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[HOW TO] Convert Mac demos to full games

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You no longer have to mess with the Demo of Quake 3, head on over to




And if you liked StarTrek Voyager - Elite Force, try this


StarTrek Voyager - Elite Force engine release Project

Both still require "cd keys" and the files from ether a working install, or CD/DVD

and the "StarTrek Voyager - Elite Force" is multilayer only, no missions


But they work perfect on my Hackintosh :)

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most PC games can be converted straight to mac with out the need of

a demo, just cider the game , i have done many games, all you need

is the mac wrapper and the PC game and it usually runs perfectly.

I can do this and i am in my teens most of you probably can then



Hi! Does BioShock work? I have both the full PC version and the Mac demo here, and I'd like to give it a try.


I have bioshock running fine on my macbook , not slow at all

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