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  1. you can use scenario to run a script that shuts off your computer after a specified idle time if you cant get sleep to work.
  2. Mageia 3 released

    Haven't used it, but the screenshots look purdy. Still on the fence on the kde thing though...
  3. 3 of 4 computers in my house run snow leopard. The fourth runs linux... the beta 2 elementary
  4. New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    I am familiar with the work THeKiNG and meklort have done in the past, so I am extremely exited about this.
  5. Graphite G4 Replacement Grill Ideas

    MY FN G-D! I remember when you started down this path. Amazing. So many have got caught up in the g5 and pro case mods, and little is done anymore on these little gems. I love what you have done. Great job!
  6. elementary os

    I hear ya on the desktop thing. I'm not sure where I stand on it. I also like using my desktop when sorting through things... but hate hate hate having a cluttered mess (a place for everything; everything in its place) I do like the web browser BUT no flash video. I assume that's in the works. Love it though. Not at all clunky like I found Ubuntu.
  7. elementary os

    I am loving the new elementary os luna beta release. It is a nice looking streamlined ubuntu based os. I'm using it on an atom powered netbook and it is quite snappy. Some criticize it for being a "mac clone", but I disagree. Yes; it is definitely osx influenced but I still think it's great. Give it a try yall!
  8. dddirtmans builds

    touch screen cinema display? I love it!
  9. does anyone like gnome shell/ eg gnome 3

    I tried out debian wheezy recently and it used gnome 3.2. I liked it. I had to tweak it of course a bit to get it just so, but isn't that true of all desktop environments. In fact, if I hadn't finally figured out how to get snow leopard on my old laptop I'd be using it.
  10. PCLinuxOS

    Linux is great all around. Heck my daughter is still using ubuntu 10.10 without issue. She's five now. Some distros are more stable than others. I too am partial to debian.
  11. Scientific Linux, the great distribution with the wrong name

    I like it. There seems to be fewer rock solid distros these days.
  12. Hey Giuly, great work on the app. Works a treat, thankyou. One question though, is there some sort of way to save my settings? For instance, is there a way that upon login, can the app automatically start at the lowest clock setting?
  13. nx7400

    AND it works! Much love to Slice and his branch of chameleon bootloader. I've managed to get both cores running and no random freezes. Much love also goes to Bautzen. Using his dsdt for the nc6400 I've gotten c and p states working as well. Bautzen discusses all this here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=257627&hl=nc6400&fromsearch=1 Also, credit goes to Xistos for his dsdt edits.
  14. HP NC6400 + T7200 + DualCore fix

    May have got it. Will test more and report back later.
  15. nx7400

    Found the boot disk. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=186451 I would use the modded one that Al-Baby posted. BUT (there is always a but isn't there) I take no credit and make no claims that it will work. I have never used it. If you can use the disk to install your retail osx I would still configure it differently (diff chameleon, probably different kexts, probably different dsdt). Like I said, I have never used the disk, but as I understand it the configuration using that disk allows for operation using only one core. I have been using both cores on my Toshiba and the nx7400. So far the Toshiba I have been working on looks to be working. If so I'm pretty sure I can get the stubborn old nx7400 working without panic as well.