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Things Every Mac Owner Should Know

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Big Kahuna is this what you're looking for?




That looks like it!! :offtopic: If you go into an Apple Store, they have that in the middle of the screen, so you can easily access Concierge, News & Events, Shopping the retail store online, and ... and.. something else


it's pretty slick.



Okay, next task.. does iCal allow me to show a calendar on the desktop??? like as my wallpaper?

The vast majority of Mac notebooks have the keyboard touching the screen somehow, leaving regular shiny marks on matte screens and crud on glossy ones over time. If this concerns you, you might want to consider getting some sort of soft cloth to protect your screen (and maybe even wipe it).

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in finder YES,

but what's about iTunes? or Exel ? or any other app?


Just click and hold you mouse over the name for like a second. Or in iTunes for more advanced editing, hit Cmd+I to bring up the Get info screen where you can edit the title and stuff.


Experimenting with this i found that if you hit Cmd+R with a song selected in iTunes, it reveals the file for that song in Finder!


Also, don't forget that Cmd+space to quickly access Spotlight, it makes searches so much faster!

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Guest bikedude880
How do I execute the 'spinning cube effect' and what is it useful for?


The spinning cube effect is used when "Fast switching" between user accounts. If you go to 'System Preferences' -> 'Users' and click on 'Logon Options' (I think) you can enable that option. It's usefulness? It just looks cool. :(

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I bought a mightymouse, how was I to know the darn thing would have only one clicker? I'm going to have to drill a few holes in it, i guess, to install some buttons and maybe route a slot on the top for a wheel. :P



haha silly rabbit, mighty mouse does have a right click button (well you just have to push on the right side), found this out by accident while i was at my local Fry's. but from the date of this post, i'm sure you've probably found out by now

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