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  1. Update- As of 4/2008 I once again have a working Mac. I haven't been keeping up with this thread, but over the next few weeks I'll try and update this post with newer info! Introduction After seeing Don Luca's guide to turning a PC install of Ut2k4 to a Mac version I started thinking about all the PC games I've amassed over the years, and how many of them have Mac versions. Got me thinking- I know there are quite a few of us out there that (1. Enjoy playing games occasionally (2. Are tired of Windows and (3. Have lots of PC games and don't want to re-buy them for Mac. ---->What this thread is not-<---- -A guide to pirating Mac games -A list of games that work on Intel Macs- that's available here -A troubleshooting guide for games on Intel Macs- start a new thread for your specific problem -A Guide to running PC games under Mac OS- search for WINE or CrossOver ---->What this thread is-<---- A guide to turning Mac demos of games into the full version using data from the PC version you legally own. Both PPC and Universal games are good, as long as they work acceptably on Intel Macs. I'm leaving it up to the community to get the ball rolling. Please keep things neat; if at all possible edit existing posts instead of creating new ones. Suggestions for games to convert are fine, even if you don't have the resources to do it yourself. Feel free to post personal experiences and suggestions on existing games. When a new game/method is discovered I'll update this thread accordingly. About the levels of testing- Games known to work- Games that have worked for EVERYONE Unconfirmed/Disputed- Games that are either not tested thoroughly enough or have had some failures and some successes Games tested without success- Games that have worked for NOBODY Untested games- Self-explainatory. Feel free to suggest games to be added to this list, and if you have the ability please test games on this list! Games KNOWN able to be converted to full using demo -->Games marked with have Universal Binaries available Alice- thanks to maximumzero for finding a solution! Method -Create folder titled "Alice" - Obtain Mac game app from v 1.1.1 patch download and copy to game folder - Update with v1.1.2 patch -Create folder named "base" inside game folder -Copy contents of "base" folder from a PC install into /Alice/base folder on Mac Call of Duty- Thanks to AllOutMacsToday for testing this! Method- Install Mac Demo - Add/Replace data files from PC install <-- Can someone please confirm which data files need replacing! - Install v1.5c Patch Call of Duty 2- Thanks to coolbits for testing this! Method- Install Mac Demo - Copy data from PC version - Install Mac Patch Doom 3 -Install Demo and v1.3a Patch. -Copy game data over from PC installer CD's -Burn copy of game disk 1 titled "Doom 3"- disk must be in drive to launch game Knights of the Old Republic- Thanks to Prasys for testing this! Method -Install PC version on Windows install (real or VM) - Update PC version to v1.03 - Copy PC install over to Mac - Install Mac update v1.03 -KNOWN ISSUE- You *will* need a No CD patch to play- Google is your friend! -KNOWN ISSUE- Movies will not play unless they are converted from .bik to .mov Quake 1 Method-Create folder titled "Quake" -Create folder inside titled "id1" -Download Quake Patch v1.1 OR Tenebrae Quake and install according to the Readme -Obtain "id1" Folder from a PC install and copy contents over to your "id1" -KNOWN ISSUE- Reflective objects may not appear correctly (OMX-knuckles) Quake 2 Method -Create folder titled "Quake II" -Create folders inside titled "action" "baseq2" "ctf" "rouge" and "xatrix" -Download v1.1 Patch -Install patch as specified in the readme -Copy contents of "baseq2" folder from PC install to your Mac "baseq2" folder -KNOWN ISSUE- Sound may not work (reported by wow) -KNOWN ISSUE- Lighting on some map objects may not appear correctly (OMX-knuckles) Quake 3- thanks to Fiendskull for testing! Method -Create "Quake 3" folde -Copy "baseq3" folder from PC install -Copy "Quake3.app" from v1.32c update into Quake 3 folder Quake 4- thanks to enb14 for testing this! Method -Create folder titled "Quake 4" -Obtain "q4base" and "english" (or language of choice) folders from PC install and copy into Quake 4 directory -Download v1.3 patch and install to your Quake 4 directory Prey- thanks to Dajiu for testing! Method -Install Prey Demo -Install full PC version in Parallels or native Windows -Delete contents of "Prey Demo/base" in Mac demo -Under PC install rename "pak000.pk4" in Prey/base to "pak000.pk4.zip" -Copy the file "mainmenu.gui" to the desktop (just drag it to the desktop - original will not be moved, a copy will be made) -Rename mainmenu.gui to demo_mainmenu.gui -Add the demo_mainmenu.gui back to the pak000.pk4.zip file (just drag it into the window where you are