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  1. Farewell Revogirl.

    May you rest in peace and may your contributions to the community will not be forgotten.
  2. PowerMac G3 - my oldest mac before OSX.
  3. New InsanelyMac website!

    It is awesome... I really like, keep it up.
  4. Have you reset the PRAM or the NVRAM?
  5. The way I see it, the time will come that most softwares could be more affordable... thru the app store.
  6. Now I am hooked into Macs, that I keep on buying old PPC Macs and trying to breathe new life into it... it is fun! I am almost thru with my hack, nothing to improve anyore. PPC Macs posed new challenges for me, learning past hardware and it capabilities, maxing out everything.
  7. Microsoft Vs Apple

    I now can see the reason why apple is not shutting us down, because it is often hit and miss we crave for an almost system. And that is why I bought a PPC Mac. Maybe later on I will buy and Intel Mac, whatever it is, I am saving for it. It's because of that experience. I came from the Windows world, has built numberous systems and make it work. I am tired of making it work anymore, I just wanted it to work. This hackintosh thing started it as a hobby, trying to duplicate the experience I have during the time when my first touch a real mac many years ago. Now I am into it, bringing old macs back to life again just to understand fully what is behind this operating system and it relationship with the hardware. There is no perfect system, I am just looking for the system that just works for me. Fortunately I found it in Mac OS'es. And I am definitely not "stupid". Systems should deliver good experience not painful once.
  8. Help with Flash on Snow Leopard 10.6.6

    it is but naturally that OSX has some issues with flash, so don't expect too much...
  9. iATKOS v3

    it is your gfx card messing up and not compatible with the driver/extensions that is being loaded. Boot in safe mode and look for extensions that is compatible with your gfx card which is ati 4850. Or maybe you can try EFI strings on your com.apple.boot.plist...
  10. iATKOS v3

    Post your rig specs so others can look at it if it is compatible or not. Seems like your gfx card is causing it, I maybe wrong.
  11. Use iTunes account with a Hackintosh

    i have for a long time no virus scanner on my macs and my hack. i am too careful when i am installing things from the internet... i have an itunes account as well running on my hack.
  12. The first Mac you ever used.

    PowerMac G4 400MHz... my first Mac ever owned. First Mac ever touched and used G3 iMac Bondi...
  13. 10.6.6 released

    Updated just fine...
  14. what install disc are you using? a grey disc or a black disc? look for the black disc which is retail disc...
  15. LF: ATI Radeon 9700 Mac Edition

    Please close this thread, got the ATI Radeon 9700 Pro Mac Edition BTO card. Works great, QE/CI on my PowerMac G4...