i install the evoenabler again just my dvi port of the monitor seems to get input
  13. okay. tried it. problem still the same.
  14. Hi, just installed iDeneb 1.51 OS 10.5.7 the installation was fine. just a kernel panic on restart when the installation was finished. i guess that shouldnt be bothering me. the weird thing is on first boot everything works fine. i got the best solution possible from start up. system profiler recognizes my graphic card (QE seems to work). but when i reboot my monitor cannot find input. i can boot with flag -v -f -x.... question is how can i resolve this or find out whats worng exactly. thanks for any help in advance
  15. AudioJunk

    grafik problem

    moin, hab gerade iDeneb v1.51 insalliert. lief alles gut. beim restart gabs n kernel-panic. hat aber denke ich keine auswirkung auf die installtion, oder? so, dann wirds kurious. erster boot laeuft problemlos. nach dem neustart findet mein monitor aber kein signal mehr. habs mit boot flag -f -x -v ausprobiert. da ging es wieder. nun frage ich mich wie ich das problem vernuenftig ausfuendig machen bzw beseitigen kann. beim booten mit flag -v gibts denn gleichen fehler. mein monitor sucht vergeblich auf beiden inputs (analog und digital) nach input.... ach ja beim ersten booten lief laut system profiler die grafikkarte... hatte ich bei 10.5.6 nicht geschafft.