browsing pak000.pk4.zip) -Once the file is added to the zip file, go back to the base directory and rename pak000.pk4.zip to pak000.pk4 -Copy entire contents of /Prey/base on PC to /Prey Demo/base on Mac -COMMENT- If you have saved games on the PC, copy "My Documents/My Games/Prey/base/savegames" to "Library/Application Support/Prey Demo/base/savegames" and they will work. Unreal Tournament 2004- Thanks to Don Luca for letting us know about this one! Original Thread Method- Install Mac demo -Obtain v3369 Patch and install to the demo folder (you will have to manually choose where to install patch to) -From here there's two methods for making it a full version Method 1 Get Parallels Desktop and install Windows 2000 or XP (You need version 3034 or newer of Parallels) -Install Coherency tools on Windows -Install UT2k4 on the Windows VM -Drag and drop folder *contents* from the Windows install to the corresponding folders on the Mac OS install Method 2 -Install UT2k4 on a PC (ANY PC will work, you won't be running the game) -Copy game data to Mac using dual-layer DVD/external Hard disk/networked shares/etc -->OVERWRITE EVERYTHING WHEN ASKED EXCEPT DO NOT OVERWRITE ANYTHING IN THE SYSTEM FOLDER<-- -Make a plan text file with your cdkey in the UT System folder. To do this, type your cdkey in a blank document in Textedit and select "make plain text". Save as "cdkey" and make sure to deselect "if no extension is provided use .txt". -If Unreal gives you a message that your key is invalid, select the cdkey file and go to "Get Information" and "Name and Extension". Make sure there is no extension provided. -Make sure you rename the application Unreal Tournament 2004.app and rename the executable in /Contents/Mac OS/Unreal Tournament 2004. Failure to remove the "demo" from executables may result in a "This application is damaged" message when trying to launch. Unconfirmed/Disputed games- these have methods to patch that are sound in theory but for whatever reason are either Not fully tested or Work for some but not others Battlefield 1942- NOT FULLY TESTED Method- Install Demo - Rename game directory to "Battlefield 1942", rename App to "Battlefield 1942" and rename "Demo Data" to "Data" - Delete all contents of the Data directory EXCEPT for "BF1942.pid" and the "Cache" and "Movies" directories - Make a duplicate of the Battlefield 1942.app and rename it "Battlefield 1942 The Road to Rome" - Copy the "Mods" directory from a PC install into the "Data" directory of the Mac install - Copy "bfdist.vlu" and "lexicon.DS" from the root directory of the PC install to the "Mods" directory in the Mac install - Download the v1.61d Patch[/u][/b]. You will need to manually point it to your Battlefield 1942 directory - FAILURE (OMX-knuckles)- Unable to run game for further testing without the correct disks --> Remember, this method is currently UNTESTED. YMMV <-- Games tested without success but may be possible Command and Conquer: Generals- Thanks to enb14 for testing this! -More details needed! Games that can *not* be converted, period Black and White No Mac demo available. If someone finds one please share! Deux Ex No Mac OS X patch was ever made available. Dungeon Siege No Mac demo available. If someone finds one please share! Max Payne No Mac demo available. If someone finds one please share! Oni PC data files are coded differently than Mac data files so Mac executable will not recognize PC data -> Source Games yet to be tested The Movies <- No information thus far on engine or presence of Universal Binary -Medal of Honor: Breakthrough <- Should be possible, uses Quake 3 engine -Medal of Honour: Spearhead <- Should be possible, uses Quake 3 engine -Return to Castle Wolfenstien <- Unknown, should be possible. Uses Quake 3 engine -Jedi Knight II <- May be possible. Uses Quake 3 engine -Unreal <- May be possible (I have PC version)
  2. As of thus far I've never seen posted information about iPhone CPU/Memory/etc. So here we go. This is from a sysctl dump on my 4GB model with some info filled in from Wikipedia. CPU- ARM 1176 at 400mhz with 100mhz FSB, 32k cache Main memory- 128MB at 133mhz with 16MB reserved for the GPU GPU- PowerVR MBX WLAN chipset- Marvell 8686 (sometimes reported as 1868. Kext labeled 868x) Audio Codec- Wolfson WM8758 Here's more specs on the PowerVR GPU- Up to 133mhz in 130nm parts, up to 233 in 90nm parts ~130M pixel/sec peak fillrate ~1.7M triangle/sec peak fillrate *Optional* Vertex Processor with Hardware T&L and Vertex shaders, most likely used for the iPhone's implementation of Core Animation and OpenGL. Supports Anti-Aliasing (2D and 3D), Anistrophic Filtering, Fogging and Texture Compression Supports OpenGL ES and MGL Propriatary API Hardware MPEG-1 and 2 and WMA video acceleration up to 720*480, MPEG-4 up to 640x480 (explains why the iPhone video standard format for h.264 is such)
  3. OMX-Knuckles

