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  1. OMX-Knuckles

    Your Greatest Photos

    Nice photo, Andrea. I dig industrial stuff like that. @Jameela- what camera did you use for those shots? They're very good!
  2. OMX-Knuckles

    CrossfireX under Leopard...

    Crossfire doesn't work, but multiple graphics cards do for multi monitor. Check around in the forum, I know it's been done with NVidia, not sure about ATI.
  3. OMX-Knuckles

    Mac Mini rival?

    Nice little desktop. My advice? Wait a couple months till Asus releases the EEE PC version of this model! Same form factor, but with SUPER low-power dualcore Atom chip. Linky!
  4. OMX-Knuckles

    Your Greatest Photos

    Some very nice photos here! Here's some of my favourites from a recent adventure. These were shot with a Pentax K1000 and Ilford HP5+ ASA-400. No photoshopping, just straight scans of negatives Lots more >>Here<<
  5. OMX-Knuckles

    ATI HD4870

    Nope. There's a few threads about this card and the 4850- before there will be any support for this card we need drivers from Apple that support the card.
  6. OMX-Knuckles

    What about the new ATI HD4850 ?

    Thanks for checking that out, bobbobson. R770 is different enough from R600 that there's not much hope of existing drivers working
  7. OMX-Knuckles

    Via Chrome9 HC IGP driver

    Sorry, I've never heard of that card working with OS X. ATI and NVidia cards are the only ones with full support.
  8. OMX-Knuckles

    GX280 Support?

    Probably not working yet. It's different enough from the 8800 9800 that existing drivers won't work. We'll have to wait for Apple to release drivers.
  9. OMX-Knuckles

    iPhone 3G Carriers

    Here's one way of getting around the silly iPhone-specific rate plan (but not the contract). Once the phone's been activated and all that jazz, log into your mobile account on AT&T's website and where the phone type is listed, select the "this is not my phone" option and change the phone to some other 3G model such as a Samsung A707 or similar. Then "upgrade" the rate plan to a normal data plan. It's worked for me on a 4GB iPhone for almost a year. There's no way Apple can tell that you're using an iPhone and there's no breach of contract.
  10. OMX-Knuckles

    iPhone 3G Carriers

    Will the Express Line require getting the new contract right away, or is that something that can be done with iTunes? I use AT&T but I never actually got the iPhone plan (why pay more for less?) and I'd like to keep that plan if I could...
  11. OMX-Knuckles

    iphone 3G without contract

    So if it's bought at the Apple Store it'll be $599? Or will there be a contract there too?
  12. OMX-Knuckles

    What about the new ATI HD4850 ?

    Apparently there's references to R770 somewhere in the kexts, but I can't see anything clear that indicates that they would work. So far I haven't been able to do the obvious and stick the card in the system because I've been really busy. If someone has a 4850 and time, try sticking your device ID in the ATIRadeonX2000.kext and see what happens.
  13. OMX-Knuckles

    Far Cry 2 and HAWX announced for Mac

    Cool, nice to see more first-tier games having simultaneous Mac releases.
  14. OMX-Knuckles

    Which gaming graphics card

    There's a few threads in the Graphics Cards section regarding 9800GTX support, they work 100% with slightly modified 8800GT drivers uploaded by a forum member. Check Here
  15. OMX-Knuckles

    Help with 8600gt 512mb

    Is it just Halo, or all games that won't work fullscreen?