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"iWork" and "iLife" for Free

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Good news for iLife and iWork fans! Bad news if you spend money... :P


We have all the creativity and productivity apps for free. But it's not all of us that will enjoy of this, take look the system requirements.


The last versions of these apps are only compatible with the following OS X:


GarageBand - 10.10.4 or later

iMovie - 10.11.2 or later

Pages, Keynote and Numbers - macOS 10.12



Enjoy! ;)


Click here to view the article

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Cool, they haven't done  this sort of thing since 2013 (with iWork only) so it'll be good to get iLife registered for a change.

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Oh great news!

iLife was free with every new mac some time ago...

But it's the first time that iWork it's free!

Good move Apple!

Really? I thought that it was iWork that was free, that's when I registered them in my Apple ID back in '13. Wasn't it that every Mac newer than October 2013 was eligible for free iWork? I think the way to do it was to get the trial, then upgrade them with the App Store and they registered.


Something else I want to know is that if iLife is free, can I get iPhoto for free as well on OS X lower than 10.10.3?

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Everything that is free falls in the abandonment of Apple!attachicon.gifboxing.gif



Hi MaLd0n,

I don't think Apple will leave alone their SW .

MacOs is also free.

They simply get more money from their hardware .

It's only a marketing strategy. Apple : " We give you all these stuffs for free, so buy our produtcs !!!"


sent from my iPhone

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