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  1. EP41-UD3L with 10.6

    +1 here I'm wondering wtf are people thinking when they upload files to their own soon-to-be-dead sites.
  2. Port Scans from insanelymac.com

    on or from port 80?
  3. Mihai, why the f*ck you're not using the search function? Are you lazy or just plain stupid? In your language: nu fii frate, roman. Lasa-ne sa credem ca nu avem idioti in si pe insanelymac. Boule!
  4. Error installing Parallels 4 on OSX86 PC

    @endafy: if you don't understand, why do you bother to reply? @Bobby: check in BIOS settings, maybe you have VT-x turned off (if you have such an option).
  5. Unibody Macbook Pro Memory issue

    Shows AND uses 3GB. Addressing space in 32-bit is 4GB, out of which some 100s of MBs are mapped in PCI I/O space.
  6. 2 AM boots...?

    There is a bug in the firmware that makes the mac to boot at 0:00 GMT. This solved the issue for me: sudo pmset schedule wakeorpoweron "03/31/49 06:00:00 GMT" "com.elgato.workaround"
  7. create the file /etc/fstab an put these line: LABEL=NOMOUNT1 /Volumes/NOMOUNT1 ntfs ro,noauto where NOMOUNT1 should be replaced with the name of your windows volume you should create/edit the /etc/fstab file as root: sudo su - (type your user password here) cat >>/etc/fstab (paste the line above) Ctrl-D reboot the machine and see if it is still mounted.
  8. Româna

    XP/Vista/Leopard se obtine cu bcdedit din vista si chain0 pentru leopard (cauta aici in site cu aceste cuvinte cheie si vei gasi mai multe solutii)
  9. iMac Core2Duo 2,4Ghz from January

    diafebus: can you explain how they changed everything except the graphic card? are those spanish guys of yours so good in desoldering/resoldering BGA chips?
  10. Unlocking a MBP

    and then how does windows xp see 512?
  11. darwin wont load up

    i had the same problem with o dell vostro 1400. the problem is located into your boot sector. dell media center writes a special boot sector and magic number to hack around 2 active boot partitions (one for vista and one for special media center) this boot sector is very messed up and darvin will stuck. rewrite boot sector and mbr with an lod school w98 and reinstall. everything will work just fine once you remove the dell boot sector info.
  12. Can linux source transform to xcode source?

    actually afaik, mac os has 802.1x authentication support. google for it.
  13. Mighty Wtf..

    or you can crack open it and wash out all the dirt on the scroll bale. i've done that three times already.
  14. Leopard 10.5.1 huge memory leak ?

    yeah, and check your swap space used
  15. Now they're gunning for the bay too!

    Are you on drugs? TBP is alive.