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  1. iMessenger/Facetime Not Working!

    When you install EmuVariableUEFI-64 did you also put a checkmark on to install the RC Scripts as well , as the information would be stored on your hard disk as nvram file and would be used to load back when you boot it up
  2. smbios for fakecpuid?

    You may try and it may give a kernel panic It tries to handle as Ivy , but then of course you are using Haswell. so it's incompatible and poof it breaks. I don't think changing to ivy may help as well either
  3. smbios for fakecpuid?

    Let us know or updated here ,so that at least it would be helpful for others Oh yes , just to add it may cause kernel panic or so. I have not experimented , the reason being haswell and all are using X86Platform (kernel) and no longer intelcpupowermanagement for power management
  4. smbios for fakecpuid?

    Yep faking it , would get it to work , however keep in mind that it has impact to appleintelcpupowermanagement.kext You may change the SMBIOS , but i am not sure what would be the impact be to appleintelcpupowermanagent.kext and power management as a whole. My recommendation is to stick with the current SMBIOS , this way Lion does not interfere power management and other things as well - this is just my suggestion You may still want to experiment with it and try using an ivy smbios to see how the power management works (and if it actually works)
  5. PS/2 Keyboard El Captain

    Installed in /Library/Extensions and did a touch on /L/E ?
  6. smbios for fakecpuid?

    I am curious , why do you want to use fakecpuid to make Haswell as ivy , haswell works well with el capitan May I know the reason ?
  7. Great mark it as answered so that it would be helpful for others
  8. I am facing the same issue here I have noticed the following :- 1. Handsoff is actually working , on my iPhone I can see Safari/Chrome/Notes , but when i switch it on. Suddenly I get a Bluetooth pairing notification which is asking me to enter the bluetooth pairing. I am not sure what is causing this and I think I need to troubleshoot Another thing you should try is uncheck allow handsoff in General , reboot and check back and see if it starts to work.. Last option is to sign out from iCloud , reboot and sign in back (both your hack and your iDevices) and it would sync back
  9. Trying to hackintosh old pc

    Looks like it can run tiger very well , a lot of compatible stuff are in there tiger or leopard..shouldn't be an issue 5200 was supported in tiger and i remember that , grants you full QE/CI
  10. Hmm strange no HPETs , anyway have you checked do you have NullCPUPowerManagement.kext loaded or is properly inside ? By the way does 10.10 boot ?
  11. Is it AR5BXB63 , aka a a/b/g card ? If so you are out of luck , the last version it supports I think is 10.7 , starting from 10.8 onwards - Apple dropped support for non-N card Why don't you pick up a new wifi card which is compatible ?
  12. please i need ati 545v kext

    Yes , it contains the full stuff , from what i can see the chipset is supported. you need to play with injector and select the right buffer to get it to work. Slice have written a very good article
  13. This happens when you SSDT/DSDT does not match , you would have profiles You may have to regenerate..make sure you are not using back your old dsdt/ssdt This has happened to my when I swapped out the processor
  14. Update from Mavericks

    You should able to upgrade , provided you got clover setup , a lot of fixes in DSDT. I have done an upgrade from mavericks to yosemite and yosemite to el capitan Make sure you keep a backup and ensure that you have minimum kexts for 10.11 such as fakesmc , usb generic patch (if needed).
  15. Turn off PowerNap Can you please take a look under wifi in system profiler , if wake on wireless is supported and enabled