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10.4.9 Update - Common Questions and Answers


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1. Can I upgrade my PowerPC (G3/G4/G5) using software update?

-Yes of course, go for it.

2. Can I upgrade my Intel Macintosh using software update?

-Yes. There have been a few minor problem reports, but you own a real Mac. If you have a problem call tech support.

3. Can I upgrade my Intel Hackintosh using software update?

-Kind of....Kernalzero (and others) have been able to upgrade with software update but then there are several additional steps you need to take. Several package installers are being created, but right now this is all bleeding edge stuff. Don't attempt anything unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing. This is definitely not meant for newbies. See the bottom of this post for several different methods.

4. Can I upgrade my AMD Hackintosh?

-Possibly. Tubgirl has just posted her AMD Test 1 update on TPB. Remember that this is still bleeding edge and that this is a TEST release. I would suggest anyone who tries this be very comfortable with working in Terminal in case it messes something up on your system.


All that being said, let the developers and guru's here work out the kinks. Newb's and casual users should wait until custom installer packages are produced by the usual kernel god's. Above all else, BACKUP YOUR SYSTEM BEFORE YOU UPGRADE!!!


I hope this helps answer a few questions so people are not slamming the developers while they try to create packages for the rest of us.

Now that all that is clear...Here are some current installation methods:


1. Kernalzero's method using the Paulicat kernel*

2. Update hackintosh 10.4.8 to 10.4.9 (Intel SSE2/3) - Retains 8.8.1 kernel

3. Using the Loki updater (Intel only - See IRC channel for full details - Torrent on the Green Demon)

4. Installing 10.4.9 on a Thinkpad T43 (thanks to rathalos)

5. Updating to 10.4.9 on an AMD System (thanks to Tubgirl)


For the latest news on the development of the 10.4.9 kernel and other osx86 issues on IRC go to: irc.osx86.hu in channel #osx86


I will continue to update this with links to installation guides. Kernel and Developer guru's. If you discover a new method or build a new package and would like it included in this list, please just PM me with a link to the thread discussing your work.

*- Regarding the Kernalzero method, please see the below note from Kernalzero regarding credit for his method:

I was actually using paulicat's combo update method that he devised when the 10.4.8 combo was released. I simply used that method for 10.4.9 using prasys kernel script (the kernel was actually hacked by semthex) to update. I hope that clears it up, I just want those who did the work to get the credit ;-) take care pm me with questions

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There are many improvements to OS X over all. It definitely is worth upgrading once the guru's get the major kinks worked out. In the meantime sit and wait patiently. I know development of 10.4.9 on Hackintoshes are moving at a frantic pace. It should not be too much longer until those who have a fully functional 10.4.8 will be able to upgrade.

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I got AMD update from TPB (tubgrl). Run it...

Before reboot i re-added my NVIDIA device ids to NV kexts then i rebooted.

Just to be sure i started in -s and run the patcher with amd_1049_new.txt (included in pkg) updated prebindings.

On reboot it started normaly and the only thing needs to change is kernel (now still 8.8.1)


Only thing that doesnt work now is "About this mac" in menu... everything else works ok and i have 10.4.9 on AMD :(

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coolbits, i patched newer loginwindow for amd currently myzar uses older one, and if ur about this mac crashes, get netkas's loginwindow and patch them

That worked great thanks :) its all perfect again, i only need to drop a new kernel in when its ready...

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Hey errandwolfe, thanks for the Q&A. Check out this post by xevean regarding the AMD tubgril test:




...haven't tried it for myself yet, but it looks promising. Also, this was just posted today by netkas (for AMD & Intel users):




I'm just re-iterating posts from other threads (credit goes to the respective posters), but I'm trying to help keep as much 10.4.9 update discussion in one place as possible to make it easier on everyone. :hysterical:




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Any real advantage to updating to 10.4.9? If there's nothing really gained then I'll probably skip it for a while.


Rosetta runs faster in 10.4.9, this alone is worth the upgrade. Not to mention improved nVidia OpenGL performance, and faster WoW graphics.

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It seems that my desktop has a very simple update route to 10.4.9 with 8.9.1 kernel, it almost uses all kexts from 10.4.9 without any problems. I post the procedures here so that someone has Gigabyte 8I965P-DQ6 rev.2.0 might confirm it.


1. Freshly install JaS 10.4.8 Intel SSE3 Only.

2. Update to 10.4.9 via Software Update (no reboot)

3. Replace AppleSMBIOS.kext and IOATAFamily.kext from Paulicat (http://paulicat.freeflux.net/blog/archive/2006/11/13/osx86-10-4-4-to-10-4-8-upgrade-guide.html)

4. Replace kernel from #1049 @ irc.osx86.hu

5. Install r3d3.kext from #1049 @ irc.osx86.hu

6. Repair permissions accordingly

7. Reboot and done

After that, just reinstall Video, Audio and on-board LAN drivers, then everything is working great again. By the way, in a China OSX86 forum, some one made a package to enable both ICH8R SATA and Jmicron363 SATA. It works great on my DQ6 also.




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using amd test1 + 8.9.1 kernel X2. works great!. i just get a stutter once a day! very near to perfect


Does your CPU shows as 2 cores?

I am using the same kernel with my Opteron, but it only show 1 CPU

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Does your CPU shows as 2 cores?

I am using the same kernel with my Opteron, but it only show 1 CPU


Hi Macgirl, here is mine:


Hardware Overview:


Machine Name: Mac

Machine Model: ACPI

Processor Name: Intel Core Duo

Processor Speed: 4 GHz

Number Of Processors: 1

Total Number Of Cores: 2

L2 Cache (per processor): 2 MB

Memory: 4 GB

Bus Speed: 800 MHz

Boot ROM Version: NT94510J.4051.2007


I used JaS' combo update. I have a Pentium D 950

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Thanks, xevean, I'm on x2 1 core disabled kernel and yes it show now 2 cores, to graphs on Processor Palette and Activity Monitor, also got better Xbench results with this than the x2 kernel, could they be mis-switched?

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after the update my P4 524 3.06 shows up as "4.30 GHz Intel Core Solo", which i totally don't mind ;) (HT on/off didn't matter)

my performance rating also jumped quite a lot, now my overall (-hard disk) in Xbench is ~130 compared to ~90 on 10.4.8! although i didn't really feel the difference i think it's a great improvement!

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