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  1. Install Mountain Lion with update

    nyolc8 - one question from my end: In order to upgrade to ML (rathen than install from scratch) do you need to upgrade via the in-OSX app or by the usb image? Thanks
  2. Highend gaming Hackintosh Hardware - Will this work?

    Theoretically it should. You'd better head over to the thread showing built systems and replicate the configuration.
  3. Well, my AppleID works for Appstore and of course iTunes. I haven't tested FaceTime because I don't have a cam. iCloud gives me the "This Apple ID is valid but is not an iCloud account." Don't know what to do
  4. Hi chaps, Been trying for a few days to get 10.7.2 to install but it's a no go. I get a KP while "moving files into place" during the installation. I haven't been able to get passed this KP. I am on a EX58-UD3R. I have edited the smbios.plist and have also tried using tonymac's DSDT for my mono but nothing works. If you have the same mono and can offer some assistance it would be fantastic.
  5. Selling my PC with OSX!

    Hello from Duesseldorf. On the basis of the compatibility of the parts and the fast CPU and RAM I would say ca. EUR1000,00 Unfortunatelly though, competition in the market is very tight and currently with 1000,00 one can get a super i7 with GTX5xx card, so if you want to mark it at a competitive price I would say ca. EUR600-700 tops.
  6. 10.7.1 forgot to delete Sleepenabler.kext prior to update

    Hello again, I tried booting with pmVersion=0 and -v but it still tries to load sleepenabler.kext and hangs, although it now happens much later, after it has loaded the nvidia and other kexts. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you in advance for helping me. This is the message I am getting after pmVersion=0 -v (and also -x) [sleepEnabler] disabled due to pmVersion=0 Kext.sk.triaxis.kext.SleepEnabler start failed (result 0x5) Kext.sk.triaxis.kext.SleepEnabler failed to load (0xdc008017) Edit: Deleted manual via Terminal
  7. 10.7.1 forgot to delete Sleepenabler.kext prior to update

    Thank you very much!
  8. Hi folks, This morning I downloaded and installed the latest Lion update (10.7.1) but I forgot to remove Sleepenabler.kext before the installation and now my hackbox kernel panics. There must be a way to delete the file without having to reformat and reinstall everything. Can you help me gain access to my files and delete the kext? Thank you in advance
  9. Basic guide about nVidia kexts

    Lion + GTX280 = no QE/CI Can you help me to get it to work please? Any ideas?
  10. GTX460 - No QE/CI in Lion GM

    Very interested in this - how do you check for QE/CI? I also have GraphicsEnabler set to "YES" and I too have all resolutions available. My card, GTX280, is recognised correctly by Lion. I personally used the good old method to check for hw acceleration (dropping a new widget in dashboard) but did not get the ripple effect. But maybe this has been changed?
  11. DLINK DWA 556 LION

    Hangten I have a small wifi usb stick which works well - but I dont get the AirPort icon on the menu bar. Thing is the stick is recognesed as "Belkin F5D7050" and not exactly as Airport so I guess that's why. Do you get the airport icon in your setup?
  12. Hi folks, Sorry for the stupid question but the dashboard adding widget does not work, I do not get the ripple effect. Overall the Lion interface is super fast for me. GTX280 is identified by the OS correctly. How can I check whether QE/CI is indeed active? Thanks in advance.
  13. Lion @ AppStore

  14. Kakewalk 4: Makes installing Lion a breeze