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  1. BRP

    What gender are you?

    Dude, yer a dude. I move that they officially rename check boxes tickyboxes....
  2. BRP

    your opinion about Russia?

    As much as I really don't care for the Soviet Union, I want to own an old-school UAZ just for the hell of making people do a double take on the interstate.
  3. Well, to make a long story short, here's the way I think they're going about it: Transgaming and NVIDIA have a partnership, so that Transgaming gets better access to NVIDIA's hardware interface (and NVIDIA's end of the deal? Oh they just get more profit). What Transgaming has basically done so far is rewrite Direct3D's API so that it corresponds better to Linux- (Cedega) and Mac- (Cider) friendly paradigms, such as OpenGL. Access to this information will basically give them better implementations for NVIDIA graphics hardware, so that they go beyond simply "Direct3D to OpenGL translator" to being more like "Direct3D for Mac/Linux... oh, and OpenGL helps a little".
  4. BRP

    How to start xterm in MacOS X?

    It makes a little bit of sense... Admittedly I do have a bit of disdain for only being able to use X11 under OS X when you have a perfectly good windowing system sitting there wanting to be used (especially because GTK+ doesn't have good support for it and KDE4 isn't ready yet). I have no idea what the style of the program you're working with is like, but GLUT is supposed to be one of Apple's supported methods of using OpenGL....
  5. "You were the douchebag first, douchebag." Note the terseness of the phrase and how he trails off without backing himself up. A troll would be more inflammatory. A sarcastic person would overplay it. No, this is rather nonchalant but clearly a lie, and should not be meant to be taken as a serious point due to the fact that a simple statement like this is incapable of making it clear as to the poster's intention. But then: Whatever "telent" means. Then: Expressing doubt about whether Apple Freak was actually serious. Still neutral, though. Blam. You talk about "these anti-MS people" who never let "logic or facts get in their way", as if these people don't deserve any sort of respect, and like they would never read what you say (hey, in real life, do you go up talk trash about people ignoring the fact that they're there? I sure hope you don't, and if you do, remind me to never meet up with you.). That amounts to flaming in some circles, and hell, if I were eLMafUDD, I'd be a little embarassed to be addressed by you with such a statement. So to answer your question: "BRP, why would I believe that is a joke when it's quite the common theme around here?" I believe it's a joke and that you shouldn't be such a jackass (if you will please excuse my language) regardless of whether or not you think they are, especially when it's ambiguous. It's just good etiquette. (and now, back to your regularly scheduled on-topic discussion!)
  6. This is a long list, so please try not to be offended that it's a long reply or I cut out parts I have nothing to say about. "-adobe creative suite 2 sucks better on windows XP ( less ram better performance)" CS3 is coming soon. "-Macromedia Suite sucks on macs ( less ram better performance on windows)" They are "working on it". "-OCR nonexistent no native TWAIN support in Acrobat 8 or 7 need to hack plugin directory to get this *&^@*&^#@ to work on native mac hardware ( give me a break apple, 2 hours on the phone with apple to tell me what I already know apple are fraken (*(*& ) Use ReadIris Pro 11 or something else .. DO NOT use Omnipage X its absolute (*&(*&" OCR is for wimps! "-Voice Recognition haha whats that???? Macs?? Yeah right they have speech synthesis built in which was developed in the 1980’s. Ilisten is a joke. For Speech recognition use Dragaon Naturally speaking for windows By nuance or Via Voice 10 Pro older from 2003 ( a mac version existsnever tested it still inferior to naturally speaking)" LEARN2TYPE LOLOL0L (okay. well, the only thing I can say is that speech recognition is pretty spotty no matter what). "-PVR on Macs ?? whats that??? Mythtv Backend doesn’t work on Darwin properly because of lack of hardware. You could try plextor PX-TV402U and get it working like I have but its too much trouble decided to stick with a linux backend. Macs do have a frontend but its pointless better off with VLC or mythweb. Windows Vista is Windows media center which offers much better ease of use then mythtv and just works." This is mostly because Apple is pushing iTunes + ?tv (or Apple TV if that logo doesn't quite work for you) and most people working on hardware are working for either Windows or Linux. "-Task Autokill – doesn’t do it on macs automatically need to use ps –ax and kill pid or download application. Vista has it built in." For most intents and purposes, cmd-alt-esc is the key combo you want here. Very rarely do you actually need to kill a process that isn't a part of an app. "-Multiprocessor Support, macs support 2 linux support 16 + windows same story. Macs have a long way to go." In this aspect you are completely incorrect. In fact, Macs also distribute the load more naturally IMO (I believe in a manner similar to FreeBSD? Correct me if I'm wrong). Quad-core G5's have been around for a while, and Mac Pro is no slouch either. "-ACPI functionally and signaling on macs suck you can see it first hand on a hackintosh . Its even found on native mac hardware. Windows and Linux have the upper hand here aswell." No, I haven't seen what you're talking about. Under OS X on a native platform anyway. I've seen plenty of Windows and Linux boxes fail spectacularly with hibernation and such. "-Filesystem Macs have the upperhand I happen to like jornaled file system, but its been on unix and linux for years. Windows has a ways to go here. NTFS sucks. So does FAT16,32." An old quote about Unix: "Sure it corrupts your files, but look how fast it is!". Try to be fair, though. Unix was designed for time-sharing systems and it was only relatively recently that journalled filesystems became practical enough for personal computing (today's software on 10-year-old computers? okay, I'll buy that. 10-years-ago software on 5-years-older-than-that personal computers? no way.) And Windows always has this annoying thing called "backwards compatibility" they have to look out for. They were planning on revamping NTFS, but then relented partially because people in general were like "it works fine, why change it?". "-Wine/Crossover 6 sucks on Macs. Wine is a win32 api implementation that allows you to run native windows programs on macs or linux. Good luck trying to run anything well. Very very flaky." It works for a surprisingly high number of things. Games are a different question, but keep in mind that they tend to be among the more hacky and undocumented side of things anyways. Linux internals, on the other hand, have high transparency. This is why you can run coLinux. "-transcoding, encoding, DVD to xvid, divx 6 or graph manipulation, macs?? Hahhahahaha stick with Linux/windows for anything to do with transcoding. FFmpegX is there for mac os x but honestly it doesn’t offer the tool set that something like Super Video converter ( front end for ffmpeg) so its free and for windows.. or the linux tools available." I compile mplayer and ffmpeg from scratch under OS