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[HOW TO] Convert Mac demos to full games

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Excellent! Must have been some sort of driver issue then. I'm going to upgrade to 10.4.8 *sometime* here. Took me forever to go from 10.4.3 to 10.4.6. How much better is 10.4.8 for general use other than the usual "security, stability and Rosetta" improvements?

Depends like is said in another topic. The speed upgrade from 1047 with 1048 kernel to a real 1048 setup gave me a speed increase of 40% (cpu and total score) to 100% (opengl) in xbench.

So i gues coming from 1043+addons to a real 1048 is even bigger.


Everything is more compatible with a full 1048. specily if you have only a sse2 cpu and not a real sse3.


I see people upgrading with only kernels and some kext, frameworks.

Personly i say wipe you osx partition and install 1048 full. Took me 20 minutes and 10 minutes for installing/putting important programs back.

But ok i am lucky most thinks work out of the box here. Only the 6600gt take some work but after so many test installs i do in 5 minutes and blind :D (titan)

The later availble ppf for the jas dvd has titan now instead of natit (becuase of some problems people had with natit) so i could be that even the 6600gt would work right the first time :D

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Take care!!


btw i yesteray i tried quake 1 it worked, but man, if you see now how simple that really was compared to new games. i walk throught levels so easy now :pirate2:


However the glquake looks very nice even today. (also quake2 btw). Somehow i like the light effect better then then today, dont ask me why.

I even tried that teagrada quake or how it is called wih real lighting, shadows,adn per pixel mapping. It may be realistic but god what is that ugly and dark. Stay away from it.

I'll add that one to the list.


Big breakthrough for Oni, however it's bad news.

As noted here, the PC and Mac versions use different formatting for the content. Therefore, the PC data files are incompatible with the Mac data files. Too bad. Now I'll need to find a Mac version somewhere because I really want to play that game again! :)

I added all the .pk3 files to Prey's 'base' folder and it had no effect. I don't know what else to try as there is no patch yet.


EDIT: Oni isn't to hard to find on the internet (I had lost my original copy so I could download it with a clear conscience). I've also heard that you can buy a copy fairly cheap on eBay.

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There won't be any EAX, probably OpenAL instead. I'm not sure if it looks better or worse- does CoD2 use DirectX or OpenGL on Windows? If it's DX9 on Windows then yes, there will be a visual quality difference between versions as the engine will be using a slightly older API. As for performance, there's a known issue that causes the game to run in Rosetta in Singleplayer.

so far everything mentioned in this article worked. I've tried COD2 and quake 2 so far. I'm trying to get quake 4 and doom 3 to work. I found the 1.3 Doom 3 crack but I can't find the 1.3 Quake 4 patch. I could only find a Quake 4 1.3 patch. Anyone know where I can look? I don't really want to have to deal with CDs or images.

Jedi Knight III works


Installation how-to


1. Install the PC Version [and install any JK Updates]

2. Copy it to the mac side [download the universal bin DMG , i'll post up later]

3. Use Pacifist to extract the binaries

4. You'll have to get a noCD Image or a Patch that enables you to play [ I am not sure if its legal to post noCDs here] , but it should be as long you have the legit version



Star Wars : KoTor [knights of the old republic]


1. Install the PC Version

2. Update it to v1.03 [PC]

3. Copy it to the mac , and install the Mac Star Wars : KoTor patch v 1.03

4. You'll need to find the noCD Image or patched Image , otherwise it will ask for CD


Downside : The movies dont play , you'll have to convert .bik into QuickTime mov files , so you could see the movies. Other then that everything works fine

Nice! Thanks for the guide!

Just to clarify, is the first for Jedi Knight 2 (Outcast) or Jedi Knight 3 (Academy)?


Updated- KoTR added to "possible" list, Deus Ex added to "Not possible" list (no OS X patch), MOHAA added to "Not possible" list (only Breakthrough and Spearhead demos available)

EDIT- I have an idea for MOHAA. I'll sort through the games filesystem and post a possible solution later.

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I am trying now with Breaktrough.

I'm having problems installing the latest patch: it hangs for a while then it says that the patch process has been succesful, but I don't get changes. I think I'm doing something wrong in naming folders and files, but I can't verify since I don't have Mac version and I don't know how Breaktrough folder in Mac is structured.

Has someone Mac version?


Update: I'm not been able to patch, but copying the content of my PC's MAINTT folder in DEMOTT folder I got a result, but it's not perfect: I don't get all multiplayer models. I'm keeping trying.

Thanks for the testing Dark_Elf! I apologize for the lack of updates, I've been pretty busy with work and some personal stuff so I haven't had much of a chance to play games, let alone test them. If anyone has progress, questions or a suggestion please PM me and I'll update the primary posting if needed. Thanks for the community input on this, it's really helped out!

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Cool! Nice list :thumbsup_anim: , but I tried to do this with Call of duty, and the Call of Duty demo app told me that the first map had the wrong version number. (2 instead of 56 or something like that) and the Call of duty SP app said that i needed to inseart the disk (my mac does not recognize the PC disk). If anyone knows how to fix this or why this happened please let me know. :rolleyes:

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