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  1. Thanks for pointing this out. I did a text search in the tutorial for things like hda-verb, combojack, etc before I posted, but nothing came up - now I realize it was because I didn't see that the additional fixes section was on its own page. My bad. Just glad to see I'm taking all the proper steps
  2. @wmchris and all, I wanted to report that I've been getting distorted audio when using headphones (I'm not sure why or what triggers this, but it *might* be related to sleep/wake [unconfirmed]). In looking for a solution, I came across the hda-verb helper and an associated script, which seems to have solved the issue as far as my early testing goes. As I understand it, these work alongside CodecCommander.kext, so I'm curious why the tutorial doesn't mention hda-verb and the script. Is another kext (AppleALC, perhaps?) supposed to be doing this job and failing for me? I'm just trying to figure out if using hda-verb/script is redundant. I don't mind using them, but if we have a kext to do this and it is failing, I would like to prioritize fixing it instead of using hda-verb/script. EDIT: This method also solved a problem I was having with combo jack (3-ring) headphones not working at all. EDIT 2: Not sure if related, but - I am still having trouble with internal microphone not working. Before I used hda-verb/script, I was getting nothing but noise, and now I get no signal at all. Also, I don't get a microphone device recognized when plugging in a headset with a microphone. Does our AppleALC (or something else) need further patching or does something need injection of some kind? This is not an area that I am knowledgeable in.
  3. Is it possible that your time machine is USB 2.0 and everything else is 3.0? I happened to notice in the original post of this thread that there was a change log mentioning that USBInjectAll.kext was taken out of the repo a few years ago. When looking up general hackintosh fixes for USB issues, many sources pointed at doing custom injection of hardware values into USBInjectAll. So, I wonder if there is any hope of fixing some of these problems that way by going back to USBInjectAll. I see that this repo currently uses a different USB related kext, so I wonder if the two would conflict... Anyway, golimpio, if you want stability for now, I recommend getting a simple usb hub (this is the one I use). It should fix your problems, as like I mentioned, I believe it "converts" the 3.0 to 2.0 as it passes through the hub, making connections more reliable. Not a "proper" fix, and it will likely slow transfer speeds, but it is a bandaid at least.
  4. I'm guessing you'll say no to this, but do you still have your original USB thumbdrive installer? At one point, I did the same thing as you, and also had problems rebooting, so I ended up booting back in with my USB installer and restoring the backup that way. Theoretically, unless you put some custom kexts in /L/E or accidentally did something to your hard drive partition scheme in the process, you SHOULD be able to boot back in from a FULL Clover EFI backup. I say "FULL", because if you didn't save the entire EFI folder structure, then you may be out of luck unless you go through every single file and figure out exactly what is keeping you from booting successfully. Otherwise, maybe try to find the old version of Clover that you had (most versions are retroactively available), and then try to use the files in wmchris' repo.
  5. @golimpio Just something else I noticed, not sure it means anything... Apparently, one of these kexts (possibly VoodooInput) is using the I2C framework or something, because I do NOT have I2C installed, but I just noticed a line that said something about VoodooI2C. (Side note: for some reason, I can't find my system boot log anywhere to show you what I saw... it doesn't appear in the Console app, and doesn't seem to be written in any file that I've searched (not even in the ASL files), so I can't give a direct quote of the line, sorry.)
  6. @golimpio I know that you aren't using 10.14.6 anymore, but do you have working internal mic? I recently noticed mine does not work (I just get white noise on playback/etc). Also, have you noticed any erratic behavior from the trackpad when clicking+dragging since moving to the acidanthera kexts? I've noticed that half the time, the click "releases" randomly as I drag. This isn't a problem in windows, so I know it isn't a physical hardware problem.
  7. I completely understand your skepticism. If there's any other way to make it proven fact, I'm happy to take all reasonable steps to do so, short of a complete system re-install or 24-hour surveillance of my life I also just found this random Reddit post about it from 7 months ago: https://www.reddit.com/r/hackintosh/comments/bo82ug/sd_card_reader_disables_my_keyboard_xps_9550/?ref=readnext The only reason I suggested writing this possibility into the guide is because the guide only mentions disabling SD card for battery saving reasons, which is a suggestion that could be ignored if people don't care about saving battery or want SD card in Windows - but if they do want a possible solution for their keyboard not working/KPs happening, then it might be something for them to at least try. I don't know why my keyboard issues were so frequent before compared to others here, but clearly not all 9550s are made the same. So, in my case, the hint would have saved me a lot of headaches and reboots. For now, I will say that if the SD card was not the reason for the keyboard not working (older kext) and it was not the reason for the KPs (newest kext), then I cannot imagine what would be. No software has been installed, no hardware has been modified, no software updates have been installed in while (I have auto turned off). I use macOS for web browsing and Adobe apps, and I use Windows for gaming, so this isn't any kind of dev machine where drivers and firmware are constantly being altered or anything. In other words, disabling the SD card is literally the only thing that has changed, aside from whatever normal things happen behind the scenes of macOS on a daily basis. Either way, I'm just happy that I'm not experiencing the troubles anymore. Just hoping to help others, because it's a fantastic laptop for hackintosh! Much respect for the work you've done, @wmchris ! EDIT: Newest kext still giving me KPs. I have no choice but to revert back to the old kext, which still remains 100% fine. EDIT #2: I didn't realize that Github had a issue reporting feature, so I've submitted the KP issue with the newest kext. I know that you've stated that I am a rare case, but I want this issue on record for others to see. It's unfortunate that this kext performs better than the older kext (for the ` key fix) but the KPs force me to stop using it.