X on a regular basis. Enough said. The GUI's ain't there, but I prefer to do without anyway. "-Macs are memory and HD hogs, a typical install with adobe and macromedia is 25 GIGS my vista is only 15 gigs .. where is the extra 10Gigs from. Maybe because Apple makes you drag and drop buckets of useless libraries in your application folder??? Haha I think apple needs to start shipping their notebooks with 200GB HD’s as a start 80GB doesn’t do their bloated OS justice." This is where you are particularly shining in the realm of misinformation. First off, thanks to their architecture switch, they basically have to supply any code twice. Then you run into plenty of other problems; they have plenty of bundled functionality that doesn't come with Windows (in terms of sheer amounts; the potential is of course debatable). And then there comes the buzzword "bloated". I'll believe "bloat" when I see it. And you'll have to be pretty specific about why it's bloat, because just numbers don't cut it. "Windows 286-vista -everything works" No. I've been using Microsoft OSes for a long time now, and I can definitely tell you that despite the excellent overall job MS does, they failed to keep a lot of compatibility throughout the 1990's. "-lots of viruses" More than 99% of the existing computer viruses in fact. However, I've used Windows for many years and have never gotten a virus thanks to prudent computer use. "-somewhat bulky and slow if not maintained properly" Unless you are administrating a system, you should never have to "maintain" your operating system. Oh sure, there is keeping things up to date, but that's like how you don't keep using a dull knife if you can help it. Hell, I haven't formatted a Windows drive for "maintenance" since 1997. But that's because I learned early on that you don't just keep installing junk you don't use that the system does use. "-easily configurable" There are so many UI experts out there who would beg to differ. The only thing I can think of that comes to mind is that you have a half-coherent GUI (with plenty of tabs and a veritable "sea of dialogs") that give you lots of access to hardware info. Nothing learning to use Linux could fix for a Linux user, and not much more to get out of it than you need to compared to OS X's style (where configuration and information are also separated so you can reference stuff easily while you mess with it). "-Wealth of software and hardware all works out of the box." Wealth of software and hardware yes, works out of the box, no. "-universal platform for development and easy deployment" Look up "DLL Hell". It only took Microsoft several tries to come up with a reasonable solution for it. "Linux -Stable, efficient" VERY MUCH depends on what you're doing. And for stuff I do? Not very. "-Best for server apps" This post was brought to you by Linux, literally "-wealth of software" Depends on what you're doing. "- Best part Mostly FREE!!!" The software is 100% free. At least the way most people who personally use Linux do things. Corporate support is a different thing, of course. "... but honestly they all suck." I couldn't agree more. "Windows has by far the most productivity for desktop applications." I couldn't disagree more. "Macs with all the hype of coolness and slickness can be completely useless to some of us that actually have tasks that need to be done and little time to get them done. " In which case I would pick a Mac before I ever used Windows. That mostly has to do with your style of working in my opinion, though. "Yes if your using a word processor maybe a mac may be suitable for you." If all I needed was a word processor, I'd still be using a 486 and a copy of Word 95. "If your doing video manipulation or transcoding or any host of other tasks that lack mac functionality your stuck." Do you know what the movie industry generally uses? Macs. And transcoding? Not a problem for me at all. "I also find macs crash and burn just like they do in windows contrary to popular belief. PPC software on intel macs via their rosetta software is a good way to test your macs crashing abilities. " PPC software running on Intel Macs is one of the most amazing features of Tiger. It tends to work pretty damn well. I'll say it though: Windows 2000 and XP do not get enough credit when you consider how damn unstable the predecessors were. "General Protection Fault? What the !@#$ does that mean?!". But actually, I was amazed when I got 16 days uptime on my Mac the other day. I never leave a computer on that long (a good habit for most personal computers, really... I rarely had Windows 95 crash on me this way, and moreover, it saves power. More people should do it.). My Linux box isn't that stable, actually. "X11 on OSX has serious issues with GLX support a lot of GLX stuff doesnt render or just crashes on Mac. I have tested various mac builds along with my Macbook pro on native mac hard ware same story." What the heck were you doing with GLX? "Pc's are far better interms of control and usability from what I have seen and done.." Your idea of "control" and "usability" are apparently quite different from mine. "To end I would like to talk about viruses... Everyone keeps saying mac viruses what are they .. they dont exist.. but macs are a unified platform in many ways so it would be much easier to deploy viruses. Read http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/technology/arc...os_x_virus.html" I find the idea that OS X is basically virus-free merely because there are less of them absolutely ludicrous. That is merely one factor, but not the deciding one. The truth is, if Windows were a super-secure operating system, then there wouldn't be anywhere near as many viruses as there are (and probably less people running Mac OS or Linux!). Windows has lots of security think-os that have been mostly addressed with Vista. Among problems Microsoft brought upon its baby, Windows made it really easy to get at certain things you shouldn't really be able to get at (a lot of viruses and worms and stuff used to be written in VB, you know), and Windows utilized lots and lots of legacy code (buffer overflows and all... but much better practices at MS and the Vista re-write really helped fix this for the most part). OS X and Linux, on the other hand, are basically umpteenth-generation Unix clones, and the kinds of security problems in Unix have been studied for much longer, so they're better addressed and better understood. Plus, in the OSS and Mac community, news about serious security problems tends to get around. Not so for Windows until recently. " ... And get stuck with old dated software, bloated operating system." Most of my software is fresh new, and my OS is not bloated. Also, I use a lot of open-source software on my Mac. "Huge ram requirements. " I've run OS X.4 on a 10GB HD (or was it 6GB? I forget) and with only 160MB RAM on a G3 PowerBook. It felt great. "Have finder crash on you every once in a while. " I've had it happen to me like twice. Ever. It made the dock and desktop disapppear, and it restarted itself. I barely noticed, come to think of it. "Hope their new OS is a better that’s all I can say.. they are also bring out a PVR functionality which will most likely be a joke since all apple products including Ipods are locked to evil itunes and evil Quicktime libaries." Software isn't evil. People are. Oh, and so are computers
  7. BRP

