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  1. how do i know wether i do have the correct drivers? btw ive now installed the new cpu (i can play gta v with nearly max settings at 1080p 60fps so the dell pc is quite powerful now ) ****Edit: Ive managed to boot Cover in uefi but macos still won't boot (blackscreen at 70%) This is the Last Line before it becomes black...
  2. Im currently running the pc with a thermaktake 550W psu so that's not a problem. @chris1111 Ive also seen the uefi Option in the bios but i dont have much knowledge about the difference between legacy and uefi mode. Do you think that reinstalling Mojave as UEFI to be able to use the WeG kext will solve my problem or should I try to use a different DSDT.aml or config.plist first? Unfortunately I'm not very deep into patching so I can't really do something else than ask you...
  3. Hey guys can you please help me? I was enjoying my hackintosh build very well so far and decided to upgrade my GPU. I Chose an AMD rx 570 (Sapphire Nitro+ 4GB) but i cant get macos to boot up. When I had my old gpu plugged in I already installed the whatevergreen kext in Advance. But currently the dell pc stops at the middle of the booting screen and turns to a blackscreen. Do you Need some more Details? I also tried to use -x -v which didnt really help Thank you in Advance!
  4. Can somebody please explain how im supposed to update from osx 10.14 to 10.14.1/2 ? Everytime i start the update it just reboots without actually upgrading, im literally booting into 10.14 again... Do I have to do something special before I start the update?
  5. do you have HWMonitor installed by chance? As I see its possible to read the fan speed which shows me that my 120mm fan's frequency is way to high (>1400 in idle). Do you have an idea how to solve my noise problem?
  6. Cool Took me some time but now I got it running, didn't even lose data. Thanks!
  7. ah great. do I have to use different config.plist or dsdt.aml files?
  8. i use the 120mm fan from my old dell 780 with the cooler master hyper 212x heatsink bc dell uses a different pin layout than the stock coolermaster fan. Maybe thats the reason for my issue. btw is it already possible to install mojave on the dell 790?
  9. as i said the problem isnt the temperature as i upgraded my heatsink and would actually be enough to keep the cpu cool, but the fan noise. Its very loud and i cant focus on revising for exams etc. Currently i didnt even plug in the 4-pin connector bc the cpu still stays at 40° but when i boot up windows to play gta eg the fan is necessary.
  10. is it somehow possible to control the speed of the cpu and chassis fans? They are very loud when macos is booted even though cpu temp is about 30°C
  11. ive successfully run high sierra now, but i dont know how to get my audio work. Only the HDMI and AirPlay devices are listed in the Settings. Ive already tried copying the recent lilu and AppleHDA kexts into the /kexts/other folder on the EFI Partition
  12. Did it work actually? I have the same laptop and want to create a hackintosh too. Pls reply
  13. I tried to use the Direktupdate app and now ended up in a kernel panic I think. In clover, my ssd renamed from "El Capitan ssd" in something like "install Macos from El Capitan ssd" but when I hit enter I get a black screen. I already tried to boot in safe mode but it didn't work. Verbose mode tells me "uptime in nanoseconds ...."
  14. @macpeet thanks so in fact the only thing I have to do is to copy the /10.11 kexts to 10.12 da ich sehe, dass sie aus deutschland kommen, können si mir auch auf deutsch antworten
  15. im currently running 10.11.6 with the gt610 which works perfectly im now wondering if i can use the appstore app to upgrade to sierra or wether i need to erase el capitan first. furthermore i read about the gt 610 to lack sierra support. is this still true?