  8. @Rajveer86 Thanks for chiming in, looking forward to hearing back. I think this is a really important note for the guide. My reboots are still 100% perfect as of this writing, so I'm going to do a little testing with the newest voodoops2 that was previously giving me KPs, and see if I still get them now that I've disabled SD card.
  9. Just an update to say that I'm still at 100% success with keyboard working on startup after disabling SD card. If I continue to have success, it may be worth noting this as an additional reason to disable SD card in the installation guide for those like me that did not initially mind the battery life warning. I suspect most users are disabling it anyway, but some of us with dual-boot setups (like myself) may not at first. I will report back with another update about this next week for anyone else that may be interested. With this finding, I will also test the newer version of voodoops2 again to see if it still gives me KPs.
  10. Yeah, I also assume the slide value failure is my fault, haha. The instructions are well written but I'm clueless when it comes to picking out the right number in the table. I have no idea which of those is not too small, but not too big, the right type, etc... there's just way too many options. I picked one that seemed logically correct, and it did not work... I guess I could just keep changing the number +/- 1 until I stumble on the right thing, but it's just not worth the hassle when I only get the allocate error in very rare instances. Anyway, when you say you're using slightly different kexts than the repo, is that specific to something in your setup, or do you think those are better kexts for stability overall? The repo is awesome, don't get me wrong, I'm just trying to find something that won't give me the KPs and/or also loads the keyboard more than 50% of the time... I'll even take a solid 80% of the time at this point, lol! It's literally the only thing bothering me about the hackintosh side of my system right now.
  11. @wmchris I hate to bring up the voodoops2 keyboard issue again, but I've failed in my attempts to add a proper slide value into the boot args and prevent the random "allocate" error (I can elaborate if you want, but that's not my main reason for writing this). Since I didn't have any success with the slide value, I can't be sure whether the allocate error and the keyboard issues are related at all (it was a long shot anyway). If you recall, the latest 10.14 voodoops2 was giving me random KPs, and the previous version only works for my keyboard about 50% of the time. It's driving me insane, because I boot back and forth from Windows to Mac about twice a day. I'm really sorry to ask, but is there truly no way of finding a happy medium for my particular case? I know I'm an outlier here, but the newest version of voodoops2 would be perfect if it wasn't for the KPs. Is there any way to merge that version's strengths with the old version's strengths and come up with something that both doesn't KP and also loads the keyboard more reliably? Or, at the very least, does any of this signal any clues as to why I'm presumably the only one with the KP issue on the new version? There's nothing "weird" about my system configuration that I can think of. It's pretty straight forward as far as I can tell, so I have no idea why any of this is happening. Happy to post more details about my setup if it helps. Thanks for reading!
  12. Thanks for trying. On a possibly unrelated note, I'm finally going to try to fix the "couldn't allocate" error that I've also been having (needs the slide fix, I think), and I'm hoping that it somehow magically fixes the problems I'm having with the voodoo2controller kext. In my case, the previous problem of the keyboard not working was just as recurring as this KP is now, so reverting back to that older kext would only get me so far. I'll report back if the slide fix gets me anywhere. Slide fix did not work.
  13. @wmchris Came back to report 2 more KPs from voodoops2controller - one last night and one this morning, same exact error report as previously posted. It happens on boot up, and I can't figure out any reason for it. I should also reiterate that before I installed this version of the repo, my keyboard (and very rarely trackpad) would not work sometimes upon boot up, forcing me to reboot and try again. So, it's almost as if I traded that problem for the KPs. Could it be that I have slightly different hardware? My 9550 is the 4k touchscreen version, if that matters? Let me know if I can assist with anymore info. @wmchris ...and two more today.
  14. Glad to hear about the wifi continuing to work well for you! Regarding the keyboard/touchpad: I just updated my Clover folder with the newest changes from the repo, and I'm hoping I will see an improvement in the keyboard/touch pad since the Voodoo kexts are the ones that were updated. So far, the touchpad seems to feel better when I use it (the cursor used to jump a few pixels when I would click, and now it doesn't seem to do that as badly). And the keyboard hasn't failed on boot up yet (although I haven't rebooted a lot since updating the kexts, so it could still be an issue). I should note, I decided to update from the repo in the first place because the latest Apple security update for Mojave completely wiped out my touchpad. It came back to life when I implemented the repo updates. So, I'm not sure if that is just a coincidence or intentional, but in either case, if anyone notices touchpad issues after installing the Apple security update, be sure to try the new repo files. And if you do, WARNING: since the config.plist has also been updated, you will definitely want to make sure to add in your custom serial number/ID/etc for making iCloud services functional. To make this easy, I used a file comparison app to find/replace my custom entries and move them over to the newest config.plist.
  15. I see you have the intermittent keyboard problem as well. That is currently the biggest annoyance for me. I tried putting voodoops2controller into /L/E instead of the EFI folder because that is supposedly the best way to load in kexts, but that didn't work for me (and I did properly follow kext installation procedures). Side note: voodoops2controller seems to affect the touchpad mostly, so I'm not sure if I am looking at the wrong kext or if there is another answer to this problem. The randomness is just so odd and frustrating. Anyone else know more about this? I have the "couldn't allocate runtime area" issue as well, but I haven't attempted the slide fix just yet, been a bit too preoccupied to pursue it. This issue randomly comes up less than the keyboard issue, so it hasn't irked me nearly as much. If you end up trying it, let us know how it goes for you.