    Windows is better than OS X?

    I think what GBX is talking about is using the computer to get the wireless connection and then using the computer as the Xbox's connection to the Internet.
  8. BRP

    too much orange? how about blue?

    "You can have any color you want, as long as it's black."
  9. I do believe Apple Freak's post is what they call a "joke", my dear chap.
  10. I'll admit it, I've gotten OS X to crash many many times, but I like how quickly it usually reboots. (I hate my PC because it sucks, not because it's a PC)
  11. BRP

    How to start xterm in MacOS X?

    First: If you set your DISPLAY variable correctly and X11 is open, you should be able to launch an xterm from Terminal.app Second: Why would you want to do this? I'm curious.
  12. BRP

    Linux Distro for Macbook Pro

    If you have a Core Duo MacBook, WiFi is supported by the madwifi drivers. If you have a Core 2 Duo MacBook, WiFi isn't supported just yet. You can bet your bottom dollar it'll be done at some point, but for now you'll either have to wait and do without, or use ndiswrapper with the Windows driver (which is buggy and I have seen it crash many a robust Linux box).
  13. BRP

    3D Destkop for OSX

    You don't need the source code for jack. OpenGL is the same base set of everything, barring extensions. What you need is some sort of access to manipulate window shape, movement, access, etc. For systems where X.org is the primary display system this is provided by AIGLX, Xgl, etc. which are extensions that allow managers like Compiz, Beryl, and Metisse to manage windows as OpenGL textures. In OS X, it's different and I don't know what the interface is, where to access it, or anything like that. It exists, of course (which is what things like Exposé utilize), and if I remember correctly Apple does use OpenGL as the way to pull it off. However, you'll likely have to find undocumented API hooks and such to get at it (which is how CGSSetWindowWarp was discovered. And by the way, that one simple function is still vastly underexploited. If I ever get any free time, I'd totally mess with it).
  14. BRP

    Apple's New Japanese Get a Mac ad.

    rough translation: "Hi, I'm a Mac." "And I'm a PC." "What's with that gear?" "There's a lot of viruses and spyware out there, so I've installed protection." "Mac OS is safe from that kind of things, so you don't have to worry." "Thanks, but I can handle it. Now, come out, come out, wherever you are!" ... "...oh, a virus." *scoot scoot* *hide* (and then I just realized my post count was 200)
  15. A "religionist" who isn't "mentally handicapped" wouldn't join the discussion, on grounds that they'd just get pissed off by people who are more stubborn than they are, and insist on making snide remarks to the effect that people who believe in God are retarded. Internet argument, special olympics, etc.