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  1. Question about GTX660M

    Thank you for all of your responses, and I apologize for posting here instead of the correct place.
  2. Question about GTX660M

    I have an Asus G75VW. I donated to iAtkos M solely because I'm too lazy to {censored} around with kexts and {censored} anymore.. I have had several fully working hackintoshes in the past, and I'm very close to this being fully working. I purchased an AR9285 wireless card off Amazon to replace my 9485 that's in here now. So now the only thing that I'm having issues with is my video card. It's the GTX660M with 2gb RAM. From what it looks like, some Macs come with the 660m, so I'm wondering why mine isn't working? I have to click the "disable nvidia" box during install to even get it to load into the OS. System Profiler shows the correct card, but only 3M of memory. I've tried the inject, and Web drivers. Nothing has worked.. Is there a solution or do I have to buy a 670m card? Thank you in advance for your help
  3. Is the GTX 660m working?

    I've been out of the game for a while, but I'm wanting to hackintosh my new laptop. Before I begin I was just wondering if I should bother. So yeah, are there any kexts for the GeForce GTX 660m?
  4. I've been out of the osx86 world for quite a while. It'll take me a bit to get back into the groove. Just wondering if, before I dive in, I should even waste my time. I have a Geforce 660m GTX, Atheros AR9485wb-eg wireless card (I also have a WUSB54GC, which I know works). I'm not honestly sure what my audio card is. All Everest tells me is nVidia unknown, and VIA unknown.. I do have device IDs though. Also has a 3rd gen i7 quad core. So, will I be able to find any decent working kexts or should I not bother and wait for a while? Thank you in advance!
  5. Radeon HD 6370

    Hey guys, I just got a new laptop, which means time to get back into the OSX86 thing. I've had it on both my previous laptops, and I've been searching for hardware issues with my new one, so I figured I'd just post a topic and see who responds. Has there been any luck with the Radeon 6370 switchable graphics thing? I couldn't find anything on it, I've seen like 2 people with my same laptop say they got booted into mac, but I can manage that, I just wanna know what kinda video issues I'm lookin at. I couldn't even watch VLC with my old laptop. I'd like to be able to do that.lol. Thanks in advance guys!
  6. Can I install Mac OS X on my PC? Please check this..

    You need to make it Fat32, Primary, and active. Then when you boot into the mac installation CD you go to Disk Utilities and change it to.. I think its either MacOS (Journaled) or HFS+ (Journaled). It's been a while since I've been to the installation.. but after that, it'll work.
  7. I'm a worthless noob.

    I had this problem the first time I tried installing OSX.. Turns out I hadnt made the partition active. I set it active and boom, it worked. I'm almost positive that's what my problem was.. Either that or I made it a logical partition and it was supposed to be a primary.. One of the two..lol. I know it had something to do with the way it was partitioned though!
  8. Natit Problem with DA HD 3650 DDR2 512MB 0x9589

    Did you clear your kextcache and repair permissions and everything?
  9. Remove OSX Kexts via Ubuntu? Possible?

    Excellent dude! I'll give that a try!
  10. Remove OSX Kexts via Ubuntu? Possible?

    So I was testing drivers for my HD3470, I managed to get full res, then I messed around some more and ended up restarting to a black screen.. Booting with -x did the same thing.. I am able to boot into Ubuntu but it won't allow me to delete anything off the mac partition.. Is there a way around this? I can also boot into Windows, but I highly doubt I can do anything through there.. I could boot from the install CD and do it but I figured I'd exhaust all other possibilities first..
  11. Now I have a problem..

    Good call dude... Thanks!
  12. Now I have a problem..

    I was playing around with some ATI drivers and loaded the wrong one apparently, so now after the apple loading screen, everything goes black. I tried booting into safe mode.. No dice.. Is there any way to get into my OS without completely re-installing??
  13. ATI Radeon HD3470. WORKS! ..However..

    I have full resolution changes up to 1200 X 800, but I have 1 problem and 1 question... Problem: My mouse changed from the happy little pointer to a big square of colored lines .... Is there a way to fix that..?? Also, How can I tell if I have full CE/QI activated?? Sorry. By mouse I mean cursor... And I meant QE/CI...lol. I'm sorry, My girlfriend just got me a pint of Captain Morgan........... But I still need help..lol
  14. Mac users' opinion on Hackintoshs

    I think a lot of apple users are pissed off because they paid so much for their Mac.. And we paid less than half and can do the same thing.. Plus I feel better owning my Hackintosh cuz I actually had to work for it.lol. I think half the fun was just getting it to work and configuring all the drivers and everything. My friend has a macbook, and he actually is the one that got me to try it. He thinks its awesome that I was able to put it on my PC.. He sarcastically gives me {censored} for it, but overall he could care less.. ALSO. I have another friend with a Macbook pro, and she just got a new HP for christmas and wants me to put OSX on it. So.. Basically it comes down to, some people hate it for their own stupid reasons, some people dont care, some people think it's awesome. I could give a {censored} less cuz I'm still gonna do it.lol. Personally if I had a mac and learned about Hackintoshes, I would probably buy a PC just to do it myself.. But thats just the kinda person I am.. I am currently triple booting between Windows 7, Ubuntu 10.4 (Beta), and OSX 10.5.8. Just because I can. Sorry for the long rant..
  15. Radeon Mobility 3470

    So I have the Mobility 3470, is there currently a fully functional kext for this yet? I am almost positive I had one a while ago that allowed me to change resolution and I KNOW I had HDMI output because I had it hooked to my HDTV.. I have searched the forums but can't seem to find one.. However in my inbox I have a kext for the X2000 that someone sent me and said it would work with the 3470.. I don't wanna try it again until I have confirmation though..