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  1. iTunes 7.6.1 Released

    +1 updated and worx fine on my hack
  2. running tubgirl AMD Test 1 DVD, runs perfect *knocks on wood*, installed wireless card, used atheros driver, worked PERFECTLY for months. Today, i get home and i try to go online, nothing on my hackintosh or notebook. So i though maybe my isp is having problems, go into the garage finish working on the brakes. come back, still nothing. i cook dinner, go back, nothing. I run the network assist, even though i entered in all the information correctly manually, it was a just to see. I reset the router/modem, the notebook connects but my hack box doesnt. now i enter in the WPA password correctly, but it says it has a problem connecting, i retry several times with no luck. As i'm doing this i notice my system slowing down. i restart and everything works, except now my airport process is running at >85% (on an amd64 3200+ clocked to 2.4ghz) and is eating more than 1gb of ram. wtf? does anyone know why and how to fix this? i've restarted and shutdown the system several times with no luck Edit: Fixed it, just opened activity monitor, highlighted airport process, killed it, then went back and started it up again, reconnected, she's back to normal. But what i did notice while doing this, while i was entering in the WPA password, the name of the network scrolled across the top next to the airport icon, does anyone know of a way to keep it scrolling the whole time its connected?
  3. Atheros AR5005(G)

    ok, i've tried and tried, but everytime i kextload, it wont load. i've done the following steps over and over. it shows the permissions are correct before i try to load it, but when i press enter, it just takes me back to the same command line, nothing about successfully loading the kext. i'm stumped
  4. Current Updates - safe?

    i've got: Pro Application Support v. 4.0 iWeb Update v.1.1.1 Java for Mac OS X 10.4, Release 5 X11 Update for 2006 Airport Extreme Update 2007 - its been covered already Mac OS X Update (Intel) - probably not gonna install this one The one i'm really concerned about is the Java update.
  5. AMD Users

    i'm still running the 10.4.8 amd test 1 and havent encountered any set backs (beside the login screen, which doesnt bother me), but how much better is 10.4.9 than a working x.4.8?
  6. installing safari 3 leaves you unable to revert back to safari 2?
  7. can i see a show of hands who here is currently running ramm's safari 3? i would like to give it a try, but not if its gonna cause problems
  8. Your Greatest Photos

    are they required, even if i get more satisfaction out of manually focusing?
  9. Your Greatest Photos

    just got a different camera (wouldnt say new, its a Canon AE-1P). Just a couple of shots from my first couple of rolls of film. First time using film. need some practice, but may be close to getting a D40
  10. Geforce 6600 help

    i have the same problem and exact same card, although mine is pcix. Its not perfect, but i keep on truckin
  11. could someone point the way to the official "Safe Update" thread?
  12. my question is i was trying to use speech recognition to visit saved webpages. the problem comes after i confirm to make a page speakable, the page isnt being saved. i cant find it under speakable items or under safari in speakable applications. also, i was wondering if anyone could point me to a good link for making my own speech commands using apple scripts. thanx i also put this on an actual apple discussion board, but no one has replied yet. plus i think there are smarter brains over here
  13. Your Greatest Photos

    this first pic is one of my first and my fav picture i took with our camera we bought with only the intention of taking snap shots with. i've never taking pictures before, but now using the camera, the bug has bitten me and i'm looking to upgrade. coolpix L4 is what i'm using now and i also need to get a tripod so the pictures arent as blurry
  14. haha silly rabbit, mighty mouse does have a right click button (well you just have to push on the right side), found this out by accident while i was at my local Fry's. but from the date of this post, i'm sure you've probably found out by now