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Things Every Mac Owner Should Know

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The vast majority of Mac notebooks have the keyboard touching the screen somehow, leaving regular shiny marks on matte screens and crud on glossy ones over time. If this concerns you, you might want to consider getting some sort of soft cloth to protect your screen (and maybe even wipe it).


Scotch-Brite Electronics Cleaning cloth by 3M, works for my MBP

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Drag your /Applications folder to the dock, on the right-hand side of the divider. Then Click+hold the mouse button on it, or right-click, or Ctrl+click on it. BOOM. There's your programs list from the start menu.


Ctrl+Cmd+shift+4, then space bar, then click a window = screenshot of that window.


SPRING LOADED FOLDERS! This is neat. Drag something to your desktop as an example. Click+drag it and hold it over your hard drive's icon...hit the space bar, and that window opens. Hold the file over a folder and hit the space bar again. That folder opens. Repeat ad nauseum. You don't need to hit the space bar; it'll eventually do it by itself. You can adjust this delay from the preferences item under the Finder menu.

The official, from the Apple Macintosh Bible, book of Steve Jobs, chapter 19, verse 84:


The ten statements

1. "I am Steve Jobs, the one who brought you out of the land of Windows..." - This commandment is to believe in the existence of Jobs.

2. "You shall have no other operating systems besides Mine...Do not make a disc image or any likeness of what is in your system folder..."

3. "You shalt not register falsely your Mac OS installation..."

4. "Remember the clean desktop and to repair permissions" (the version in man pages mentions "Keep" rather than "Remember")

5. "Honor Mac OS 9 and NextSTEP, and remember that the new version is always better..."

6. "You shall not delete the Mac OS from you hard disk and replace it with another operating system." - The Microsoft translation makes a distinction between deleting and appending.

7. "You shall not download My developer releases unless you are a registered developer."

8. "You shall not install the Mac OS from a disc you did not buy." - Some translations include the phrase "pirates will burn in hell".

9. "You shall not be a member of the hacking community, nor shall you be involved with modifying My operating system to work on unclean hardware."

10. "You shall not covet new, unreleased versions of the operating system"




Ok, enough fun. Seriously, I think the like above contains a lot of good information for new Mac users. Especially the users comments added, as well.


someone is reading from a mistranslated holy book - #9 is horribly wrong


hacking is part of OS X - they even mention it on the website... stuff to do with "old school unix hacking" -- #9 should be "YOU SHALT NOT ILLEGALLY DOWNLOAD MY SOFTWARE"

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Since the top was taken to picking at posts, lol, thought i would have a go...

Pretty sure ts NeXTSTEP, or NextSTEP could be used, depends on what era your talking about. By the end of the prduct life, its name was NEXTSTEP, all in capitals.....


Think Mark


i seriously gotta stop {censored} using "........" all the time in my posts, its a freakin' habit now!

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