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    Mac users' opinion on Hackintoshs

    I really want to support OSX development.. but since they have no plans to support anything else other than their own systems.. I think I will just play around with it and ditch. I mean.. there are applications I use that are Windows only.. it'll be hard to switch unless they come in Mac editions later. In a way, compatibility is sometimes as bad as Linux . I think even printer choice is limited.. I'm not sure if I really want to invest in a Mac.. because more often than not.. I wonder what I am paying for more.. the name? or the molded plastic? what's in it for me other than the awesome OS it comes with?.. then again.. the same can be said about some Dell computers. Of course, there are exceptions.. like the Mac mini.. or iTV.. you can't build anything near that size using custom pc parts.. and they suck so little power. So if it has to be a Mac, I might give those two a shot. It is at this point in time where you wonder.. where are the custom laptop pc parts? mobile cpus, mobile mobos, mobile gpus?? Thanks for all your positive replies. Now I won't feel that bad about building a hackintosh.. or hell.. maybe even trying a mac keyboard on a pc. Basically, the guy likes anything apple.. if it's made by anything else.. it's "ghetto". Dell? "Ghetto + Ugly" HP? "Ghetto" Anything that's not an iphone, itouch or nano? "Ghetto" I don't know.. perhaps I am better off not talking to him about computer stuff anymore.
  2. syruppie

    Mac users' opinion on Hackintoshs

    See that answer I like.. Wonder if most mac users are like you.. that would prove him wrong I don't think I will purchase a Mac tho.. I only wanted to play around with the OS like I do with Ubuntu or PCLinuxOS.. and I get insulted for it
  3. Wow.. I got into a heated debate with my buddy last night. It all started out with me complementing how beautiful the new mac keyboard is from this picture of someone using it with his "PC". to his statement of hackintoshes are "ghetto".. Direct Quotes: Is this really how Mac users feel? I was going to install MAC OSX on my pc for fun.. but am I supposed to feel ashamed of it? But it's also true I can't afford a mac because I can't justifying spending 2,800 bucks for the same gear I can get for 1,500. So any comments on this are definitely welcome.