    Your Greatest Photos

    Nice photo, Andrea. I dig industrial stuff like that. @Jameela- what camera did you use for those shots? They're very good!
  4. OMX-Knuckles

    CrossfireX under Leopard...

    Crossfire doesn't work, but multiple graphics cards do for multi monitor. Check around in the forum, I know it's been done with NVidia, not sure about ATI.
  5. OMX-Knuckles

    Mac Mini rival?

    Nice little desktop. My advice? Wait a couple months till Asus releases the EEE PC version of this model! Same form factor, but with SUPER low-power dualcore Atom chip. Linky!
  6. OMX-Knuckles

    Your Greatest Photos

    Some very nice photos here! Here's some of my favourites from a recent adventure. These were shot with a Pentax K1000 and Ilford HP5+ ASA-400. No photoshopping, just straight scans of negatives Lots more >>Here<<
  7. OMX-Knuckles

    ATI HD4870

    Nope. There's a few threads about this card and the 4850- before there will be any support for this card we need drivers from Apple that support the card.
  8. OMX-Knuckles

    What about the new ATI HD4850 ?

    Thanks for checking that out, bobbobson. R770 is different enough from R600 that there's not much hope of existing drivers working
  9. OMX-Knuckles

    Via Chrome9 HC IGP driver

    Sorry, I've never heard of that card working with OS X. ATI and NVidia cards are the only ones with full support.
  10. OMX-Knuckles

    GX280 Support?

    Probably not working yet. It's different enough from the 8800 9800 that existing drivers won't work. We'll have to wait for Apple to release drivers.
  11. OMX-Knuckles

    iPhone 3G Carriers

    Here's one way of getting around the silly iPhone-specific rate plan (but not the contract). Once the phone's been activated and all that jazz, log into your mobile account on AT&T's website and where the phone type is listed, select the "this is not my phone" option and change the phone to some other 3G model such as a Samsung A707 or similar. Then "upgrade" the rate plan to a normal data plan. It's worked for me on a 4GB iPhone for almost a year. There's no way Apple can tell that you're using an iPhone and there's no breach of contract.
  12. OMX-Knuckles

    iPhone 3G Carriers

    Will the Express Line require getting the new contract right away, or is that something that can be done with iTunes? I use AT&T but I never actually got the iPhone plan (why pay more for less?) and I'd like to keep that plan if I could...
  13. OMX-Knuckles

    iphone 3G without contract

    So if it's bought at the Apple Store it'll be $599? Or will there be a contract there too?
  14. OMX-Knuckles

    What about the new ATI HD4850 ?

    Apparently there's references to R770 somewhere in the kexts, but I can't see anything clear that indicates that they would work. So far I haven't been able to do the obvious and stick the card in the system because I've been really busy. If someone has a 4850 and time, try sticking your device ID in the ATIRadeonX2000.kext and see what happens.
  15. OMX-Knuckles

    Far Cry 2 and HAWX announced for Mac

    Cool, nice to see more first-tier games having simultaneous Mac releases.
  16. OMX-Knuckles

    Which gaming graphics card

    There's a few threads in the Graphics Cards section regarding 9800GTX support, they work 100% with slightly modified 8800GT drivers uploaded by a forum member. Check Here
  17. OMX-Knuckles

    Help with 8600gt 512mb

    Is it just Halo, or all games that won't work fullscreen?
  18. OMX-Knuckles

    GeForce 200 series support

    The GTX 260 and 280 are *similar* to G92, but it's a much more advanced design than the 8800GT/9800GTX so i doubt the existing drivers will work.
  19. OMX-Knuckles

    What about the new ATI HD4850 ?

    I've asked around and examined the ATI frameworks/kexts and it doesn't look like the 4850 or 4870 will be supported anytime soon. It's different enough that 3850/3870 drivers won't work, and until Apple starts using the Radeon 4000-series cards in thier own systems there's little hope for a new driver.
  20. OMX-Knuckles

    Oblivion 100% Playble

    Can someone upload some screenshots?
  21. OMX-Knuckles

    iPhone will be sold online (AT&T says so)

    Hasn't the iPhone been sold online since it was released?
  22. I'd get D60 over D40x- Nikon is phasing out D40x in favour of the 60 as they're basically the same camera. D40 is't a BAD camera per se, but 6MP is a bit low for big enlargements of lots of cropping. If you're not planning on doing prints over 11x14 or so, 6MP is plenty. Battery life on D80 will probably be a bit lower than D40, but not by much.
  23. OMX-Knuckles

    Panaramic Shots?

    Very nice shots!!! I like the outdoor ones, it makes the houses look like they're perched on tiny planets floating in the sky.
  24. OMX-Knuckles

    As I try in photography

    Looks nice. What camera did you use?
  25. OMX-Knuckles

    Fear me.

    Cute When you say N95, is that Nokia N95? o_O I don't recall Nikon (or anybody) making an N95 but that looks awfully good for a mobile...