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  1. or solve the problem with a macbook
  2. Severnya

    MacBook Wireless Issues

    Dont worry about typing it up. I have my Linksys running on WPA2 and its been fine. It appears to be a WEP/Linksys issue. As long as it doesnt affect the laptops ability on public WiFi hotspots, I dont care. WEP is pants anyway
  3. Severnya

    MacBook Wireless Issues

    I tried to connect to another WRT54G running WEP64 encryption. Same issues with random disconnects. Very weird. The router isn't mine - so im not messing with FW etc, but its worth noting that the issue could be with WEP security. Anyone else using a linksys unit with WEP?
  4. Severnya

    iMac G4

    It will work fine, but i woild try for a PowerMac G4. It will have the abillity to bang some more HDD in it.
  5. Im sure we will see the new Airport base station supporting it. We will get a "firmware update" and 108mbps will be there.
  6. Severnya

    What Mac to Get?

    I think the MacBook is an awesome peice of kit for a student. Its got the simple HW that they need (course depending) and it looks swish in the Uni bar I think people that say "OS X isnt up to the mark" really havent looked at it. I am of the opinion that OS X is easier, faster, prettier, and generally more stabe than XP. I would always try and reckomend a Mac before a PC for this reason alone. If the sister is willing to go against the old mans wanting, she can get all the software she could want for OS X. Im sure she wouldnt be putting a legal copy of office on the PC so that can be arranged for the mac. MacBook is a great choice for the student. Tell her to dump XP and see the future. Hope she :pirate2:
  7. Severnya

    What Mac to Get?

    If you want Office and AIM, then a Mac has those natively. Howere, price is obv a issue, so buy a PC. Shame though.
  8. Your results in Photoshop will get worse on a new Intel machine. Photoshop isn't a Universal binary. Secondly, the "power" your used to on a PB will be dwarfed by the MacBook, the Pro just has a better GFX card. If your looking to get a big-ish screen, then go for the 17" - the MacBook is on 13.3 @ 1280x800 - The size in inches is almost irrelevant. I own the MB and I can tell you then its no harder to read than my older laptop's 15.4" screen. So, I would do as your friend said, use the money to get an external monitor and the MacBook.
  9. Severnya

    How accurate is Apple Shipping?

    Once it is "Shipped" expect a 1 week wait. Shipping usually happens 3 days after. then its a waiting period of about a week. (To the UK at least)
  10. No, I agree with you. You shouldnt HAVE to keep the CPU's from idleing. I would hold off untill apple release the new MacBook Pro range, and THEN complain If they have new stock which doesnt whine, then you should be entitled to have one.
  11. Severnya

    Things Every Mac Owner Should Know

    glossy ones are more resilient to cleaning products. Matt can absorbe the finger grease over time, so keep them clean. The glossy ones are less absorbant, so use some screen wipes every week or too.
  12. You can return anytime inside 1 year, the tech support part is for if you have problems doing stuff. Dont fret over it.
  13. I think that going to look in-shop is a good idea. In the UK we are limited for Apple stores (4 I think) but the US is more plentifull I love the MacBook, the smaller screen, weight, battery life are all top notch. For what I wanted - it covers all the bases. So I would say go with what you know. The pro isnt gonna be head over heals faster, so its a case of "do I want 13.3", 15.4" or 17" screen size" and "do I want white,black or silver" Thats how I see it.
  14. Severnya

    MacBook Wireless Issues

    Update: I fropped back to Linksys EU firmware and enabled WPA2 Personal ont he Wireless. This seems to be working fine! I think it was a router issue and not a macbook one Thanks for the advice all. Rich
  15. Hi all, I thought I would post to the board with my solution to any MacBook heat problems. I recently switched from MSN Messenger to AdiumX. My idle temp dropped by about 15C. So, should this mean that Rosetta is the one causing the issues? Anyway, just thought I would put the word out. Rich