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  1. this doesnt really work for me... it disables both monitors unfortunately
  2. blxkspell

    HDD keeps spinning up

    I have found out what spins up my HDD all the time! It seems to be the HWMonitor app which is running all the time! The SMART check thing causes my problem as it was set to 10min. The max time is 30min which is quite better but still annoying. Is there a way to completely disable it?
  3. blxkspell

    HDD keeps spinning up

    well it doesnt make any difference. I disabled paragon and still the drive spins up every 5-10 min being unmounted
  4. blxkspell

    HDD keeps spinning up

    Thanks for the detailed explanation but this unfortunately doesnt help me out... The paragon software already unmounts my drives after login. In fact some random apps still try to access them randomly even they are unmounted and dont show up in finder.
  5. blxkspell

    HDD keeps spinning up

    Is there any possibility to monitor the apps which access my external HDD as I enabled standby for hard drives in the energy saving settings BUT they keep spinning up randomly (every 5-10 min). This is very annoying because of the noise and it certainly cant be to good for a HDD to spin up/ down - up/ down ... all the time. I have even set them to be unmounted with Paragon actually as I don't need them in macOS (they are Windows NTFS drives). Hope there is a possibility to completely turn them off.
  6. blxkspell

    Fanless Mode RX570

    ok so I did a backup and i also raised the value to 40 , 50 and even 55 but it didnt change a thing. I use a gpu benchmark for macos and the fans still turn on at exactly 52°C and are disabled again when the temp decreases to 47°C or lower. On top of that my pc wont display clover anymore so i have to guess the selection of the drives when i want to boot into windows/ macos. Im trying to flash back the old rom now... thanks anyway
  7. blxkspell

    Fanless Mode RX570

    Thank you for ur answer, I found the attached screenshot. Would adjusting these values solve my problem? Do you know which ones exactly?
  8. blxkspell

    Fanless Mode RX570

    my issiue isnt related to osx, its probably set in the driver or the bios of the gpu i guess
  9. blxkspell

    Fanless Mode RX570

    Hey! As I have 3 Monitors connected, my RX 570 gets arround 50°C while ideling/ web browsing etc. The problem is, that this temp is apparently just the threshold, when the fans start to spin. So the fans start spinning for a minute then they stop for a while again... This is very annoying for me as the rest of my hackintosh is nearly quiet (SSD, 120mm low RPM cpu fan, nearly silent PSU,...), especially when Im using the pc to revise for school. Does somebody know wether its possible to "change" the threshold till the fans start spinning? Like it would probably not be a problem for the gpu at all, if the temp rises to 55°C but therefore be soundless....
  10. Actually Ive already tried to inject ATI and add orinoco as FB which would fit to my Rx 570 but it didn't work either. I have the feeling that for my system it doesn't make a difference at all wether I use the Whatevergreen kext/ Framebuffer/ Radeondeinit or not. Also I've read that with WeG injected you shouldn't use injectATI
  11. Ive got my Rx 570 working in macos finally! The solution was using a DP cable instead of the HDMI. My second Monitor only uses HDMI so I cant use it now. Does anyone have a tip or a solution for this problem?
  12. https://sourceforge.net/projects/cloverefiboot/
  13. Do you know wether this would be possible to fix? If you say its an issue with the latest versions only, should i try older versions? ***edit Im not sure if i got you the right way, nevertheless I Downgraded the lilu Version from 1.3.1 to 1.2.9 and disabled the appleALC (which isnt necessary to boot i guess) without success. Again blackscreen after the attached Image...
  14. Does really no one know what I can do now? I don't want to use the gt 710 anymore....